13.03.1996 OHR Sarajevo

Deployment of Federation Police in Ilidza

  1. At the invitation of the Principal Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Michael Steiner, a meeting on the deployment of Federation police in Ilidza took place at the Office of the High Representative on 13 March. The Minister of the Interior of the Federation, Avdo Hebib, his deputy, Jozo Leutar, the chief of the Sarajevo police, Enes Bezdrob, the chief of the Kiseljak police, Mladen Tolo, UN Special Representative Iqbal Riza, the Deputy Commander of the UN International Police, Robert Wasserman and General Michael Walker representing IFOR participated in the meeting.
  2. At the meeting, the earlier agreement between the Federation partners that nine professional Croat policemen who had formerly served in Sarajevo would join the Federation police in Ilidza was reconfirmed. Pending the introduction of the new Federation police uniforms, these Croat policemen will wear their present blue uniforms, with the addition of an armband bearing the inscription “Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina. Police. City of Sarajevo”, and their respective identity badges.
  3. It was furthermore decided that these policemen would enter Ilidza on the road from Kiseljak on 13 March at 16 hrs, escorted by the UN International Police, and join the Federation police.
  4. The UN International Police will report to the Office of the High Representative regarding compliance with this arrangement.