Decision Establishing the Police Restructuring Commission

In the exercise of the powers vested in the High Representative by Article V of Annex 10 (Agreement on Civilian Implementation of the Peace Settlement) to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to which the High Representative is the final authority in theatre regarding interpretation of the said Agreement on [...]

Sarajevo Declaration Quarterly Implementation Review, December 12, 1998

Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration has been marked by continual problems. It is vital that the limited momentum which built up during the Summer should be reinstated, and in particular that no changes be made which might reduce the efficiency of the Cantonal Housing Department. Positive steps in some areas, including public security, have b [...]

Sarajevo Declaration Quarterly Implementation Review, August 11, 1998

Implementation of the new Federation property legislation is proceeding. Administrative obstacles to the filing of claims to repossess private and socially-owned property have diminished, but problems continue to be reported. Unless these obstacles to claims filing are wholly eliminated, it will be necessary to extend the 6 month deadline for filin [...]