OHR BiH TV News Summary, 28 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • Six cases of mad cow disease registered in Germany so far; possible spread of disease to BiH is reason for increased precautionary measures, such as ban on German beef import and designation of only three border crossings for beef imports to BiH – BiH Federation Ministry of Agriculture
  • Transfer of authority must be carried out within 30-day deadline, as is specified in constitution; any person removed from candidate list by PEC or dismissed by High Representative cannot carry out duties of any elected office – OHR spokesman Oleg Milisic
  • Presidents of SDP, Party for BiH and NHI met on Sunday to discuss establishment of so-called democratic alliance for change, and agree on almost all points (03:08)
  • Principal Deputy High Representative Ralph Johnston assesses in Banja Luka on Tuesday that it is too early to discuss composition of new RS Government
  • Croatia’s aim in regard to BiH is to co-operate with entire country, not only one entity; Croatia will decrease budgetary spending by reducing its financing of BiH Federation Army – Mesic, in Zagreb, on issue of future of special relations agreement between BiH Federation and Croatia
  • European Parliament Supervisory Court calls on European Commission to take serious heed of their advice concerning investigations into donations and financing of institutions, including OHR in BiH and other EU projects on media, human rights and other
  • Eighth two-day OSCE Ministerial Council session in Vienna ends without adoption of final declaration, which is first-ever time in OSCE history session ended without adoption of final declaration; BiH in co-operation with IC is working on concept for defence and security policy at BiH state level so BiH can draw nearer to NATO – BiH Foreign Minister Prlic on Tuesday at OSCE Ministerial Session
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  • Yugoslav authorities and Albanian guerrilla reached cease-fire agreement in border region – KFOR
  • Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica visited Bujanovac area, Kosovo, on Monday
  • Serbian Interior Ministry announces it will have enough manpower and equipment to prevent further escalation of conflict
  • USAID completes electrification project in Zepa worth 1.4 million DM, which was initiated to support return process in that region; US ambassador to BiH Miller symbolically switches on first light-bulb in Zepa since start of war in BiH
  • Jajce Syndicate meets with BiH Independent Trade Union representatives to present and discuss problems workers in this town are facing
  • Torture and different forms of family violence increasing in BiH; goal in drafting new BiH Federation Family Law is to sanction perpetrators of family violence – Embassy for Local Democracy Barcelona-Sarajevo initiates long-term project ‘Power is in You’
  • Ferid Kareli, a resident of Bihac region, is one of greatest phenomena in medical history because, during his years of glory, he swallowed hundreds of kg of metal, snakes and glass
  • Announcement for tonight’s airing of the BiH PBS program ‘BiH Parliament’
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TV BiH News Summary:

Presidents of SDP, Party for BiH and NHI met on Sunday to discuss establishment of so-called democratic alliance for change, and agree on almost all points (03:08)

The presidents of three BiH political parties SDP’s Zlatko Lagumdzija, NHI’s Kresimir Zubak and Party for BiH’s Haris Silajdzic meet in Sarajevo on Sunday to discuss the possible established of the SDP-proposed joint coalition called the democratic alliance for change. NHI President Zubak, in an interview for TV BiH, said the presidents used the meeting to present their opinions concerning the establishment of such an alliance. According to Zubak, they also discussed concrete issues the new government must make a decision on and, afterward, they all jointly concluded their positions were very similar in regard to almost all the issues they discussed. Silajdzic said everything depended on the IC because, if they decide to put things in their place, as they should be, in accordance with Dayton peace agreement and earlier decisions of the Peace Implementation Council’s Steering Board and OHR, than the Party for BiH would participate in such an alliance. The SDP believes their four-page proposal is a good basis for a joint platform, as well as being the principle for the establishment of SDP-proposed ‘democratic alliance for change.’ Besides this meeting, Lagumdzija has also made certain contacts with PDP President Mladen Ivanic and SNSD President Milorad Dodik in this regard. In the meantime, the SDA issued a public statement, saying the SDP-proposed alliance was in fact not an alliance for change but an unprincipled alliance that included Fikret Abdic’s DNZ-party, as well as the SDS through Mladen Ivanic. Zubak said he would carry out negotiations with other opposition parties in BiH.