OHR BiH Media Round-up, 30/7/2006

TV News Broadcasted on July 29


TV PINK (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

Church consecrated in Balegovac

Carla Del Ponte on Ratko Mladic

RS opposes 2 new CoM Ministries

East Europe Leaders in Brijuni

USA authorities on Mladic

Agrokomerc under USC competence

Del Ponte on Action Plan

Meeting in Brioni

SE Presidents at meeting in Brijuni

Israel shelled tunnel in Gaza

BiH Trade Chamber on CEFTA

Del Ponte on Mladic


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

Car accident in Croatia

Humanitarian action for ill boy

Corp destroyed in Ostra Luka

Search in river Bosna ongoing

Feature on political parties

Changes to Law on BiH citizenship

Appeal to help V. Tomasevic

Publishing Found. allocates loans

SA-Romanija Ass. on SA Commission

Tomasevic’s birthday celebrated

Jumps manifestation in Mostar

Carla Del Ponte on Ratko Mladic

Press news from July 30


State would return what was given to it [law on restitution] 

Dnevni Avaz

Brussels preparing negative evaluation for BiH? [EC’s October report on BiH]

Dnevni List

With shotguns to returnees [EUFOR action] 

Vecernji List

Racket systems searched for in septic tank [EUFOR action]

Nezavisne Novine

SDS is falling apart, because foundations it was built on are diapering [SNSD Vasic] 


Political Developments

New ministries in CoM; while RS politicians claim that this cannot be done before constitutional changes, FBiH politicians say that parity has to be provided






BHT1 By Boris Gagic – Decision of Council of Ministers to pass amendments to the Law on CoM, which foresee establishment of two new ministries [Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment], which was passed without votes of Serb Ministers in CoM caused new verbal conflicts between BIH politicians. RS politicians feel that the new Ministries can be established only after the passing of constitutional amendments; whilst FBIH politicians stress that these 2 processes are divided. RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik called upon Serb representatives in BIH parliament to vote against this CoM decision. “[CoM Chair Adnan] Terzic who is at the end of his political career is trying to do something because he doesn’t know whet else to do”, says Dodik. BIH House of Representatives Deputy Chair Sefik Dzaferovic stated that the establishing of 2 new Ministries would help BIH on its European path. He also reminded that there is an outstanding obligation in CoM, which says that the number of Ministries has to be divisible with three i.e. that there must be same number of ministers from each constituent people. PDP leader Mladen Ivanic says that the key problem is whether the ministries will have a central role or merely have a coordination role i.e. coordinate activities between already existent entity ministries.  Ivanic stated that decision is more or less a done deal, but that authorities of new ministries would have to wait after the election. Reporter concludes that it seems that yet another matter will have to wait until after elections.

CoM Chair Terzic: RS doesn’t want BiH to sign SAA when SAA was suspended for Serbia


Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘Politicians from RS do not want BiH to sign SAA before Serbia’, mentioned on cover ‘Bosniaks and Croats are not equal in the government’ by Tarik Lazovic– In lengthy interview to DA, Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic commented the negative reaction in the RS, which occurred after CoM passed decision on expanding with two new ministries. “These reaction only show how much people that lead RS are dedicated to process of integrations, consistent applying of the Constitution and Dayton Agreement,” said Terzic.  He explained that three constituent peoples weren’t equally represented in the CoM. “If it is other way around…probably all processes would be stopped and everyone in the RS would rise up to change that,” said Terzic. Terzic explained that Ministry of Agriculture is also the demand set by the EC, which conditions the usage of agriculture and rural development funds with establishment of this ministry. “This shows that in conditions when SAA negotiations with Serbia have been suspended, RS doesn’t want this agreement to be signed with BiH,” said Terzic.

RS PM Dodik: all who dares to ask for RS abolition will get referendum as answer


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘All who are asking abolishment of the RS would get referendum as answer’ by Srna– During his Saturday’s visit to Skender Vakuf, RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik stated that this Government, in last three months did much on strengthening of the RS, which only few month ago was “facing the total plunge”.  “Everyone who dares to ask abolishment of the RS we will respond in appropriate manner,” said Dodik, stressing that all those “would get referendum as the answer”. Underlining that RS is a permanent category, Dodik said that they have responded adequately to all pressures. “Under pressure of politics we have lead, BiH Presidency Chair Sulejman Tihic had to withdraw his demand for abolishing of the RS’ name,” said Dodik. Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘RS is permanent category’ by P.K.– also covered.

SNSD’’s Vasic: long-term goal of Sarajevo parties is Islamic Republic and unitary state


Nezavisne Novine cover splash, pgs 8-9 ‘SDS is falling apart because foundations it was build on are disapearing’ by Vesna Popovic– In two page long interview, member of SNSD Main Board Rajko Vasic said that if “Sarajevo’s unitary” on which Council of Minister Chair Adnan Terzic, SBiH leader Haris Silajdzic and foreigners insisting on, calling it reforms, then BiH will not be able to hold on. Vasic said that dissolving of the state would be inevitable. He claims that long term goal of Sarajevo parties is creation of Islamic Republic, adding that referendum is a democratic guarantee for survival of Serbs. “As the unitary i.e. Islamic Republic is a permanent and long term goal of Sarajevo parties, so is the Serb fear from such solution permanent,” said Vasic, adding that the only functional solution is “a concept of significant territorial and political autonomy and constitutionally- international security for each of three religions and each of three ethnic groups.” He reiterated that RS parties cannot offer a joint response, since the idea that SDS was built on [all Serbs in one state] is falling apart and it was detrimental for Serbs. He stressed that it is good for this policy to fall apart, adding that SDS is “loosing ground” and now have to realize that cannot build politics on “stealing of state assets and criminalizing of Serbs”. “The new concept of European solution is on the stage now. It comprehends economic prosperity which reflects through parol ‘RS- better part of BiH’…It comprehends referendum, the only indisputably democratic tool…Carrier of such concept is Milorad Dodik and SNSD,” said Vasic.  Talking further about desire of Sarajevo parties to abolish RS and make unitary state, Vasic said that he sees no conditions for continuing of constitutional changes negotiations after elections. Stressing that all sides have to publish the issues that can be negotiated on, Vasic said: “If RS says that has no interest to transfer some authorities to state level, then there is no need to talk about constitutional changes. But, RS first have to say that negotiations would start if there is agreement for incorporating of regulations on right to self-determination into the BiH Constitution,” adding that this is the only way to avoid imposing of any solutions. Talking about referendum, Vasic said that it is important to realize that SNSD is talking about ‘referendum for independence’ and not for secession or merging with Serbia. “Referendum that we talk about should be comprehended as democratic guarantee of Serbs’ survival in BiH,” said Vasic.

DL: Cavic and Dodik are consciously working on postponing of SAA


Dnevni List pg 2 ‘Referendum on every 30 seconds’ op-ed by Resad Dautefendic– Reminding to warning of High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling that police reform would enable BiH authorities to fight crime [Friday’s op-ed by HR], Dautefendic comments how only day after RS President Dragan Cavic has announced referendum on police reform. “Cavic told the HR that as soon as his SDS takes the stance that would be carried out, regardless whether someone likes it or not.”  Reminding to Schwarz-Schilling’s remark that Cavic and RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik  were those who worked on the Police Agreement, Dautefendic stresses: “Questioning this plan this twosome is consciously working on postponing of signing of Stabilization and Association Agreement…Currently in the RS word referendum is used every 30 seconds and that became really funny. This information was given by Cavic, so he decided to seriously prepare for yet another referendum.”

DA: October report of the EC would be negative for BiH; signing of SAA will not be recommended


Dnevni Avaz cover splash ‘Brussels preparing negative evaluation for BiH?’, pg 4 ‘Evaluations from Brussels would be negative’ by T.Lazovic- As DA learns EC’s report on progress of reforms in BiH, which would affect signing of Stabilization and Association Agreement, would be finished in September and published in mid October. Report would refer to all countries in transition period. When it comes to BiH, as DA learns from anonymous source in the EC, EC is skeptic, especially after recent events regarding the police reform and FBiH Constitutional Court’s decision on FBiH Public Broadcasting Service [FBiH CC has evaluated that the law is detrimental for Croat vital national interest]. “It is not likely that any significant changes would happen by finishing of the report…as things are now, there would be no enough reasons for positive evaluation in total. Most likely is that report would confirm the reform trend in BiH, but insufficient for recommending of signing of SAA,” says DA source. The report would be made by EC Delegation in BiH and BiH department within EC Directorate for enlargement. “We are in intensive contacts with BiH authorities, exchanging information on key areas from European partnership, in which the reporm process is monitored,” said EC Delegation’s Spokesperson Frane Marovic. Inset ‘The next report will not be waited for’- If the report is negative, EU countries will not be recommended to sign SAA with BiH. However, according to EC, this doesn’t means that next report would have to be waited for. Namely, if sufficient progress in reforms is made, EC can give recommendation in first half of next year. Inset ‘Set of questions’- As Head of Department for BiH and Albania within EC Directorate for enlargement, Dirk Lange told DA it is wrongly interpreted that police reform and PBS reform are the only important issues. “There is a set of issues in functioning of BiH system, which we observe and any of them, if concern us, can influence the positive or negative stance,” said Lange.

CoM Chair Terzic: PRD did not have the mandate to change deadlines


Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘Politicians from RS do not want BiH to sign SAA before Serbia’, mentioned on cover ‘Bosniaks and Croats are not equal in the government’ by Tarik Lazovic– In lengthy interview to DA, Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic commented on recent FBiH Constitutional Court’s decision on FBiH Public Broadcasting Service and postponing of the deadline for drafting of the model on future police forces in the BiH. Underlining that he hasn’t seen the decision, but that he heard that it refers only to voting manner in Steering Board, without approval for third ethnic channel, Terzic said that he thinks that this would allow FBiH Government and Parliament to make efficient changes to the Law. “…which enables us to start the reform of public broadcasting, which is on hold just because of the FBiH. I expect that in September, when the EC analyzes what we have done in all these conditions, we will have active position.” Inset ‘Police Reform Directorate cannot change deadlines’- “I deeply believe that Police Reform Directorate did not have the mandate to change deadlines. Deadlines were set in the Agreement and CoM decision and they are thiose who should meet them. Unfortunately, ground idea of the PRD was to allow experts to reach the most acceptable model without political influence. It is obvious that strong political pressure from RS prime Minister Milorad Dodik  has caused experts to start dealing with politics,” said Terzic.

BiH Civil Affairs Ministry prepares amendments to the Law on Citizenship, which would ban people deprived of citizenship during the audit to gain it again in five years


RTRS By Branka Kusmuk – While BiH Commission audit of citizenships issued in period of April 6 of 1992 till the end of 1995, BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs has prepared changes to the existing law. Changes ban persons who are to be deprived of the citizenship to be reissued another one in 5 years time. “I think that these changes should be passed as soon as possible, but I also think that due to the nature of a violation these persons made, it is of extreme importance to discuss amendment which foresees permanent ban on citizenship”, says Assistant to BiH Minister of Civil Affairs, Zoran Tesanovic. SDA and SBiH representatives support the changes, proposed by the BiH Council of Ministers. “While deciding on the final solution, BiH should not, through its actions, endanger human rights, on one hand and it should establish efficient protection mechanisms for those who have gained BiH citizenship illegally, on other”, says SDA’s Mirsad Ceman.  “I support such activities, bearing in mind fact that they are completely depoliticized”, says SBiH’s Beriz Belkic. SDSMomcilo Novakovic says that a person who has once been deprived of the citizenship should never be issued another one again. Novakovic has sent this proposal to the Parliament. Reporter says that even though Commission’s mandate expires by the end of 2006, according to unofficial information, revision process could be over by October elections.

SDA’ Mehmedovic: Croat MPs in FBiH HoR are to be blamed for non passing of Law on Pardon, because Minister Kristo insisted on allowing FBiH to pardon those sentenced by BiH Court


Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Borjana Kristo is to be blamed for non passing of law on pardon’ by M.K.– Embittered by failure to pass the FBiH Law on Pardon, Head of SDA Caucus in FBiH House of Representatives, Semsudin Mehmedovic told DA that Croat MPs are to be blamed. “The Law was originally proposed by the FBiH Government, but Justice Minister Borjana Kristo insist on passing of the regulation, according to which FBiH President and his Deputies would have authorities to pardon persons sentenced by BiH Court. OHR objected to that and SDA Caucus proposed amendments, but our proposal was even earlier rejected by Croat colleagues,” said Mehmedovic.   He explained that after that, SDA has again delegated the Law with the regulation that persons sentenced by BiH Court cannot be pardoned on FBiH level, but on last session, Croat MPs have rejected it again “because Minister Kristo, for reasons known only to her, insisted on preserving of her regulation.

EUFOR action near Mostar: VL, DL- ‘arrows’ rackets searched for in septic tank

Vecernji List cover splash, pg 3 ‘Racket systems searched for in septic tank’ by Robert Soldo– On early Saturday monrning EUFOR members have “broke into the house” of returnee family Hujundzija in Mostar settlement Zalik. “They came trough unlocked doors and directed long barrows toward 11 members of this returnee family, among which there was three children,” reads the article. Spokesperson of Multinational Division South-West Stefan Keip, said that they were looking for racket system, so called “arrows”. He added that action was announced to local police day before. VL unofficial data say that “these smart rackets with guidance system were allegedly, recently located by the satellite”, and should have been found in septic tank. Dnevni List cover splash, pgs 2-3 ‘With shotguns to returnees’ by Sanja Bijelica- DL carries on the same action, except they reported that EUFOR searched the premises of returnee Milan Kulidzan and they mainly carriy statements of Kulidzan and his family members on how frighten they were. EUFOR Spokesperson Natalija Milusic told DL that EUFOR was informed “from several different sources” that that are rockets “arrows” buried on that location. Milusic confirmed that nothing was found.


War Crimes Issues

ICTY Chief Prosecutor Del Ponte: for the first time Serbia showed political will to arrest Mladic







PINK- Chief ICTY Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, said for Belgrade based ‘Vecernje Novosti’ that, by adopting the Action Plan, Serbia for the first time has political will to arrest war crime suspect, Ratko Mladic, but that the way of implementation of Serbian Government’s action plan would show whether Serbian authorities were really determined to arrest him. Del Ponte pointed out that she submitted Serbian authorities with Mladic’s whereabouts in past year. Hayat- Del Ponte stated that she has offered all the evidence to Serbian authorities adding that it is up to them to arrest Mladic. She deems that Mladic will not voluntarily surrender based on his military past in the war and all the horrible things he had done. Del Ponte noted that it is very important to arrest Mladic and Radovan Karadzic in 2006 otherwise ICTY will not be closed as planned. RHB, BHT1, RTRS- also carried. Dnevni Avaz pg 13 ‘To arrest Karadzic and Mladic this year’ not signed– Talking about necessity to arrest Karadzic and Mladic in this year so that ICTY could be closed, Del Ponte said: “In contrary other solution has to be found, such as the International Criminal Court [ICC]. That is a permanent Court. Karadzic and Mladic have to be in prison.” Oslobodjenje pg 5 ‘Kostunica is now willing to arrest Mladic’ by B.Boskov, Belgrade– Article in Vecernje Novosti was published under headline “Mladic would never surrender”. Dnevni List pg 4 ‘Kostunica promised me Mladic’ not signed– also covered.

ICTY’s Del Ponte: verdict to Oric is unacceptable


Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Verdict to Naser Oric is unacceptable’ by N.N.– ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte told Serbian press that she will appeal to “unacceptable verdict” to Naser Oric [former Srebrenica Commander sentenced to two years for crimes over Serbs].  “I agree that sentence to Naser Oric is unacceptable. But, I will appeal to it. Every body of the ICTY has to take over its responsibility,” said Del Ponte. NOTE: further on article carries same pieces as in other media, but NN haven’t stated that this is the interview for Belgrade based Vecernje Novosti. Dnevni List pg 4 ‘No Mladic, no chairs for Ministers’ by Hina– also carries.

USA demands Serbia to arrest former security officials and to warn current that would be dismissed if obstruct Mladic’s arrest


PINK– According to ‘Blic’, USA authorities have asked Serbian authorities to, in terms of search for ICTY suspect, Ratko Mladic, bring in custody and interrogate former Chief of Military-Security Agency, Aco Tomic, former Head of Serbian-Montenegro Army HQ, Branko Krga and Mladic’s son, Darko Mladic. According to this document, Serbian Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica should warn all Serbian officials that they would be dismissed if obstruct Mladic’s arrestment. Hayat- It was stressed that Serbia needs to pass new law on war crime indictees and their helpers and to name all the previous Mladic’s hideouts. Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica was asked to call Srpska Pravoslavna Crkva [Serbian Orthodox Church] to publicly call on Mladic to surrender. This document was presented to Belgrade by US Ambassador on war crimes issues John Williamson. BHT1, RTRS- also carried. Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Invitation to SPC to support arresting of fugitive’, mentioned on cover not signed, Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘To direct all resources to Mladic arrest’ by Agencies,

Families of Missing Persons from Sarajevo-Romanija region dissatisfied with appointments in Sarajevo Commission


RTRS- Association of families of missing persons from Sarajevo-Romanija region warns that the Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo in period 1992- 1995, should investigate proportion of crimes, persons who ordered and executed them. Association furthermore states that it is dissatisfied with election of Miroslav Jankovic and Cvetko Savic as Commission members. BHT1- also carried. Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Association of Families of missing persons dissatisfied with the Commission’ by Srna– also carried.

CoM: we asked OHR for stance on Savic appointment because he was removed by ex HR in 2004


Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘It is not about vengeance toward OHR’ by M.Rener– On Saturday, Council of Ministers stated that considering that Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo Cvjetko Savic was nominated of member of Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo, CoM has asked OHR to give legal interpretation of the decision, by which Savic is banned from performing of any executive functions. “And this is not any kind of retribution of Andan Terzic [CoM Chair] toward OHR”, stated CoM. This statement followed accusation of RS president Dragan Cavic, who stated at Friday’s press conference that failure to appoint Savic is vendetta of Chair Terzic toward OHR, which doesn’t support him as former HR Paddy Ashdown did. Terzic didn’t want to comment and OHR Spokesperson Kevin Sullivan said that  it is not up to the OHR to decide who would be the member of Sarajevo Commission. NN reminded that Savic was removed by former HR Ashdown, on April 16, 2004, from the position of RS Head of Joint Command and RS Army, because of the obstructions of Srebrenica Commission’s work.

Oslob: If Sarajevo condemned war crimes Karadzic and Mladic’s followers would be comparing it with Srebrenica

Oslobodjenje pg 9 ‘Trading with victims’ op-ed by Danijel Omeragic– Commenting the Friday’s statement of RS President Dragan Cavic who said that Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo is “political pamphlet”, Omeragic reminds how strong he fought for establishment of this Commission. However, Omeragic underlines that Cavic is right when he says that FBiH authorities have never investigated sufferings of Serb, but author adds they haven’t investigated sufferings of anyone in Sarajevo during the siege.  “Not even one case of the war crime, conducted within the blocked city, was characterized as war crime before the courts, but merely as vicious murders. If Sarajevo has convicted war crimes, as it should, today it wouldn’t be placed in the same level with Srebrenica, what Karadzic and Mladic’s followers do. What ever results the Commission gets they wouldn’t suit anyone and trading with victims would continue,” concludes Omeragic.


Economy/ CEFTA, telecoms, Elektroprivredas

BiH Foreign Trade Chamber believes that CEFTA would provide easier approach to European market







PINK By Zeljko Mandic – BiH Foreign-Trade Chamber’s members from agriculture and food industry sector believe that Central Europe Free Trade Agreement [CEFTA], which should be signed by the end of 2006, would provide its future members easier approach to all South European markets and that it would really create single free trade zone between South European states. “It is good that through CEFTA we are going to improve BiH’s economy, especially some of its branches”, says Director to Macroeconomic Sector within the Foreign-Trade Chamber, Dusan Bogdanovic. Director to Association organizing sector within the Chamber, Savo Marjanac, claims that free trade agreements BiH has signed with neighboring states are pretty much liberal; BiH’s economy is pretty much opened, customs and non-customs protections are low, as well as technical barriers in terms of goods which are being imported to BiH, but adds that while exporting its goods, BiH is often faced with customs and non-customs barriers, thus being discriminated. BiH Foreign-Trade Chamber’s members believe that in terms of agriculture products, a detailed analysis should be made and a political stance, according to which BiH economy branches should be made more able, should be taken.

CoM Chair Terzic: at meeting in Salzburg to discuss CEFTA with regional PMs


Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘Politicians from RS do not want BiH to sign SAA before Serbia’, mentioned on cover ‘Bosniaks and Croats are not equal in the government’ by Tarik Lazovic– In lengthy interview to DA, Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic said that he would depart on Monday to annual meeting of South-East Europe’s Prime Ministers in Salzburg, on invitation of Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel. Terzic explained that this time Coordinator of Stability Pact Erhard Busek. “He has offered for Prime Ministers Ivo Sanader [Croatia], Vojislav Kostunica [Serbia] and I to, at one working breakfast, discuss the possible solutions in issues of free trade, which, when it comes to agriculture, affect BiH,” said Terzic. Terzic said that he believes that this meeting is opportunity to try to reach the agreement on Central European Free Trade Agreement [CEFTA] and reach the better position for BiH. Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Meeting of South-East Europe Prime Ministers’ by Fena– Daily carries the announcement of the meeting that Terzic talked about.

Entities authorities determined: no sale of Elektroprivredas


PINK By Ljubisa Davidovic – Action plan on privatization of electro-energetic sector in BiH foresees Elektroprivreda privatization in 2009 says the reporter and adds that despite international financial institutions’ insisting to have the sector privatized, state and entity authorities believe that this domain should stay under state’s control. The RS Government believes that entity Elektroprivredas could be strengthened through their own forces by establishing joint companies with foreign investors or by taking loans; anyhow, says the reporter, it is in all BiH’s citizens interest for the state to remain main stock-holder in elector-energetic sector. RS Government points out that the FBiH Government has the same stance. “No EU declarations read that privatization has to be carried out; it is said that regulation has to be carried out; namely basic services have to be separated”, says Milorad Zivkovic from RS Ministry of Energy, Industry and Development.

RS Economy Minister Jelic: sale of refinery shouldn’t be arranged by SDA leader Tihic


Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘Sale of the Refinery should not be arranged by SDA leader’ by Srna– RS Economy, Energy and Development Minister Milan Jelic stated on Saturday that sale of Oil Refinery in Bosanski Brod shouldn’t be arranged by SDA leader and BiH presidency Chair Sulejman Tihic.  Reacting to Tihic’s statement upon returning from Libya and saying that businessmen there are interested for buying of the Refinery, Jelic said: “I have nothing against the buyer of the Refinery to be from any country in the world, understandably with the best offer, but we cannot agree with the Refinery being sold by someone who is not competent,” said Jelic.  Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Tihic shouldn’t be arranging the sale of Refinery’ by Srna– also carried.

FBiH Government returns Agrocomers to USC; new privatization law to enable easier privatization


BHT1 By Amra Mujagic – FBIH Government has returned the company ‘Agrokomerc’ into the jurisdiction of Unsko- Sanski Canton after 5 years. It is to assume that Canton would be under “heavy burden”, since the company is in large debts. USC Prime Minister Osman Cehajic stated that the Canton Government has a huge task now and adds that it will not be easy to solve it. Deputy Chair of Agrokomerc Union Rifet Dizdarevic stated that the Union supports the decision of BFIH Government since Agrokomerc was in a far better position before it came under FBIH Government jurisdiction. Reporter comments that a lot is expected from the recently changed law on privatisation. She explains that the changes allow for division and sale of “healthy” parts of the company. FBIH Prime Minister Ahmet Hadzipasic stated that there are enough mechanisms to stop any possible misuses of this law in relation to Agrokomerc. “People from Krajina should decide the faith of Agrokomerc”, says Hadzipasic.

Session of FBiH Parliament dedicated to telecoms by end of August


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Parliament on privatization of telecoms at end of August’ by A.Hadziarapovic– Cahirs of both FBiH Parliament’s Houses, Muhamed Ibrahimovic and Slavko Matic have discussed the issue of special session, dedicated to privatization of telecoms with FBiH Prime Minister Ahmet Hadzipasic. Both, Ibrahimovic and Matic said that MPs are very dedicated to this issue, but holding of the session depends on how soon the FBiH Government will submit FBiH parliament with necessary documents. It is evident that this wouldn’t be possible to do in fifteen days. FBiH HoR Chair Ibrahimovic said that most likely the session would be scheduled for the end of next month. Both Chairs, agreed that it is also necessary to provide “quality of quorum”, which would allow both Houses to be able to vote. 

FBiH telecoms not to be sold in package; HT Mostar needs to be restructured first


Oslobodjenje pg  2 ‘Details on privatization of telecoms on Monday’ by A.Avdic– Method of privatization, which would be used in privatizing of FBiH telecoms, should be known on Monday. Namely, SDA leadership, at beginning of the week, would pass guidelines for privatization. Unnamed representative of SDA told daily that they still haven’t taken the stance, since are waiting to consult with FBiH Prime Minister Ahmet Hadzipasic and Chair of SDA Caucus in FBiH House of Representatives Semsudin Mehmedovic. FBiH Communications and Transport Minister Nedzad Brankovic stated that most likely two telecoms i.e. BH Telecom and HT Mostar, wouldn’t be privatized in the package, since HT Mostar needs to be restructured, before the sale. “It is necessary to conduct merging of Eronet, meaning HT Mobile, considering that HT Mostar is the carrier of the GSM license,” explained Brankovic.

According the Restitution Law, BiH would return assets to Cultural Societies

Oslobodjenje cover splash, pgs 4-5 ‘State would return what was given to it’ by Aldijana Omeragic– Ethnic Cultural Societies are impatiently waiting for passing of the Law on Restitution, hoping that they would get back their asset, which were “given away” about 60 years ago. Recently Economy Institute Sarajevo has drafted a Study on restitution, which recommends returning of nationalized assets, whose value is about 86 billion KM. Author of the Study Stiepo Andrijic said that assets of Cultural Societies wasn’t nationalized, but that these Societies have had to “give it up”, therefore he recommended the returning. Chair of BiH Commission for Restitution Mustafa Begic said that this regulation is already incorporated into the Law, which should soon be presented to the Council of Ministers. “It was incorporated into the Law on Restitution that assets should be returned to ethnic cultural societies who are the legal adherents of the old ones,” said Begic.  Further on, article carries statements of representatives of cultural societies, such as Napredak, La Benevolencija, Prosvjeta and Pereporod, who talked about the assets that belong to them.


Elections 2006/ pre-election campaigns to start

BiH politicians hard to work with in pre-election campaigns, agencies reluctant to manage their campaigns













Hayat By Snjezana Mulic – Reporter noted that pre-election campaign has already started although it still hasn’t been officially announced, ironically adding that politicians rush to launch or open the smallest road in BiH or a shop and unjustifiably take all credits for themselves. In addition, some of the political parties have asked for the services of Agencies and experts for preparation of their pre-election campaign. According to Mulic, SDA’s Halid Genjac confirmed that the party has engaged Agency that has been organizing the pre-election campaign to German CDU. “We have prepared the political campaign. It is also very important to professionally prepare the advertising material. We still haven’t finished that part but we plan to engage domestic agencies” said Genjac. SDP’s Jasmin Imamovic said that they would also engage experts to prepare their pre-election campaign. Mulic stressed that on the other side BiH Agencies are reluctant to taking political parties as their clients. Senad Zaimovic Director of agency “Fabrika” said that “when, as an agency, you talk to political leaders or representatives from political parties, you are often faced with their vanity and you cannot create or assist in creating certain stands”. Mulic said that some of them are so convinced of their superiority that they do not need anyone’s assistance. “We had so many elections so far that it would be irrational and kind of luxury to ask for assistance of certain experts on every detail” said Mladen Bevanda from HDZ BiH. On the other side, reporter noted that some of the politicians consult the agencies what to wear and how to speak but, they still cannot make a difference between city and village and what kind of the campaign would be the most appropriate. Zlatko Hadzidedic from SzBiH said, “every campaign has two parts, one is related to media and the other is related to field work”. Mulic said that parties that do not consult the Agencies just “copy and paste what other parties have done which in return annoys citizens”. Zaimovic stressed that politicians must consult experts adding that there are only interested in what they want to hear. “They conduct the research within their own political party…but campaign mustn’t sell the bad products. It must be clear” said Zaimovic. Reporter ironically noted that you could only once outsmart a smart person but since BiH citizens have been tricked several times this could be a good time to check their mental health.

BiH public preparing for elections; TV stations to organize special showes, but citizens claim that their vote will not depend on TV debates


Hayat By Zumra Arnautovic – Report features the survey carried in Sarajevo regarding the political debates in TV current affairs programs. Most of the citizens negatively responded adding that politicians always repeat the same stands and they lie. In addition citizens added that political shows most likely would not influence for whom they will vote. Reporter noted that preparations for programs featuring pre-election debates of all TV houses in BiH are ongoing. Amir Zukic editor-in-chief of current affairs program on BHT1 said that PBS has more obligations toward the politicians in BiH. He added that BHT1 will have 17 debates “and we will invite 17 in our opinion best journalists in BIH to ask politicians the questions of relevance”. Zukic said that BHT1 has a right to commercially present one politician maximum 30 minutes per week. Elvir Svrakic, General Director of NTV Hayat, said that this TV house would have commercial 3 hours per week for politicians’ presentations in their own choice. He agreed that there is large interest in winning the elections but denied the possibility for the media to make the profit out of it. According to the reporter, Dunja Mijatovic from Communication Regulatory Agency said that they have obligation on monitoring the media during the pre-election campaign in accordance to the set regulations. “We have received numerous complaints on the work of certain media, mostly by politicians, but by analyzing the content of the program, we concluded that no violation was made and that they conducted their program professionally” added Mijatovic. Reporter said that media have been warned to conduct their program in accordance to the set regulations on media and election campaigns.

FTV: BiH parties ‘earned’ 15 million from the budget; to pre-election campaign they can spend 2.7 million 

FTV By Arijana Saracevic-Helac – Helac says that 15 million KM of state budget was paid in 2005 to BIH political parties, and adds that the practice of financing of political parties is common but wonders can poor BIH afford 15 million KM. She also says that according to available information SDA was allocated with 3.5 million KM, 2 million went to SBIH, HDZ, SDS, SNSD, and SDP and adds that various forums and movements were not left empty handed. Helac continues by saying that there is also a law that allows 2.7 million of budget resources to be used for pre-election campaign of parties that have candidates at all government levels. Amir Zukic SDA General Secretary says that the numbers mentioned are exaggerated and adds that their campaign will rely on donations. He stressed that most of the money will be used for humanitarian actions. Reporter sarcastically comments that according to available information various singers are already preparing for “SDA tour”. HDZ spokesman Miso Relota says that HDZ will keep the level of public performances at the level gained in the earlier years. Svetozar Pudaric from SDP says that their pre-election activities will not go over 1 million KM. “Value of our campaign will be around 2.5 million KM due to hours of voluntary work, says”, Pudaric. Reporter concludes that apart from politicians various dentists, stylists and designers will also make a lot of money trying to beautify politicians on posters that will soon overwhelm BIH towns.



Citizens of Sarajevo celebrated birthday of a boy Viktor suffering from cancer

Hayat By Mirela Frankovic – Report features Viktor Tomasevic who suffers from cancer. Tomasevic is in the hospital and he is awaiting a surgery that could save his life. Reporter called on all people of good hart to help the boy criticizing the FBiH Fund “Solidarity” which has the money for financing children with cancer. Namely, the fund in 2005 spent only 8000 KM while in its account “there is a lot of money” added reporter. Novka Agic, Director of the Fund, said that three clinics in FBIH send the requests for financing and then “Commission is in session discussing the requests and the approved requests are forwarded to us i.e. the Fund”. Agic added that the fund couldn’t finance any surgery without prior Commission’s consent. Reporter ironically added that the commission allegedly works under the world standards while no one knows who is in the commission. At the same time, citizens of Sarajevo attended Viktor Tomasevic’s birthday party organized in Pioneer’s Valley on Saturday. Tomasevic suffers from cancer and at time he was in the hospital. The party was organized in order to collect money for his surgery. Report features birthday wishes sent by citizens of Sarajevo to little Viktor. BHt1, FTV- also carried. Dnevni Avaz pg 18 ‘With a song children congratulated birthday to sick Viktor’ by M.A., Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘Birthday party without a birthday boy’, mentioned on cover by H.Rovcanin– All that want to help this sick boy and his family to collect 250, 000 KM for his surgery can donate money to Procredit Bank account 194- 101- 47547001-18. For donations in euros the account number is Procredit Bank 194- 101- 4754701282. Also, by calling the number 094 292 018 users of BH Telecom and BH Mobile can donate 3KM per call. Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Hundreds of citizens answered the call for help’ by A.Dacic– also carries.