Decision on the deadlines for the implementation of the new uniform license plate system

Spasoje Albijanic
Minister for Civil Affairs and Communication

Nudzeim Recica
Deputy Minister

Milan Krizanovic
Deputy Minister

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mehmed Zilic
Minister of Interior

Jozo Leutar
Deputy Minister of Interior


Milovan Stankovic
Minister of Interior

Republika Srpska

Dear Ministers and Deputy Ministers

License Plates

I am writing to follow up on my letter of 16 April about the deadlines for the implementation of the Uniform License Plate system.

I have decided to retain the deadline of 1 June 1998 for the crossing of international borders. After this date, only vehicles – passenger and commercial – carrying the new license plates will be allowed to cross international borders.

I have also decided that, as previously envisaged, all vehicles registered within Bosnia and Herzegovina will be obliged to carry the new license plates from 31 August 1998.

I have however decided that the price of 15 DM will remain unchanged until 31 August. This is to give motorists a real financial incentive to obtain the new license plates for their vehicles. Please note that no police station in either Entity may change more than 15 DM for the License Plates and the Common Vehicle Registration Document.

I call on you to do all in your power to implement these deadlines, and to join our efforts to promote maximum freedom of movement for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both within this country and beyond.

Copies of this letter will be sent to UN IPTF and SFOR.

Yours sincerely

Carlos Westendorp
High Representative

Office of the High Representative