OBN News Review, 21 November 2000


  • Final preliminary election results in B&H were announced
  • Guest of TV INFO: the OSCE Spokesman, Luke Zahner
  • No ruling of the Florida Supreme Court on the new US President
  • Students of the Catholic School Centre were attacked in Stup


OSCE announced final election results today. SDP won the largest number of votes in the Federation of B&H, and the SDS won in the RS. SDA, HDZ and Party for B&H won a large number of votes as well. Reported by Svjetlana Celic.

This evening’s guest in TV INFO was the OSCE Spokesman, Luke Zahner. “It is important that parties gather now and form a new government. I am not interested in any partisan rhetoric. Parties know what they should do and they will do it”, Mr. Zahner said, talking about the election results. “There will be a lot of dialogue and transparency between parties. OSCE is working hard to help establishment of Government institutions, because we don’t have any time to waste”, Mr. Zahner said.


OBN broadcast claims of owners of night bars from Prijedor about involvement of IPTF in organised prostitution. “We will carry out an investigation on allegations against IPTF officers. If we find out that they did something illegal, they will probably be sent back to their countries”, the UN Spokesman, Douglas Coffman said. “Several allegations from gentlemen on yesterday’s press conference were unfounded”, he added.

Banja Luka

“I strongly deny any possible involvement of employees of the RS Internal Ministry in the affair with prostitutes. I wish that they publicly announce names of the employees which were allegedly involved in this”, the RS Minister of Internal Affairs, Sredoja Novic said.


The Institute for Constitutional and International Law in Sarajevo organised a round table on a topic “The Dayton Peace Accords – Five Years Later” today. The conclusion was that the Dayton Peace Accords should not be changed, except for Annex 4, i.e. the B&H Constitution, Anes Alic reported.

Banja Luka

Serb representatives feel that the Conference in Dayton was not a political-diplomatic gathering, but gathering of people who deal with the issue of the Dayton Peace Accords. They were not satisfied, because there were only three RS representatives at the Conference. Reported by Zoran Popovic.


The Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica demanded that the future Serbian Government analyse all out-institutional decisions made after 5th October. The Montenegrin President, Milo Dukanovic said in Berlin today that the Montenegrin authorities would organise a referendum on future of this country, if the authorities in Belgrade do not accept radical change of relations between Montenegro and Serbia. Reported by Danica Ilic.


Egypt withdrew their Ambassador from Israel, after escalation of Israeli-Palestinian clashes.

The Florida Supreme Court has not reached a decision on new US President yet.

The Chairman of the Peruvian Parliament announced that the President, Alberto Fujimori officially resigned. Several hours later, the Vice-President submitted a resignation as well.

The EU Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg listened to lawyers of the Curd leader, Abdullah Ojalan today. Reported by Gordana Frimel.


B&H and Turkish officials and economists met today in order to discuss co-operation between the two countries. Currently, B&H exports only 4% of goods to Turkey, and Turkey exports only 2% in B&H. 15 Turkish companies currently work in B&H, and they think about leaving to Belgrade. Sevko Bajic produced the report.

Banja Luka

Office of the RS Ombudsmen will start working tomorrow. The institution was established by the Law on RS Ombudsman in the beginning of the year, Biljana Arsic reported.


Pupils from the Catholic School Centre have been attacked several times by pupils from other elementary schools. “We tried to do all we can to protect our pupils on their returning to their homes”, the Director of the Catholic School Centre said. Reported by Ana Drmac.


Reports on international football and NBA league were presented.