Short History of Tuzla Office

OHR Tuzla office was officially opened six years ago and it functioned as a sub-office of Brcko until September 01. 2002, when it became a regional office in its own right. The address is Solanska 3, 75 000 Tuzla. As a result of streamlining, the office premises are shared with OSCE Tuzla Regional Center. The AOR of OHR Tuzla covers almost 40 municipalities in Canton Tuzla, Canton Zenica-Doboj and Posavina Canton as well as the wide region of the RS from Bijeljina in the East to Teslic in the West and Brod in the North. OHR Tuzla office has five sub-offices — OHR Bijeljina, OHR Doboj, OHR Zvornik, OHR Zenica and OHR Bratunac.

OHR Tuzla has in the past focused on RRTF operations, but other departments have opened since it became a regional office.  Departments now are RRTF, Economics, Political and IJC. There are plans to increase staff and add a Crime Unit in the near future.

The sub-offices cover RRTF issues and a small number of regional political issues.

Twenty-two people are employed full time in the Tuzla office, including staff working for the IJC – 16 for OHR and 6 within IJC.

OHR Zvornik has 3 people, Doboj 5, Bijeljina 3, Zenica 5 and Bratunac 4. OHR Zenica covers RRTF issues; the Zepce Supervisor is also based in Zenica.