OBN News Review, 28 November 2000


  • RS pensioners gave up protesting
  • The British Defence Secretary, Geoffrey Hoon visited B&H
  • Budapest: the International Forum on Stabilisation and Economic Co-operation in south-east Europe started
  • Vienna: the OSCE Ministerial Conference ended; no final declaration adopted

Banja Luka

RS pensioners met the RS Prime Minister, Milorad Dodik today. They stopped protests, waiting for results of the meeting.


RS health workers continued their strike. They have not received monthly salaries since April, Milena Letic-Joves reported.


The British Defence Secretary, Geoffrey Hoon met the Chairman of the B&H Presidency, Zivko Radisic today. Mr. Hoon visited British SFOR troops in B&H. “We are proud of excellent work of British troops here”, Mr. Hoon said. Reported by Zeljka Lekic.

Banja Luka

The consultation “Organisation of Command, Co-ordination and Control of B&H Armed Force” took place in Banja Luka. Most participants and experts, as well as the RS Defence Ministry feel that the RS defence system should remain autonomous, based on the Dayton Peace Accords, RS and B&H Constitutions. Conclusion of the consultation will be announced tomorrow, Dragan Stanimirovic reported.


The International Forum on Stabilisation and Economic Co-operation in the south-east Europe started in Budapest. Economists and bankers from the area of former Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria participate at the Forum. Reported by Mujo Delibegovic.


The Yugoslav authorities and Albanian rebels agreed on a cease-fire on the administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia.

The OSCE Ministerial Conference in Vienna ended without a final declaration. According to agencies, Russia blocked adoption of the document, due to the part on ICTY, saying that all OSCE members must co-operate with the Tribunal.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin established a new Ministry for Cechenia, increasing control over this Republic.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak called for rightist opposition to join him in the “Government of national unity” again.

The US Democrat Presidential Candidate, Al Gore addressed the nation last night, saying that the election outcome should have a maximum credibility.

The Dutch Parliament legalised euthanasia. Gordana Frimel reported on world events.

Banja Luka

The Deputy High Representative, Ralph Johnson met RS partisan representatives in Banja Luka. The aim of the visit was to discuss establishment of a new government, and get acquainted with plans of RS parties. Mr. Johnson is worried because the new RS President, Mirko Sarovic participated “in a meeting in Yugoslavia, attended by figures who are known for their opposition to Dayton”. Milorad Milojevic produced the report.


The fourth generation of policemen graduated today at the Police Academy of the Federation Internal Ministry, Svjetlana Celic reported.


More than 130 people have Q-fever in the Federation of B&H. The Federation Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry organised a press conference today. “At the moment, B&H is the most endangered country by Q-fever and brucelosis”, said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Jozo Bagaric. Reported by Sevko Bajic.

Banja Luka

The RS Government prohibited import of beef from all countries where the cow disease was registered. “The situation is not worrying, because we mainly use domestic meat”, the RS Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Drago Nedic said. Dijana Davidovic produced the report.


The NGO “Young against AIDS” will organise a campaign “Give Me More than a Condom”. Young people from Macedonia and Yugoslavia will also participate in the campaign. The campaign will start on 1st December, sponsored by UNICEF, Meliha Hasanbegovic reported.

Banja Luka

The RS National Library organised an exhibition of German literature today. Books were donated to B&H through the Goethe Institute. Reported by Biljana Arsic.


Reports on international football and tennis, and NBA league were presented.