07.03.1997 PIC SB, Brcko Impl. Conference Vienna

Press Release by the PIC Steering Board

Press Release on Municipal Elections by the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council

The Peace Implementation Council Steering Board believes the holding of internationally supervised municipal elections is of fundamental importance to the consolidation of long-term peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Steering Board strongly supports the decision of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office to hold municipal elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 13-14 September 1997. The Steering Board notes this decision has been taken at the recommendation of the OSCE Head of Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and after consultations with the High Representative, Members of the Steering Board, the European Union and NATO. The Steering Board pledges its full support for municipal elections on those dates that will meet the requirements set out by the Steering Board in October last year.

The Steering Board also calls on the parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet their commitments to create appropriate conditions for elections, particularly freedom of movement, freedom of association, equal access to free media, a neutral political environment, and the prompt installation in office of newly elected officials.

Office of the High Representative