Transcript of the Press Conference

Simon Haselock: Good afternoon everybody. As promised, we have come here to sort of explain to you how we are progressing on the formation of the Media Commission which you have heard so much about. And there is in fact a press release, which we will issue after the conference, which basically gives the concept, and little bit more detail.

Transcript: Deputy High Representative Andy Bearpark, OHR

Aisling Byrne, OHR: Good morning, everyone. Thank you all for attending this morning. As announced, we're holding a special press conference today to respond to questions that many of you have posed in recent days on refugee issues.

Joint Press Conference OHR, OSCE, SFOR, UNMBiH and UNHCR

Simon Haselock, OHR:Good morning ladies and gentlemen. If we could just settle down for a second, the routine for this morning is that there will be some short opening remarks from the High Representative and the other principals.