Human Rights Coordination Centre

Human rights coordination centre Izvjestaji HRCC-a zasnivaju se na redovnim i specijalnim izvjestajima medjuvladinih i nevladinih organizacija. Cilj izvjestaja je da pruzi sazetu analizu problematike ljudskih prava i trendova u kontekstu sveukupne situacije u oblasti ljudskih prava u Bosni i Hercegovini u toku perioda obuhvacenog izvjestajem.

Education Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education is a crucial issue for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a high priority area for the International Community. It is essential for the future of BiH that schools become beacons for a peaceful future marked by tolerance and understanding. They are a long way from that now. Far too often, schools in BiH are still being used to spread [...]

Gender Equality

Discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina takes place not just on the familiar grounds of ethnicity and political opinion, but also on the basis of gender. The economic and political changes until 1991, coupled with the recent war have had a significant negative impact on the status of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overall, women's political repr [...]

Economic and Social Rights

As Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the midst of a reconciliation process, its population faces numerous obstacles in promoting the reintegration of society. Discrimination is widespread, particularly against the following groups: members of the minority ethnic groups, particularly, returnees; individuals who belong to the majority groups and who have [...]