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Brcko Supervisor Moore, Press Conference on Electricity Supply to Brčko strong>December 29, 2010

Visit by the Brčko Supervisor Roderick W. Moore to the 4th Primary School in Brčko strong>November 23, 2010
photo 1 href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/20101123-2.jpg”>photo 2 a>photo 3 href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/20101123-4.jpg”>photo 4

Brčko Supervisor Roderick W. Moore at the BFAO organized reception in Brčko strong>October 27, 2010
photo 1 a>photo 2

Brčko Supervisor Roderick W. Moore visiting BD Daycare Center for children and adults with special needs strong>October 27, 2010

Marking of the Brčko District 10th Anniversary – Brčko Supervisor speaking at the Central Ceremony strong>March 8, 2010

Opening of the Old City Hall in Brcko – BD Mayor, Brcko Supervisor, BD Assembly Speaker strong>March 8, 2010

Supervisor welcomes COMEUFOR to Brčko


Austrian Ambassador to BiH, Dr Donatus Köck, meets Deputy Head of BFAO, Gerhard Sontheim pan style=”font-weight: normal”>October 20, 2009

Brčko Supervisor and US Ambassador at the opening ceremony of the 2009 Civitas Summer Camp in Brčko pan style=”font-weight: normal”>July 6, 2009
photo 1 href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/US-Ambassador-Charles-English-addressing-participants-of-the-2009-Civitas-Summer-Camp-in-Brcko.jpg”>photo 2

Brčko Supervisor speaking at the public debate about the constitutional amendment on Brčko District pan style=”font-weight: normal”>March 11, 2009

9th anniversary of Brčko District
photo: Brcko Supervisor at the central ceremony marking 9 years of Brčko District a>photo: Press conference marking the 9th anniversary of Brčko District BiH

Visit to the wounded Brčko policeman in the hospital

COM EUFOR visits Brčko District pan style=”font-weight: normal”>February 6, 2009
photo: COM EUFOR href=”/ohr-info/photos/images/br2009-2.jpg”>photo: Major Gen. Stefano Castagnotto, BFAO Deputy Head Mr. Gerhard Sontheim


Supervisor Gregorian Visits Brčko District Archive Building and the new Day Care Center for Persons with Special Needs pan style=”font-weight: normal”>December 18, 2008
photo: Visit to the Day Care Center href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/2008_dec_18-pdhr2-a.jpg”>photo: Visit to the Archive Building

COM EUFOR visit to Brčko District pan style=”font-weight: normal”>December 16, 2008
photo 1 href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/Major-Genaral-Stefano-Castagnotto-and-Supervisor-of-Brcko-District-Dr.-Raffi-Gregorian.jpg”>photo 2 href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/Visit-by-COM-EUFOR-MG-Stefano-Castagnotto-to-Brcko-Final-Award-Office.jpg”>photo 3

Visit by the Chinese Ambassador to BiH to Brčko District pan style=”font-weight: normal”>November 28, 2008

Visit by EUFOR Deputy Commander to Brčko Final Award Office pan style=”font-weight: normal”>November 13, 2008

Visit by EU Ambassadors in BiH to Brčko District pan style=”font-weight: normal”>October 15, 2008
photo: Arrival of EU Ambassadors to Brčko Final Award Office href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/EU%20Ambassadors%20with%20Brcko%20Supervisor.jpg”>photo: EU Ambassadors with Brčko Supervisor href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/French%20Amb.%20with%20BD%20Mayor%20and%20Deputy%20Mayor.jpg”>photo: French Ambassador with BD Mayor and Deputy Mayor href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/Group%20photo%20in%20front%20of%20the%20BFAO.jpg”>photo: Group photo in front of the BFAO href=”https://www.ohr.int/ohr-info/photos/images/Lunch%20with%20Brcko%20District%20politicians,%20business%20community%20and%20NGOs.jpg”>photo: Lunch with Brčko District politicians, business community and NGOs