Mines planted during the war still cause over 200 casualties per year and hundreds of thousands of square metres remain to be cleared. Mines, therefore, represent one of the most important obstacles to the long-term economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
An International Trust Fund, based in Slovenia, has been established to organise and finance de-mining activities and to provide rehabilitation for the victims of mine incidents; the Military Advisor to the High Representative is co-chairman of the Board of Donors for this trust fund. The role of the Military Cell is to supervise the structures and regulations, at the State level, in order to maintain the confidence of the donor countries and to ensure the progress of clearance operations.
The critical issue at the moment is to transfer the de-mining structures from the International Community to the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, maintaining the effectiveness of the agencies involved and the confidence of the Donors to keep the money flowing to ensure the fastest possible clearance of mines.