Article by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp:”Lessons From Bosnia”

SARAJEVO -- This is my last week as the international community's High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a post I have held for the last two years. As this article goes to press, gangs of workmen are hastily planting flower beds and filling in the potholes of the war-damaged approach roads to Sarajevo's Zetra sports complex, the venue for the 2 [...]

Article by Simon Haselock, Deputy High Representative for Media Issues:”BiH will Enter Europe Only When the Media is Liberated from Political Control”

There is plenty of happy talk at the moment about this country joining the European club. The Stablity Pact signed this month is indeed an important step for the region. But before Europe comes to the Balkans, politicians have to be evicted from the newsroom. When it comes to television and media freedom, Bosnia-Herzegovina is light years away from [...]

Article by Amb. Jacques P. Klein, Principal Deputy High Representative

Usluge. Everyone in Bosnia-Hercegovina knows what it means: it is the oil that has always made the wheels of daily life here turn, the old and cosy system governed by the attitude, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, and we'll all get along just fine." It is a mark of the prevalence of this attitude, of how deeply embedded it is in this count [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp:”Lessons Bosnia Taught Us”

Bosnia is back in the public eye. I have been besieged by international journalists and Western governments alike, all seeking answers basically to two questions: What has the international community gleaned from its experience here? And how can that experience be applied to Kosovo? The first point to make is that while the similarities between Bos [...]

Article by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp:”Don’t Bargain With Bosnia”

By Carlos Westendorp It sounds simple enough: To end the war in Yugoslavia, just arrange a territory swap. Tell Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that in return for handing the Serbian province of Kosovo over to the resident ethnic Albanians, he will be allowed to annex a matching acreage of Republika Srpska, the Serb half of Bosnia, which Ser [...]

Article about Carlos Westendorp, High Representative:”Our Man in Sarajevo”

Carlos Westendorp This diplomat is fighting for returning the peace to Bosnia for nine months. He is re-inventing a State from the ashes of the war and of ethnic hate. Seventy-two frenetic hours with the Spanish mediator who can bring back hope to the Balkans. Text: Jesús Rodriguez Photography: Tino Soriano "Alpha Tango for Double Pope: start prep [...]

Article by Amb. Jacques P. Klein, Principal Deputy High Representative

Saturday 31 January My last day in Washington. I came back here for a few days military duty - in my part time job as a Major General in the US Air Force Reserve (which, somewhat surprisingly, is in fact the third largest Air Force in the world). I also had consultations with Bob Gelbard, the President and Secretary of State's Special Envoy for Day [...]