Statement by the Provisional Administrator of Herzegovacka Banka.

The Provisional Administrator of Hercegovacka Banka, Toby Robinson, deeply regrets that the shareholders of the bank have repeatedly failed to agree a meeting to resolve urgent issues regarding the bank and in particular, the interests of its account holders. For weeks, the Provisional Administrator has attempted to set up this vital meeting.

Unfortunately, key shareholders decided to delay the meeting until after the holidays so as not to disturb their vacation plans. It is hypocritical of those who claim to represent the interests of the small account holders to place their own leisure plans ahead of pensioners and other disadvantaged people.

The co-operation of shareholders and staff is essential to help the account holders. Once again, the Provisional Administrator repeats that account holders will have to wait much longer for access to their funds unless the following information is provided now:

  • the whereabouts of back up tapes for the Bank computer system. Without these tapes, there will be continued delays in providing money for the account holders as the Provisional Administrator can neither collect money owed to the bank, nor pay out any liabilities
  • full access to the Accounting Department records is required. These additional documents provide essential background information and financial reports needed to assist the process outlined above

It is apparent that the behavior of the shareholders is deterring the co-operation of the bank staff with the Provisional Administrator, who publicly repeats her call for a meeting with the bankąs principal shareholders. It is hoped that those who are suffering as a result of this behavior will also call upon shareholders to see sense, and stop delaying the work that needs to be done urgently.

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