BiH Back On The European Road

“Olli Rehn’s decision puts Bosnia and Herzegovina back on the road to European integration after months of political uncertainty”, said the High Representative and EU Special Representative following the European Enlargement Commissioner’s decision to initial Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

Lajčák expects party leaders to make progress on EU agenda

Party leaders need to build on the discussions initiated in Mostar on 24 October and signal a return to the path of European integration, the High Representative and EU Special Representative Miroslav Lajčák said ahead of a meeting of six party leaders of the governing coalition in Sarajevo tomorrow.

Press Conference Statement by the High Representative and EU Special Representative in BiH, Miroslav Lajčák after the meeting with NGO representatives

Good afternoon. I see we have a large turnout today, which means you must be expecting some sort of sensational news. However, I have nothing sensational for you. I am pleased that I had the opportunity today to meet with my partners, the representatives of the civil society. I am a man who firmly believes in the role of the civil society in a demo [...]

Lajčák to Meet Political Leaders Next Week

“Last Monday I announced that few more days would be given to political leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach an agreement on Police Reform. This was based on the positive developments which resulted in signature of a paper by leaders of SBiH and SNSD at the end of last week, the need for them to clarify the detail and seek the views of other [...]