OHR BiH TV News Summary, 30 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • Distribution of new BiH common passports did not start on Thursday as stipulated by amendments to BiH Law on Travel Documents imposed by High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch; OHR considers governments of BiH entities responsible for failure to meet deadline because BiH state budget did not have sufficient funds to cover cost of issuing new passports
  • BiH Council of Ministers adopts priority project for refugees return and draft agreement on custom-free export of BiH textile products to EU countries
  • German DM coinage will remain in circulation in BiH until 31 January 2001 – BiH Central Bank
  • Civic Association of Sarajevo SAB Bank Depositors sues BiH Federation Banking Agency maintaining it is responsible for loss of their savings in SAB bankruptcy; claims for lost savings of depositors total some KM 5 million
  • NATO Secretary-General George Robertson and NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, US General Joseph Ralston visit Kosovo on Thursday
  • Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak proposes new interim peace agreement for Middle East; Palestinian side rejects proposal because it does not encompass all vital issues
  • Senior Deputy High Representative Matthias Sonh tells press conference in Brcko that real reconciliation between different ethnic groups begins with education of young people
  • OSCE Mission to BiH spokesman Luke Zahner says SDA attempted to conceal DM 75,000 expenditure in its November election campaign; he adds this money was taken by SDA from bank account of Association of Families of Fallen Bosniak Soldiers
  • Bridge opened on Thursday over Trebisnjica River linking municipalities of Ravno and Trebinje; British Government financed reconstruction works on this bridge
  • EU donates more than three million euros to BiH forestry sector
  • Leader of German Social Democrats and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Thursday congratulates SDP BiH on its election results in recent BiH general elections
  • SDA President Alija Izetbegovic, at Thursdayąs consultative meeting of newly-elected SDA delegates in entity and BiH parliaments, says stable and representative governments should be established at all levels of authority in which all major political parties must have appropriate representation
  • Newly-elected BiH Republican party delegate to BiH Federation House of Representatives and retired BiH Army General Stjepan Siber tells press conference in Sarajevo that extradition of Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague must be first condition Yugoslavia meets before it receives any kind of political acceptance from IC
  • BiH Council of Ministers working group for drafting action plan for prevention of illegal migrations through BiH holds session on Thursday in Sarajevo and concludes it has to complete this task in 30 days
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