17.03.2015 OHR

Parties need to ensure uninterrupted work of institutions

Further to announcements made yesterday and the lack of quorum in the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina today, High Representative Valentin Inzko gave the following statement:

“I expect all political parties to respect the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Parties need to ensure that institutions, in this case the House of Peoples, are able to work and adopt decisions without obstructions.

Any action that would paralyze the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and prevent the Parliament from functioning is unconstructive and unacceptable. Such actions represent a significant step in the wrong direction.

There have been such instances in the past, and the OHR’s view remains unchanged: the House of Peoples – a Dayton institution – must be able to fulfil its mandate in full capacity as prescribed in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The way to resolve political disputes is for parties and MPs to take part in the parliamentary process. The Parliament is where solutions to problems can and must be pursued.

I therefore appeal to the MPs to honour their mandates and enable the House of Peoples to work in a regular and uninterrupted fashion. This is in the interest of institutions, but above all in the interest of citizens who gave the MPs their trust and support – to ensure the functioning of institutions, as well as to work in them.”