OHR BiH TV News Summary, 26 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • Final deadline for manual recount of ballots for US presidential elections in Florida expires at 23:00 CET on Sunday
  • Slobodan Milosevic re-elected president of Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) on Saturday
  • Circle 99 Independent Intellectuals hold roundtable dedicated to 25 November, day when BiH was established as Yugoslav republic in 1943 at ZAVNOBiH conference in Mrkonjic Grad, BiH
  • Bosniak returnees to Prijedor Municipality living in six tent settlements in that region; they say they are uncertain as to how they will survive coming winter season
  • Bosniaks living in Norway send financial assistance to 80 Bosniak returnees in Visegrad suburb of Medvedja
  • Slovene businessman of BiH origin Mustafa Osmanovic plans to invest in BiH but is facing various administrative obstacles on this road
  • Magnesium mine in Kladanj needs KM 1.5 million in investments to resume extraction activities
  • World news
  • US President Clinton sends greetings for upcoming holy month of Ramadan to Islamic community in America
  • Head of BiH Islamic Community (IVZ) Mustafa haj effendi Ceric makes address to Muslim faithful in BiH late on Sunday, night before start of holy month of Ramadan
  • Franciscan Friar Slavko Barbaric buried in local cemetery in Medjugorje on Sunday
  • TV BiH journalist Ivan Kordic comments on new books in BiH
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