Decision removing Dragan Cavic from his position as a member of the newly elected RS National Assembly

Dragan Cavic
Vice-chairman, SDS


I have noted with extreme displeasure the comments which you made in your 5 October press conference, both regarding the outcome of the elections as well as the situation in Kosovo.

I take your statements on Kosovo as a deliberate threat to the security of the international community and as tantamount to incitement to violence.

Your comments on the elections represent a clear attempt to undermine the Dayton peace implementation process.

Your actions are completely unacceptable. I have made clear repeatedly that I will not tolerate the continuation in office of those who seek to obstruct the implementation of the Dayton agreement. Nor will I tolerate comments designed to provoke violent behaviour and exacerbate political tensions. I have made clear in the past that I will not hesitate to use my Bonn powers to remove such extremist officials.

I therefore notify you formally, by means of this letter, under the authority vested in me at the Bonn Peace Implementation Council, of your removal as a member of the newly elected RS National Assembly. You are barred indefinitely from holding further official positions in BiH.

Carlos Westendorp
High Representative

Office of the High Representative