OHR BiH Media Round-up, 8/7/2006

TV news broadcast on7th July, 2006


TV PINK  (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

Employees strike

PACE President addresses BiH HoR

PACE president addresses BiH Parl.


Meeting in Dubrovnik

Reactions on PACE Resolution on BiH


HR pardons BiH officials

Mandic indicted for war crimes


4 BiH PBS SB members appointed

Del Ponte to visit Potocari on July 11


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

Van Der Linden at BIH HoP session

Nine injured in a traffic accident

BiH CC in session

BIH CC session

‘March of Death’ commenced

PACE President addresses BiH HoR

Mandic war crime suspect

Del Ponte to visit Potocari on July 11

Paravac meets PACE President

Sarovic still in custody

New jobs for 25 Srebrenica women

BiH del. visits British Parliament



Enough with ethnic divisions

Dnevni Avaz

McElchany: Each step is remembrance on victims

Vecernji List

Four killed because of  overtaking (Accidents in B. Luka and Doboj)

Nezavisne Novine

Mandic charged with war crime

Glas Srpske

Skill of provocation

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Political Developments

PACE President René van der Linden addresses BiH HoR














PINK – Addressing the BiH Parliament members, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe [PACE], René van der Linden, called them on implementing reforms which would strengthen state institutions, saying that they were now too week to take BiH to the EU. “After the October general elections, we hope you will find political courage to continue discussing the issue and ways through which mechanisms of ethnical representation could be replaced by civil principle based representation, especially be eliminating entity voting at the BiH House of Representatives, defining the issue of vital national interests more clearly”, said van der Linden. He added that the BiH Constitution had to be changed, what made Serb representatives angry. BH TV 1 – The Resolution on BiH, adopted last week by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), is not legally binding, but it represents a clear political stance, PACE President stated. A failure to obey the conclusions of this Resolution can block BiH’s path towards European Union, Van der Linden said during his address to members of both Houses of BiH Parliament. PACE President emphasized that the Resolution is not a destabilizing factor. “It looks a little bit further, and if you want to become a member of European family, than you have to do a lot more – and certainly Dayton cannot be the basis for that, it is not enough”, stated Van der Linden. NTV Hayat – This resolution is impartial”, stressed Van Der Linden, saying it would be bad for young people in BIH to grow up ethnically divided. On referendum in BiH, he stated it is not possible. Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘It is not Europe but BiH and its citizens need reforms’, announced on cover ‘Overcome distrust and nationalism’ by H.Orahovac  Linden also placed education and police reforms in the very top priorities that need to be urgently resolved. FTV, Vecernji List pg 2 ‘BiH institutions cannot lead to EU’ by Eldina Mehunjanin, Oslobodjenje cover pg splash, pgs 4-5 ‘Enough with ethnic divisions’ by A.Terzic,Glas Srpske pg 3 ‘Resolution divided BiH’ by Z.Domazet, Nezavisne Novine pg 2, announced on cover ‘BiH must strengthen state institutions’ by M.Cubro,  also report

Serb delegates at BiH HoR express dissatisfaction with PACE Resolution on BiH


PINK – President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe [PACE], René van der Linden added that the BiH Constitution had to be changed, what made Serb representatives angry. Namely, they said that received a lot of bad news from the recently adopted PACE Resolution, BiH Constitutional Court and the ICTY. “We received a message from the BiH Presidency Chair who met with the indicted war criminal…whose sentence is mild. Does this mean that we need a single President?”, said BiH HoR member, Momcilo Novakovic. another Serb member of BiH HoR. Ljiljana Milicevic, also BiH HoR member, reada letter Serb members at HoR signed, which finds content of the PACE Resolution unacceptable. “The Resolution is anti-Dayton and it does not contribute to reconciliation in this area but leads towards radicalisation causing political instability in BiH and region. RS representatives are ready to take active part in building-up the Dayton Constitution but oppose all activities which question BiH’s Constitution, founded on entities”, said Milicevic. FBiH political parties’ representatives supported the text of the Resolution. BH TV 1 – All Serb delegates, bar SRS’ Mirko Blagojevic, signed a letter condemning both the contents and the way this ‘anti-Dayton’ Resolution was adopted. “I must say that this CoE Resolution is the biggest institutional blow to the Dayton Constitution. But I’m glad we all know that an international agreement has much more power than resolution”, stated PDP’s representative Goran Milojevic. However, representatives from FBiH reacted in completely opposite manner. “CoE is an institution which has the role to promote the rule of human rights and democracy, it is the oldest and the most credible European institution. I personally did not like many of [CoE] resolutions, but we have to respect them”, stated House of Representatives Chair Martin Raguz, member of HDZ 1990 Croatian Unity party. NTV Hayat – Milojevic informed Van Der Linden that recent resolution adopted by PACE has disturbed the relations in the country. RTRS – “Ethnical principle pretty much exists in the EU state members but it is said that it should be annulled here”, said independent candidate Petar Kunic. Serb MPs also said that BiH Serbs had lately received a lot of bad news. “No binding resolution, which could be directed towards abolishment of entities is going to be supported by any RS representative”, said SNSD representative, Dusanka Majkic. On the other hand, FBiH representatives support the Resolution. “It sure does present a way in which PACE helps both; BiH authorities and its citizens”, said SDA Caucus Head, Elmir Jahic. Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘It is not Europe but BiH and its citizens need reforms’, announced on cover ‘Overcome distrust and nationalism’ by H.Orahovac – says SDA’ Jahic, Sead Avdic from Mixed Club, SzBiH Azra Hadziahmetovic expressed support to PACE efforts to help BiH. Daily also reports on the letter Serb delegates handed to PACE Chair. Glas Srpske pg 3 ‘Resolution divided BiH’ by Z.Domazet – carries reactions of SNSD’ Majkic, SDS’ Novakovic, PDP’ Milojevic. According to inset delegate Blagojevic, who is the sole Serb delegate who did not sign a letter of reaction, explained he does not want to ask for charity from the one “who did his best to see this Resolution passed over night”. Nezavisne Novine pg 2, announced on cover ‘BiH msut strengthen state institutions’ inset ‘Serb delegates handed a letter’, Oslobodjenje cover pg splash, pgs 4-5 ‘Enough with ethnic divisions’ inset ‘Protest over enactment of CoE’ Resolution’ – report on letter Serb delegates handed to PACE Chair

Further reactions on PACE Resolution on BiH: Austrian Ambassador supports preservation of entity voting at Parliament


BH TV 1 – Unlike Resolution, most of the ambassadors in BiH have supported the preservation of entity voting in state Parliament. “I think that this Resolution is an important signal that the constitutional reform is necessary in BiH… But in order to achieve that, parliamentary parties have to reach an agreement”, stated Austrian Ambassador to BiH Werner Almhofer. However, according to BHT reporter, politicians from RS do not seem to take this Resolution seriously. “This Resolution means nothing, because it totally opposes the official political stances of countries that signed the Dayton Peace Agreement”, stated RS President Dragan Cavic. “One thing is for sure: those CoE stances will not be changed, just like the stances of European Parliament or American Senate. Those are the democratic principles upon which we have to build something”, stated SBiH’s Haris Silajdzic. The International Institute for Middle East and Balkans Studies IFIMES warned that the resolution of the oldest and most respectable European institution could not be ignored; instead, it should be considered as some kind of warning for BiH politicians to work faster on creating more effective state structure. 

BiH Presidency member, Paravac meets PACE President René van der Linden


RTRS – BiH Presidency member, Borislav Paravac, met with President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe [PACE], René van der Linden and told him that he supported Serb MPs stance regarding the PACE Resolution. Paravac said that the Resolution came in a very bad time for BiH, causing polarization and suiting only those who were not interested in reconciliation.

PHR lifts ban prohibiting political engagement


RTRS – The High Representative to BiH, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, lifted bans on holding party office against all individuals removed by earlier High Representatives. The only exceptions are those individuals who were removed for reasons connected to non-cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). According to OHR press release, Decision allows these individuals to hold positions within political parties, but it does not, however, entitle them to return to the positions from which they were removed. Decision is part of a process of regularising the legal status of removed individuals announced by Mr Schwarz-Schilling on 21 March, as OHR said. “Decision on whether these persons are going to return to political parties should be brought by leaders of the parties; it is up to them to evaluate whether persons, who once obstructed peace implementation, would be able to contribute to better BiH’s future”, said the OHR Spokesperson, Ljiljana Radetic. SDS is dissatisfied with the fact that the decision does not refer to those officials, removed on June 30th and July 1st 2004, mostly SDS members. “I hope that this HR would annul such decisions, since it is obvious that they have no effect, questioning its suitability in time they were being brought”, said member of SDS election board, Ognjen Tadic. Glas Srpske pg 5 ‘Return of democracy’ by D.Momic – apart from carrying OHR’ Radetic and Tadic’  statements, daily also carries comments of PDP Vice President, Goran Milojevic, and SNSD’ Krstan Simic, both who welcoming this decision. Vecernji List pg 3 ‘Schilling rehabilitated Jelavic as well’ by Z.K./I.B./B.C. – daily reports also that lift ban is also applied to Ante Jelavic, Marko Tokic, Ivo Andric Luzanski and Mirko Batinic who were removed from HDZ of BiH on the basis of project Croat self-rule.BH TV 1, PINK, NTV Hayat, Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘HR lifted bans on 60 officials’ by S.N., Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ’Ban lifted against 60 removed officials’ by V.Popovic, Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘OHR lifted ban on party functions’also report on OHR decision. Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ’Ban lifted against 60 removed officials’ inset ‘SDS welcomes amnesty’ – carries SDS’ Tadic    

BiH HoP appoints 4 BiH PBS SB members


FTV – FBiH House of Peoples held a session on Friday. Among other things, delegates have decided to discuss in an urgent procedure the proposal of the law amending the Value Added Tax Law. Newly appointed Chair of the Indirect Taxation Administration’s Steering Board Peter Nicholl has send a letter to the delegates, expressing wish that the amendments to the VAT Law are discussed after the meeting of ITA Steering board, which is scheduled for the end on July. In the same time, BiH House of Representatives has appointed four members of the Steering Board of the BiH Public Broadcasting Service. Bosniak Representative Plamenko Custovic, Serb representative Nikola Deretic, Croat representative Marija Putica, and the representative of others Nada Milosevic have been appointed. PINK – The HoR has passed proposed changes and addenda to Law on referral of ICTY cases to BiH Prosecution. BH TV 1, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 10 ‘Law on referral of Hague cases to BiH Prosecution altered’ by H.Orahovac, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Four members of Steering Board of PBS service appointed’ by SRNAalso report on BiH HoR session. Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Changes to Law on VAT in urgent procedure’ by SRNA, Dnevni Avaz pg 10 ‘Changes to VAT Law in urgent procedure’ by agencies, Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘No discussion on VAT Law’ by M.K.S. – reports on BiH HoP’s session

BIH CC convened to decide on BiH Presidency’s Tihic and Paravac motions: no decisions announced

NTV Hayat – BIH Constitutional Court was deciding on Friday on request made by BIH Presidency President Sulejman Tihic regarding constitutionality of the name RS. BIH CC was also discussing the request of BIH Presidency member Borislav Paravac on BIH lawsuit against SCG. No decisions have been announced. RTRS – also report


War Crimes

March of Death – The Road of Freedom’ started on Friday morning









BH TV 1 – About one thousand participants early on Friday morning started the ‘March of Death – The Road of Freedom’, reconstruction of a path Srebrenica citizens crossed while trying to find a way to freedom. They will walk three days, until they reach their final destination – Memorial Centre in Potocari. BHT report includes short interview with several survivors of Srebrenica massacre, who explained how they managed to escape from this UN-protected zone in a deadly summer of 1995. Participants took a short rest on Crni Vrh near Zvornik, where the biggest mass grave in BiH was discovered, containing the remains of 500 bodies. U.S. Ambassador to BiH Douglas McElhaney briefly addressed them, saying that this terrible crime must never be forgotten. NTV Hayat – Participant of the march Ramo Dautbasic stated that there are around 600 participants and added that more will join as the march progresses. FTV, Dnevni Avaz pg 3 ‘Around 1000 people left Nezuke heading to Potocari’ by A.Hadzic, Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Over 600 people on “March of death” by J.Sarac, Oslobodjenje pg 7, announced on cover ‘2700 participants on “Road of freedom”’ by Sakib Smajlovic also report on March, Oslobodjenje saying by the time march gets to Potocari it should number 2600 participants. Dnevni Avaz cover pg splash, pg 3 ‘McElchany: Each step is remembrance on victims’ by A.H.  – McElchany said he admires “courage and commitment” of march participants, noting: “Each step you make marks a memory on victims who suffered so much 11 years ago.”

Del Ponte to attend the commemoration in Potocari


BH TV 1, NTV Hayat, FTV, Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Del Ponte coming to Srebrenica’, Vecernji List pg 2 ‘Del Ponte coming to Srebrenica’ by ra, Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Carla del Ponte at Srebrenica anniversary’ by BETAChief ICTY Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte will attend the commemoration in Potocari, on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide. Del Ponte boycotted last years’ commemoration, as a form of protest because Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic have not been arrested yet.

The Assistant to the UN Secretary-General DiegoAria visits BiH


BH TV 1 – The Assistant to the UN Secretary-General, and former member of the UN Security Council Diego Aria is paying an official visit to BiH. This Venezuelan testified twice before The Hague Tribunal, in trials against Slobodan Milosevic and Naser Oric. At the time of Srebrenica massacre, Aria was a Chair of the UN Security Council; on July 11, he will participate in marking the 11th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide. NTV Hayat – Current assistant to UN Secretary General Diego Arria arrived in BIH in order to participate in commemoration of Srebrenica tragedy. Reporter comments that Arria made statements that genocide was committed in Srebrenica and that he accused UN for not reacting accordingly. Arria also feels that the international community has tried unsuccessfully to equalise aggressor and the victim in BIH, trial to Naser Oric being one of those attempts. He also stated that the international community would like to forget Srebrenica and added that “we will not allow that”. Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Srebrenica cannot be justified’ by FENA – Arria stressed justice would have been satisfied if Oric had been acquitted. Oslobodjenje pg 3, announced on cover ‘Great Britain is hiding truth about events in BiH’ by S.Rozajec – Arria reminded of a book of one author from Great Britain, who interviewed over 150 officials of this state, noting: “This book has revealed a number of things that happened at political circles of Great Britain. Owing to large number of documents hidden in this state I am of the view entire truth could be revealed if a Bosnian would become UK Premier. In this manner, information on developments in BiH would be revealed.” He also said: “I do not know if I may say this but many wanted to see president Alija Izetbegovic in The Hague. It would have meant a lot to some important European states.” Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘UN is accomplice in crimes’ by Ma.D. – also reports

GS critical of reception BiH Pres Chair organised for Naser Oric


Glas Srpske cover pg splash ‘Skill of provocation’ by E.G.S. –  Daily carries statements of politicians and officials from RS, sharing the view that reception Sulejman Tihic, BiH CoM Chair organised for Naser Oric, has disdained crimes against Serb people. Those officials listed are: Slobodan Radulj, advisor to Serb member to BiH Presidency, SNSD’ Dusanka Majkic, SDSOgnjen Tadic, PDP Zoran Tesanovic and Slobodan Nagradic, DEPOS’ Radivoje Trbic, SP’ Tihomir Gligoric, SDS Momiclo Novakovic. Headline was grounded on overall content and is not taken from particular statement.

RS political parties fiercely judge way in which Naser Oric’s was greeted upon his arrival to Sarajevo


RTRS – Great number of RS political parties judge the way in which wartime Srebrenica Commander Naser Oric was greeted upon his arrival to Sarajevo. SDS Caucus in the RS National Assembly announced that it was going to launch initiative on dismissal of Sefket Hafizovic, the RS NA Deputy Speaker, since he welcomed Oric. RS NA MPs are going to discuss the initiative on July 18th. PDP condemns BiH Presidency President Sulejman Tihic’s meeting with Oric. Member of PDP Main Board, Zoran Tesanovic, said that such Tihic’s act did not contribute to improvement of internal affairs in BiH. DNS also judges the meeting, stating that by organizing an official meeting with Oric, Tihic once more showed that he is supporting those who committed war crimes over Serbs in BiH. DEPOS member say that Tihic’s decision to meet an ICTY criminal is directed against peace and tolerance. Nezavisne Novine pg 9 ‘Meeting Tihic-Oric to be condemned’ by SRNAcarries PDP’ Tesanovic’ statement

Oslobodjenje op-ed says mtg Tihic-Oric is a good pre-election message


Oslobodjenje op-ed pg 9 ‘Courageous and persistent’ by Senka Kurtovic – The author actually criticises the statement Sulejman Tihic, BiH Presidency Chair, gave commending Naser Oric for his courage and persistence. The author notes that Oric waited for Srebrenica liberation in freedom, far away from Srebrenica and left the elderly, women and children to defend Srebrenica while he left with helicopter. She concludes by saying meeting Tihic-Oric is a good pre-election message for whose devising strategy around Tihic.

Oslobodjenje op-ed: reactions in Serbia and RS reg. Oric’ verdict hide attempt to equate guilt for BiH war

Oslobodjenje op-ed pg 9 ‘And Karadzic and Mladic still at large’ by Mirko Sagolj – Writing about reactions in Serbia and RS regarding verdict pronounced against Naser Oric, the author notes Oric, as other indictees, should get punishment, but the ICTY not “nationalistic street” as he says is in charge of that. He stresses that reactions in Serbia and RS hide attempts to equate guilt for the war in BiH.

BiH Prosecution raises indictment against Momcilo Mandic


BH TV 1 – BiH Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the Court of BiH the indictment against Momcilo Mandic, which holds him responsible for war crimes, BHT unofficially learns from the sources close to the Court of BiH. Mandic is indicted for war crimes committed while he was working as RS Minister of Justice. Nezavisne Novine cover pg splash, pg 3 ‘Mandic charged with war crime’ by A.Djozo – daily elarns from unofficial sources Mandic has been charged with command responsibility for the crimes committed at Planjina house in Visegrad, events at prisons “Kula” and “Foca”, police school at Vrace. PINK, FTV, Dnevni Avaz pg 5,  announced on cover ‘Mandic also charged with war crimes’ by N.J., Oslobodjenje pg 3, announced on cover ‘Momiclo Mandic charged with war crime’ by A.S.also report



Terzic calls upon HR Schwarz-Schilling to make a decision on the allocation of VAT funds








BH TV 1 – BiH Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic called upon High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling to use his authorities, and make a decision on the allocation of Value Added Tax (VAT) funds, in order to unblock the funds on VAT Single Account. “RS Prime Minister and RS Minister of Finance are trying to illegally obtain approximately KM 30 million per year. That is the fact, and therefore, it is not the question of agreement any more. How can we agree to do something illegal?” stated Terzic in a short telephone interview for BHT. Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘OHR must give legal interpretation’, announced on cover ‘Terzic ask interpretation from OHR’ by S.Numanovic – In an interview to daily. Terzic also says that it is necessary that OHR gives legal interpretation on how to implement legal solutions on distribution of recourses from a single VAT account, noting: “I think it is both a mandate and obligation of OHR.” He warns OHR’ silence may seriously jeopardise fiscal stability of the state, even destroy reform of indirect taxation. He underlines RS representatives stubbornly and without any grounds keep insisting on their demands, adding RS representatives reject to implement Agreement signed amongst premiers and finance ministers (according to which implementation of legal formula on resources allocations starts as of 1 July) and Law as well. He also expresses concern with conduct of some representatives of the international community, who encourage RS in their demands.

RS Fin Min says it is possible to reach agreement on allocation of VAT resources without involving HR


BH TV 1 – RS Minister of Finance Aleksandar Dzombic claims that it is possible to reach an agreement (on allocation of resources from VAT account) without involving the High Representative. Member of state parliament Zlatko Lagumdzija claims that the whole problem is nothing more than a pre-election game. “This is a battle between incapable Adnan Terzic, and (RS Prime Minister) Milorad Dodik, who wants to take the money that does not belong to him”, explained Lagumdzija. The first move of recently appointed Chair of the Indirect Taxation Administration’s Steering Board Peter Nicholl is to find a solution for the allocation of public funds. “I think that we will be able to solve this problem, in a way that is in line with the law”, stated Nicholl. According to BHT reporter, OHR officials Friday did not want to comment on this issue.

FBiH Govt. to urgently start process of privatisation of BH Telecom and HT Mostar


BH TV 1 – FBiH Government will urgently start a process of privatisation of BH Telecom and HT Mostar. This decision was made after members of FBiH Government realized that the privatisation of Telekom Srpske could have negative consequences on two FBiH telecom operators. However, representatives of BH Telecom claim that this company is not ready for the privatisation yet, while HT Mostar representatives claim that the privatisation of Telekom Srpske will not harm their company. “I don’t think that the privatisation is such an easy job. In fact, I think that this privatisation of Telekom Srpske will be prolonged, and possibly carried out along with the privatisation of two FBiH telecom operators”, HT Mostar Director Stipe Prlic stated almost 20 days ago. According to RS Government’s estimation, 65 percent of state capital funds in Telekom Srpske is worth approximately €340 million; on the other hand, FBiH Government has not yet established a price for 90 percent of state capital funds in BH Telecom.  Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Decision on sale to be reached byu FBiH Parliament’ by M.Kukan – In a statement to daily, Hamdo Katica, Director of BH Telecom says it is very hard at this moment to assess what would be the best thing to do, noting key decision on this will be reached by F BiH PArlaiment and BH Telecom will obey its Decision.



Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Sarajevo issues an arrest warrant against Darko Elez, suspected of participating in a robbery committed ten days ago






BH TV 1 – Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Sarajevo has issued an arrest warrant against Darko Elez. He is suspected of participating in a robbery committed on June 29th, when € 2.2 million have been stolen from the ‘Privredna’ Bank Sarajevo vehicle. According to BHT reporter, this robbery was not a surprise, especially when one knows that police was not even informed about the transport of money, and that the bank invested only 73 KM in securing this transport. This was the sixth robbery in FBiH since the beginning of 2006. Spokesperson of the FBiH Ministry of Interior Robert Cvrtak emphasized that police is not to be blamed for the increase of armed robberies in FBiH, because it does not have the authority to interfere with the security systems in banking facilities, and during the transport of the money. BHT concluded the report by saying that criminals still use the advantage of entity borders in BiH, which still create problems for police officers in both BiH entities. NTV Hayat , FTV, Dnevni Avaz pg 54,  announced on cover ‘Darko Elez suspected of robbery of EURO 2.2. million’ by Dz.Ma., Vecernji List pg 3, announced on cover ‘Police detected robber of century’ by Robert Soldo, Nezavisne Novine pg 4, announced on cover ‘Arrest warrant after Darko Elez issued’ by A.Dacic, Oslobodjenje pg 25, announced on cover ‘Darko Elez suspected of robbery of EURO 2.2 million’ by D.P.  – also report

Sarovic’s lawyers ask for release on bail


NTV Hayat, PINK, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz pg 12 ‘Mirko Sarovic’ attorneys demand detention abolition’ by SRNA, Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Property mortgage for Sarovic; freedom’ by A.Djozo, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Sarovic offered BAM 280 thousand for his freedom’ by A.S. Former RS and BiH official, Mirko Sarovic’s defence has submitted the BiH Court with a request for release under bail, placing his house (estimated to BAM 280 thousand worth) under mortgage.

DA carries interview with HR about his family, personal life


Dnevni Avaz weekend supplement “Panorama” pg 31 ‘‘If I earned from music I would be hungry’ by Valida Saronjic – carries an interview with Christian Schwarz Schilling, HR to BiH, and his wife, about his personal life, family. The author expresses surprise over the fact HR is living in an apartment in Sarajevo centre, not some luxurious villa at Stari Grad.