OHR BiH Media Round-up, 29/7/2006

TV News broadcasted on July 28


TV PINK (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

3rd rd ofSAA talks ends in Sarajevo

3rd round of SAA negotiations

3rd round of SAA talks ended

Prce acquitted of abuse of office

Dodik and Kostunica open Raca

EC Delegation in visit to Herzegovina

Dodik on changes to Law on CoM

Meakic and others plead not guilty

Prce released of certain charges

OSCE re school names and symbols

Prce released of certain charges

Meakic and others plead not guilty


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

Prce acquitted of abuse of office

3rd round of SAA talks ended

Dodik and Kostunica at Raca border

Techno party in Livno banned

A boy drowns near Zenica

Davidovic on SAA negotiations

Human rights in Canton Livno

Illegal import of goods from Turkey

RS opposes 2 new CoM Ministries

3rd rd of SAA talks ends in Sarajevo

Prce released of certain charges

Audit of privatisation process in RS



Cavic accused SDA for encouraging of ethnic extremism

Dnevni Avaz

Lebanon is only the introduction in war with Iran and Syria [ex US Diplomat]

Dnevni List

Boy drowns in river Bosna

Vecernji List

Amnesty of Croat Self-rule [Prce case]

Nezavisne Novine

BiH annuls customs on EU products [3rd SAA round]

Glas Srpske

New bridge for Europe [Kostunica and Dodik- building of bridge over Sava ]


Political Developments

Third round of SAA negotiations ends in Sarajevo ; continuation in October when EC’s report on BiH progress is expected


















Hayat By Elma Kazagic – The third round of technical talks on Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between BiH and European Union ended in Sarajevo on Friday. According to Hayat reporter, participants did not know – or did not want to say – what would be the impact of a slowdown in police reform process to the conclusion of SAA talks. On Friday, members of negotiating teams discussed industrial, agricultural and fish products, their export and import. The liberalisation of market is still the basic European recommendation: “European Union suggest the liberalisation of trade in all products, except several agricultural and fish products intended for export to EU”, stated Head of Department for West Balkans within the EC General Directorate for Enlargement Dirk Lange. “We must consider the delicate products of BiH and EU countries, because we do not want to endanger the economy of BiH or EU”, added Lange. Chief BiH negotiator Igor Davidovic said that he was satisfied with the third round of SAA talks, because “a certain progress has been made in reaching mutual understanding” regarding the part of SAA that refers to free trade. According to Hayat reporter, negotiators generally concluded that the talks were developing quite well, and that the progress was visible. The new round of talks has been announced for October 2006. BHT1– “I am very pleased because we have reached a progress which can be described as solid”, said Davidovic. Reporter says that after market liberalization, customs are going to be decreased gradually, but this will not be applied to certain goods, still unknown which goods particularly. RHB Lange once again reiterated that key reforms have to be implemented, such as police reform and the reform of Public Broadcasting System, as well as the full cooperation with The Hague Tribunal. Davidovic added that negotiators also discussed land transport, intellectual, industrial and commercial rights. FTV- By October when SAA talks are to be continued, BiH should prepare a new list of goods, which it wants to protect the most. SAA terms were also discussed. EC will in October publish report on progress BiH reached in terms of reform processes, which also includes estimation on whether BiH could sign SAA. “It was said that a progress has been made, but that in terms of certain areas a lot more had to be done”, said Director to BiH European Integrations Directorate, Osman Topcagic. PINK, RTRS– also covered. Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘EU wants to preserve customs to import of vine and sugar from BiH’, mentioned on cover by T.Lazovic– Lange confirmed that EU is demanding for preserving of customs on import of vine, sugar and some beef and fish products from BiH. Oslobodjenje pgs 4-5 ‘Europe is opening market for products from BiH’ by Az.Kalamujic, Dnevni List pg 4 ‘New list of concessions is being drafted’ by D.P.Mandic, Vecernji List pg 3 ‘No annulling of customs for European vine, meat and sugar’ by Dejan Jazvic, Nezavisne Novine cover splash, pg 3 ‘BiH annuls customs to EU products’ by M.Cubro– also reports.

RS politicians object establishment of two new ministries in CoM; President Cavic and PM Dodik say- no new ministries before constitutional changes are finished


RTRS By Biljana Knezevic – Decision of Council of Ministers to pass amendments to the Law on CoM, which foresee establishment of two new ministries [Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment], which was passed without votes of Serb Ministers in CoM, caused fierce reactions among RS politicians. RS President Dragan Cavic and RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik called upon CoM Chair Adnan Terzic to withdraw this law and Serb representatives in BIH parliament not to vote for it. Cavic stressed that this issue wouldn’t be a problem if constitutional amendments were adopted. “From my personal point of view there will be no story on changing the CoM structure until the story on constitutional changes is completed”, says Cavic. Dodik feels that the amendments violate BIH Constitution and also feels that there will be no new Ministries until constitutional changes are adopted. PINK- Cavic stressed that CoM Chair Adnan Terzic’s and BIH Minister of Civil Affairs Safet Halilovic’s parties are to blame for non adoption of constitutional amendment.  “They cannot expect that we will support their solutions without the constitutional package”, says Cavic. Reporter concludes that the Ministries in question are BIH Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Development and BIH Ministry of Science and Technology. FTV- Dodik accused Terzic for submitting the proposal out of private reasons. “They can propose but the Parliament has to pass…there is no room for story on changes in BiH CoM until story on constitutional changes on basis of agreement and amendments agreed in Marc, 2006, does not be over”, says Cavic. FTV ridicules the fact that BiH Justice Minister, Slobodan Kovac, whose Ministry made the proposal, opposes it as well. RHB, Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Terzic has no support of RS’ by V.Du– carries Dodik statement. Dnevni List pg 4 ‘Establishment of ministries unrealistic’ not signed– carries Dodik. Dnevni List pg 8 ‘No installing of new ministries’ not signed, Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Constitution cannot be changes trough individual acts’ by Z.Kusmuk– carries Dodik statement.

RS politicians object establishment of two new ministries in CoM; SRS sees this as another attack on RS


RTRS By Biljana Knezevic – Decision of CoM to establish two new ministries [Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment], which was passed without votes of Serb Ministers in CoM, caused fierce reactions among RS politicians. PDP member Dragan Mikerevic feels that CoM Chair Adnan Terzic wanted to make a formal decision on the Ministries without going in to the core of it. Reporter comments that remaining RS parties are unanimous in judging the CoM‘s decision. Milan Lazic from SRS says that this decision is yet another attack on RS. 

CoM Chair Terzic: beside ethnic equality I was driven by practical and economic reasons


Oslobodjenje pg 2 ‘Ministries because of ethnic balance’ by Az.K.– Council of Ministers Chair Adnan Terzic stressed on Friday that decision on establishment of two new ministries is base don constitutional regulation on ethnic equality. These regulations, Terzic explained, foresee that number of CoM members, with equal ethnic representation has to be divisible with three. He stressed that beside this, he was driven by practical and economic reasons, underlining the demand of BiH farmers and of the EC. Terzic said that reactions of SNSD’s Milorad Dodik, PDP’s Mladen Ivanic and SDSDragan Cavic to this decision, are confirming how much interested they are for better future of this country. Terzic concludes that RS authorities do not want BiH to sign Stabilization and Association Agreement, since they are obstructing the police reform and now the establishment of new ministries as well.

RS President Cavic’s press conference; incidents in Srebrenica region intensified after releasing of Oric


RTRS By Momcilo Ostojic – At the press conference in Banja Luka, RS President Dragan Cavic welcomed EU Council’s decision, which supports transformation of OHR into Office of EU Special Representative. Cavic says that this decision is encouraging and adds that certain circles in Sarajevo would want international community to remain in BIH. He also connects this reaction of Sarajevo politicians with ethnic incidents that occurred recently especially in Konjevic Polje. He added that such incidents intensified after release of Naser Oric and stressed that they are deeply politically motivated. Cavic appeals to Serbs in Podrinje not to respond to provocations. “I am also appealing to Bosniak returnees not to become a subject of political maneuvering”, says Cavic. Cavic also stated that forming of Commission for suffering of Sarajevo citizens is a result of political chaos in BIH House of Representatives that represents a hoax for families of killed persons from Eastern Sarajevo and therefore it will not reach any solutions.  He claims that Council of Ministers made a Commission that will do nothing.  Hayat- Cavic believes that the fact BiH CoM did not appoint Cvjetko Savic a member of the Commission to Establish the Truth about the Sufferings of Serbs in Sarajevo might be some kind of CoM Chair Adnan Terzic’s revenge to the Office of High Representative, which does not support him as previous HR Paddy Ashdown used to do. Hayat presenter quoted Cavic as saying that the establishment of Commission is a political pamphlet. Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘Departure of OHR- returning of democracy to BiH’ by  O.V.– Cavic said that transfer of authorities to domestic institutions should represent returning of democracy to this country “which since the war lives in ambient of interventionism and violence, with international legitimacy”.

RS President Cavic: incidents aggravated after shameful sentence to Naser Oric


Oslobodjenje cover splash, pg 3 ‘Cavic accused SDA for encouraging of ethnic extremism’ by O.V.– Talking about clashes in Konjevic Polje, RS president Dragan Cavic said that these events last for couple of years and “have extremely increased after shameful sentence to Naser Oric and shameful support to war criminal and murderer from member of BH Presidency Sulejman Tihic and shameful support of RS National Assembly Deputy Speaker Sefket Hafizovic,” Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘Cavic: SDA is provoking ethnic conflicts’ by N.Diklic– DA carries the Cavic’s press conference and his statements regarding clashes in Konjevic Polje and Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo. Dnevni List pg 2 ‘Cavic: SDA stands behind incidents in Srebrenica’ not signed, Glas Srpske pg 2 ‘Incidents for concern’ by G.Dakic, Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘SDA stands behind incidents’ by V.Popovic– also report on the press conference.

SDA leader Tihic: Cavic’s statement suggests that politics in behind it


Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Cavic’s statement directs to political background’ by V.P.– SDA leader Sulejman Tihic denied all accusations directed to him and his party by the side of RS President Dragan Cavic, who accused SDA for encouraging ethnic clashes in Srebrenica region. Stressing that Cavic’s statement is suggesting the political background, Tihic expressed surprise with such statement, adding that he hopes that RS police would investigate ethnic clashes. Tihic said that “SDA as serious party worked on constitutional changes and showed that radicalization in BiH doesn’t suit it…Radicalization suits those political forces in BiH, which are against returning process and which want to abuse returnees in political purposes,” said Tihic. 

RS Vice- President Osmancevic: Cavic is in crisis and tries to preserve old voters


Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘Cavic: SDA is provoking ethnic conflicts’ by N.Diklic– Inset ‘Osmancevic: Dirty pre-election campaign’- Commenting the accusation that RS president directed toward SDA, accusing this party or encouraging of ethnic clashes, Vice President of RS and of SDA Adil Osmancevic rejected all Cavic’s accusations. “It is obvious that Cavic started to build dirty, pre-election, nationalistic story, known to his party, over out backs. I believe hat he is in crisis in which he will try to preserve old voters, by attacking SDA and our people,” said Osmancevic.

SDA: we cannot be liable for incidents in RS, since authority in Cavic’s hands


Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘We can not be liable for incidents in the RS’ not signed– In a press release, SDA commented on accusation of RS president Dragan Cavic, who accused SDA for encouraging of ethnic clashes in Konjevic Polje, which reads: “SDA cannot be liable for incidents in the RS, because the authority in this entity is in hands of Dragan Cavic. As RS President he is obligated to provide protection of basic human rights for all citizens…we invite him to do his job better in accordance with the Constitution and law, instead accusing returnees and SDA.” Oslobodjenje cover splash, pg 3 ‘Cavic accused SDA for encouraging of ethnic extremism’ by O.V.– Inset ‘Cavic is obligated to protect citizens’- carried SDA statement.

DA: forgetting all insisting on establishment of Sarajevo Commission, on Friday Cavic admitted that it is a political pamphlet


Dnevni Avaz pg 3 ‘Cavic’s amnesia’ op-ed by Edina Sarac– Commenting on how RS President and SDS leader Dragan Cavic insisted on establishment of the Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo and Sarac brings this in correlation with his Friday’s press conference, where he “admitted that Commission is a political pamphlet, full failure and manifestation of political game, which most of all would harm families of missing Serbs”.  Noting that this could mean that Cavic is losing control over his party, since it is not in his manner to “forget prior statements”, Sarac concludes how this Commission was only another tool for Cavic to use in pre-election campaign. “Hopefully, families and other citizens in the RS would finally realize the true intentions of their President. Own interest before the interest of people is the slogan of RS President.

SDS to ask for scheduling of referendum on police reform; SNSD, PDP and DEPOS object this, seeing this as election marketing


BHT1 By Zoran Sarenac – The RS President and SDS leader, Dragan Cavic, announced that SDS is going to launch the initiative for scheduling of referendum on police reform in the RS National Assembly; SNSD, PDP and DEPOS oppose such idea. “Right on referendum, in line with the Constitution and law, within police reform agreement and within BiH constitutional organization, is a right which cannot be denied”, says Cavic. As former police reform negotiating team member and DEPOS representative, Svetlana Cenic claims, it is dissimulating to advocate police reform referendum. She claims that Police Reform Directorate was established without having former RS Prime Minister, Pero Bukejlovic consulted and that it came out as the result of negotiations made by Dragan Cavic and Adnan Terzic. “We are afraid that no one is going to be honest to say what he promised and what signed, what is going on with the police and what kind of election marketing we are faced with…it seems as if everyone is talking about referendum everywhere, expect the place where it should be discussed – RS NA”, says Cenic. “SNSD has taken a clear stance: the agreement should be applied, due to the face that we are all very aware of its content since our President proposed it. Police reform can be implemented in line with the agreement and without referendum, citizens, OHR and High Representative’s pressures”, say SNSD’s Rajko Vasic. PDP finds police reform talks, as an attempt on BiH’s constitutional reorganization, due to what BiH would not sign Stabilization and Association Agreement on time. “It is not good to advocate referendum and transfer the problem to public; politicians should take over the responsibility and I believe that we should advocate a kind of German police organization”, says PDP’s Dragan Mikerevic. OHR warned that RS authorities could lead towards delay in signing of SAA. RTRS- carried Cavic’s announcement of referendum. Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘We will soon present the stance on referendum’ by Fena

PDP’s Mikerevic: goal of police reform is recomposing of BiH


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Police reform goal is to re-compose BiH’ by Srna– Member of PDP Presidency, Dragan Mikerevic told the press conference on Friday that police reform is a political issue, which cannot be solved by experts. He added that prolonging of the deadline for work of Police Reform Directorate is “expected decision of those who are working on recomposing of BiH”. He stressed that the manner in which police reform should have been carried out is the reason of his resignation from the position of RS Prime Minister. “Those who have established the PRD are responsible, because it is not in accordance with the reached agreement,” said Mikerevic. Glas Spske pg 5 ‘For German model of police’ by D.Mo, Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Goal of police reform is recomposing of BiH’ by P.K.– also carries.

RS and Serbian PMs signed protocol for building of border crossing Raca and bridge over Sava; agreement on special relations between RS and Serbia to be signed in September


FTV, RTRS By Drazen Glisic – RS and Serbian Prime Ministers, Milorad Dodik and Vojislav Kostunica respectively, signed in Raca protocol on intentions to build new border crossing and Sava bridge. Serbian Government is going to finance the project by allocating 6 millions Euros. “I think that we have found the right name for the bridge and for our intentions – Europe”, said Kostunica. According to Dodik, BiH State Border Service, as well as the BiH Ministry of Transport and Communisations, supports the protocol. “I will be pleased to open this bridge in a year and show that border crossings, whatever they meant, could be passed easily…I have to point this out, the agreement has been signed in 5 to 12, if anyone has not noticed”, said Dodik. Kostunica announced that new agreement on special and parallel relations between RS and Serbia was going to be signed in September. Kostunica and Dodik met in Bijeljina with farmers, discussing future parallel relations and possibilities they offer in terms economic cooperation. BHT1, RHB, PINK- also reported.

Serbian PM Kostunica: DPA has to be respected, as well as the UN Resolution 1244


Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘New agreement on special relations in autumn’ by V.Du., Oslobodjenje pg 5 ‘Europe brings BiH and Serbi together’ by V.Duric, Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘Serbia gives nine million euros for constructing of bridge Europe on Sava’ by E.M.– At journalists’ conclusion that they are on BiH border crossing and asked why there is no one from the EC or BiH institutions and why there is no BiH flag between Serbian and RS, Dodik said: “For this act we have ensured the approval of State Border Service and BiH Communication and Transport Ministry and I believe that all conditions are fulfilled.Vecernji List pg 4 ‘RS and Serbia are connecting with bridge Europe’ by Fena, Dnevni List pg 6 ‘Kostunica: RS has to be respected’ by G.Leko, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Serbia builds a bridge on Raca’ by Z.Kusmuk, Glas Srpske cover splash ‘New bridge for the Europe’ by Miladin Mihajlovic– Commenting the announced agreement of special and parallel relations between RS and Serbia, Serbian PM Kostunica said that this agreement would be in accordance with Dayton Agreement “which is the best proof that Serbia is dedicated to respecting of international law…and against any unilateral, partial and picky reading of international documents.” Explaining that this refers to future status of Kosovo, Kostunica said that Dayton as well as UN Resolution 1244 on Kosovo have to be respected in equal manners.

SDA: meeting of two PMs is in contradiction with BiH legal system


Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘We cannot be liable for incidents in RS’ not signed– IN press release SDA commented the opening of border crossing Raca and meeting of Serbian and RS Prime Ministers, Vojislav Kostunica and Milorad Dodik, underlining that this is in contradiction with legal system of BiH. SDA emphasized that issue of borders is in authority of the state and not entities.

OSCE urges authorities to remove all disputable symbols from schools


RHB, Hayat, FTV- OSCE Mission to BiH notes with concern the lack of progress to date in the implementation of the Criteria for School Names and Symbols. The Criteria for School Names and Symbols represent an important step in ensuring that all children have access to schools that provide an inclusive and welcoming environment.  This document, which Ministries of Education endorsed in the course of 2004, mandates the removal of inappropriate school names and symbols with immediate effect, OSCE said. OSCE reminds that the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has recommended “that competent authorities within Bosnia and Herzegovina intensify their efforts to remove mono-ethnic or mono-religious symbols and flags from all schools”. OSCE urges the responsible authorities to ensure that all school names and all school symbols that fail to meet the provisions of these Criteria are changed or removed before the start of the 2006 – 2007 school year. Oslobodjenje pg 9 ‘Inappropriate names and symbols have to be removed’ not signed, Dnevni Avaz pg 8 ‘To remove all disputable names and symbols in schools by September’ by Srna, Glas Srpske pg 4 ‘Flags away from schools’ by S.Sa,

Mostar City Council interrupts session before voting on Hercgovacka TV

RHB The session of the Mostar City Council was interrupted on Friday at the request of the Croat Caucus, right before the voting on the Decision on transfer of rights over ‘Hercegovacka TV’ Mostar. Chair of the Croat Caucus Mladen Margeta asked for the postponement of the session, because – as he said – ‘they did not have enough time to consult their partners in Mostar City Council regarding this Decision’. According to the Chair of Mostar City Council Murat Coric, councilors would probably harmonize their stands regarding this issue until the end of august, when the next session of City Council is scheduled to take place. According to RHB presenter, proposal of the Decision foresees that the City of Mostar transfers 60 percent of the ownership over ‘Hercegovacka TV’ to municipalities Citluk, Prozor/Rama, Ljubuski, Siroki Brijeg, Grude and Posusje, while the City would retain remaining 40 percent of ownership. However, on Wednesday councillors of Bosniak nationality announced that they would not vote in favour of this decision. FTV– also reported. Dnevni Avaz pg 9 ‘They haven’t agreed n Hercegovacka TV’ not signed, Oslobodjenje pg 7 ‘Session of City Council interrupted again’ by Fena, Dnevli List pg 5 ‘HRT Mostar before extinction’ by Esmir Milavic

EX US Diplomat Montgomery: Mid East crisis cannot be solved without Iran and Syria

Dnevni Avaz cover splash, pg 9 ‘War in Lebanon is only the introduction into clash with Iran and Syria’ by William Montgomery– In weekly analysis of political situation in the world, former US Diplomat Montgomery comments on events in Lebanon and Middle East. He underlines that Israel and many of politicians in Washington and in the Europe, deem that Hezbollah and Hammas wouldn’t have courage to provoke Israel without “blessing” is Iran and Syria. “This means that current clash in Lebanon could be only the introduction in much more dangerous and strategically meaningful clash with Iran,” states Montgomery. Further on, he comments how USAtraditionally supportive toward Israel” has no strength to undertake strong role in solving of Mid East conflicts, which would only deepen the crisis. “There is no way for Hezbollah to disarm or to cease fire unless Iran and Syria strongly demands that. Any effort for solving of the crisis without them if doomed,” concludes Montgomery , criticizing USA for ending its relations with these countries. 


Judiciary, war crimes trial, missing persons

BiH Court Appellate Council reversed its first degree sentence in Prce case; Prce not guilty for abuse of office









RHB, PINK, BHT1, Hayat, FTV, RTRS- On Friday, an Appellate Council of BiH Court’s Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption handed down its verdict in the Miroslav Prce and other case. In this verdict the Appellate panel accepted the appeal filed by the defense attorney of the accused Prce and reversed the first instance verdict in the condemnatory part and found Prce not guilty for criminal offense of Abuse of office or official authority, as found in the first instance verdict. The Appellate Council also confirmed the verdict in the remaining unrevised part. The trial panel found Prce guilty of the criminal offense of abuse of office or official authority.  The Court found that the accused, in his capacity as the FBiH Minister of Defense, issued a decision in 2001, withdrawing the Croatian Defense Council [HVO] from active service.  This caused damage in an undetermined amount to HVO and the Ministry of Defense of the Federation of BiH. The trial panel sentenced the accused Miroslav Prce to one year and six months imprisonment. Taking into account an earlier sentence, issued by the Court of BiH in case of “Croat Self-rule” on 30 September 2004, the Court sentenced Miroslav Prce to a joint sentence of six years. Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘Still in prison for Hercegovacka Banka’ not signed, Oslobodjenje pg 3 ‘Miroslav Prce freed of charges for office abuse” by A.S, Dnevni List pg 2 ‘Miroslav Prce freed of charges’, mentioned on cover by M.Zorlak,Vecernji List cover splash, pg 2 ‘Croat Self-rule amnestied’ by Zoran Kresic, Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘Miroslav Prce released’ by A.Dj.– also carries.

Plea hearing in case Mejakic and others; all four indictees plead not guilty for crimes in war camps


PINK, BHT1, Hayat, FTV, RTRS- At a plea hearing before preliminary hearing judge of War Crime Chamber of BiH Court, in the “Mejakic and others” case held on Friday all the accused, Zeljko Mejakic, Momcilo Gruban, Dudko Knezevic and Dusan Fustar pleaded not guilty to all counts. The indictment filed by the BiH Prosecutor’s Office charges the accused with the criminal offence of crimes against humanity, suspecting that the accused directly participated in the systematic imprisonment of non-Serb civilians in the camps Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje, which was done in the context of widespread and systematic attack against non Serb population in the Prijedor area, from April 1992 until the end of 1992 and carried out by the RS Army, Territorial defence, police and paramilitary units. The indictment alleges that Mejakic performed de facto duty of commander of Omarska camp, Gruban duty of shift leader in the Omarska camp, Fustar duty of shift leader in the Keraterm camp and Knezevic did not perform any official duty in the Omarska camp but he was entering the camp on the regular basis where he, according to the indictment, committed murders and beatings. This case is the third case transferred to BiH authorities by the ICTY. The accused were transferred to BiH from ICTY Detention unit on May 9 2006. Dnevni Avaz pg 12 ‘Mejakic and others denied guilt at BiH Courtby N.J. Oslobodjenje pg 5 ‘Indicted for Omarska and Keraterm are denying the guilt’ by A.Omeragic, Nezavisne Novines pg 3 ‘Mejakic and others pleaded not guilty’ by A.Dj– reported.

Serbian and RS PMs Kostunica and Dodik on importance of ICTY cooperation; we cooperate with all ICTY representatives said Dodik


BHT1- Following the signing of protocol on construction of border crossing Raca and bridge over Sava, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik talked about ICTY cooperation. Kostunica pointed out that cooperation with The Hague was of extreme importance for Serbia since it presented a European integrations’ term. “Action Plan has been made in line with The Hague and Brussels, and the plan, which led towards establishment of an action team, has started being implemented”, adds Kostunica. “We are cooperating with all ICTY representatives and we hope that they are aware of good actions we are performing”, said Dodik. Kostunica announced that new agreement on special and parallel relations between RS and Serbia was going to be signed in September. RHB Commenting Chief ICTY Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s statement, that the whereabouts of Ratko Mladic are known since February, Kostunica said that his hiding place was discovered subsequently. Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘We have good cooperation with the ICTY’ by Z.K.– reports.

ICTY’s Nikiforov: first results of Serbian Action Plan in couple of months


RHB, PINK, Hayat, FTV- The spokesperson of the ICTY Prosecutor’s Office, Anton Nikiforov declared that the first “concrete” results of the Serbian Government’s Action Plan could be expected in several months. At least that amount of time will also be expected for the assessment of cooperation by the Chief Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, which is the main condition for continuation of negotiations for a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union, Nikiforov told Belgrade daily newspaper “Glas”. Nikiforov warned that the Action Plan must remain confidential and added that the Prosecutor’s Office would protect the confidentiality of this document by restraining from “any comments and remarks”, because they could be indicative. Dnevni Avaz pg 17 ‘Belgrade can, but won’t to extradite Mladic’ not signed– Inset ‘Results in couple of months’- carries Nikiforov’s statement. Oslobodjenje pgs 4-5 ‘Belgrade can surrender Mladic’, mentioned on cover by B.Boskov–  Inset ‘First results in couple of months’, Nezavisne Novine pg 2 ‘Results of action plan in couple of months’ by Fena– also reported.

ICTY Chief Prosecutor del Ponte: Kostunica knew Mladic’s whereabouts since February


FTV- Chief ICTY Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, said that Belgrade could extradite Ratko Mladic and that Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica knew Mladic’s whereabouts since February 2006. In interview for German magazine, Del Ponte said that International Community’s search for war crimes had dropped. Dnevni Avaz pg 17 ‘Belgrade can, but won’t to extradite Mladic’ not signed– In interview for ‘Frankfurter Algemaine Zaitung’ Del Ponte also commented on Radovan Karadzic, saying: “No one is looking for Karadzic. Now, we are focused on Mladic, since we know where he is. We also know that Belgrade can extradite him to us.”  Oslobodjenje pgs 4-5 ‘Belgrade can surrender Mladic’, mentioned on cover by B.Boskov, Dnevni List pg 10 ‘Case Mladic: At end of the story?’ not signed, Glas Srpske pg 3 ‘Izetbegovic would probably be in The Hague as well’ by Tanjug– Speaking about her investigations in BiH and asked whether late, former BiH president Alija Izetbegovic  would be transferred to The Hague, Del Ponte said that it is “very likely that investigation would lead to the indictment”. Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘No one is looking for Karadzic’ Hina– also reported.

13th anniversary of Croat sufferings in Doljani; HDZ delegation blames IC for weak returning of Croats


BHT1By Martina Kristo-Antelj – 13th anniversary since 6 civilians and 33 HVO [Croat Defence Council] members were killed from a village Doljani, near Jablanica, has been marked on Friday. HDZ delegation, led by its Chair Dragan Covic, as well as BiH Presidency member, Ivo Miro Jovic, also attended the marking. There were 1,500 Croats lived in this place before the war, while only 260 Croats, mostly elderly persons, returned after the war. They are faced with numerous problems. HDZ blames International Community for such situation. “No International Community representative says any longer that 45 % of Croats, who have left BiH, should return”, says Jovic. RHB In a short statement for RHB, Covic expressed regrets because perpetrators of those crimes against Croats have not been discovered. “Regardless, we are persistent in asking for justice, but first of all we are here to encourage all those who remember their loved ones with pride”, stated Covic. HDZ President also expressed satisfaction with the fact that Croats are returning to their pre-war homes in this area. FTV– also reported. Dnevni Avaz pg 9 ‘13th anniversary of sufferings marked’ not signed, Dnevni List pg 3 ‘Families of martyrs still waiting for justice’, mentioned on cover by Dario Pusic, Vecernji List pg 4 ‘Crime on Stipica Livada must not remain unpunished’ by Fena, Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘Jovic called upon authorities to sanction the culprits’ by Fena– also carries.

BiH Chief Prosecutor meets Mothers of Srebrenica; they are to request Srebrenica Comm. To publish names of thoe involved in the crimes in Srebrenica


Hayat, FTV, RTRS- BiH Chief Prosecutor Marinko Jurcevic and members of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, which works on prosecuting war crimes committed in Srebrenica, met on Friday with the representatives of the Association “Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves” and Srebrenica Municipal mayor Abdurahman Malkic.  It was concluded that activities would soon be taken to hear all witnesses of the war crimes committed in Srebrenica so that the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigative bodies could be provided with all useful and relevant evidence, information and findings, as about the individuals, as well as about the events linked with war crimes and genocide committed in Srebrenica. The meeting also focused on the list with the names of 810 persons from the list of the Srebrenica Commission. Members of the Association “Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves” informed the Prosecutor’s Office that they would request from the Srebrenica Commission to present them with the list of 810 persons, who perpetrated in the events in Srebrenica, and are still working in the law enforcement agencies or administration bodies. Oslobodjenje pg 6 ‘List of criminals should publish the Commission for Srebrenica not the Prosecution’ by S.Rozajac– Following the meeting, Chair of the Association Munira Subasic said that Jurcevic has told them that publishing of list with names of persons who participated the Srebrenica massacre, is job of the Srebrenica Commission not of BiH prosecution. “We will ask the Commission, precisely then Chair Milan Bogdanic to submit us the list of people who participated the crime in Srebrenica and to publish it,” said Subasic.   Nezavisne Novine pg 8 ‘They want names of 810 liable for Srebrenica’ by D.Muminovic– also reported.

Malkic it is necessary to increase number of people working on Srebrenica cases


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 ‘To strengthen the team that works on crimes in Srebrenica’ by A.Hadzic– Following the meeting with BiH Chief Prosecutor Marinko Jurcevic, Srebrenica major Abdurahman Malkic told DA that he and ‘Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa’ wanted to be informed about the BiH Prosecution’s work in regard to Srebrenica war crimes. Malkic stressed that only one prosecutor and one investigator are working on Srebrenica cases and they asked for engagement of more people in order to accelerate the processes.

FBiH Comm. for Missing Persons’ Masovic: I advise Srebrenica Associations to address the BiH CC and demand publishing of list

Oslobodjenje supplement Pogled pg 4 ‘For years RS is trying to equalize the number of Bosniak and Serb victims’ by Sanita Rozajac– In page long interview, Chair of FBiH Commission for Missing Persons, member of Collegium of the Institute for Missing Persons and member of the Commission for investigating of Sufferings of Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Jews and Others in Sarajevo, Amor Masovic stressed that RS Office for Missing Persons is trying to equalize the number of victims on both sides. Masovic underlined that in several occasions the RS Office has exhumed bodies of Bosniak victims, after which had to return them to FBiH Commission. Masovic commented briefly on numerous objections to him being the members of Sarajevo Commission and he wonders is it better for the victims never to be found or for him to find them. He reiterates that doesn’t understand why publishing of Srebrenica Commission’s list, is rejected. “The only reason is allegedly that publishing of names would be a warning to criminals that they are criminals,” comments Masovic. He assumes that reason for non-publishing of the list is range of the list, which contains over 20 thousand names. “I personally advise Srebrenica Association to address the BiH Constitutional Court with demand for the RS Government to be ordered to publish the list. Regardless whether these people are criminally liable. That is up to the judicial institutions to determine,” said Masovic.


Economy: ITA revenues, privatization, telecoms

CoM Chair visits Brcko; coefficients for allocation of revenues are result of compromise






FTV By Halid Rifatbegovic – Brcko District officials claim that decision made by the BiH Indirect Taxation Administration Steering Board on allocation of revenues collected through VAT damages Brcko District, thus being illegal. [Note: At the session of ITA SB held on Tuesday in Banja Luka, members of the Steering Board have passed a decision on setting provisional coefficients for allocation of public revenues from single account. ITA SB members have decided to increase coefficient for the RS to 31.2%, FBiH coefficient was set at 65.9%, while coefficient to Brcko District was decreased to 2.9%. Following this BD officials announced pressing of criminals charges against ITA SB Head Peter Nicholl and BiH ITA Director, Kemal Causevic] BiH Council of Ministers Chair, Adnan Terzic, paid a visit to BD on Friday, where, after meeting BD and OHR representatives, he told journalists that the decision came out as the result of compromise. Commenting the announced criminal reports against BiH Nicholl and Causevic, Terzic said accusations related with Causevic were unfounded, since, as Terzic claims, ‘he is obliged to carry out SB’s decisions’. Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Causevic is only carrying out decision of the SB’ by E.R.

RS Commission for Privatization Audit received 98 requests for audit, starting with audit in 3 companies


RTRS By Stela Jungic – RS Commission for audit of state capital in banks and companies concluded that it will start an audit process in all privatised banks. Chair of the Commission Borislav Bijelic stated that Commission decided to start this process based on statements of RS Chief Auditor Bosko Ceko. Ceko stated at the time that the estimate of bank’s capital was not carried out at the time of the sale.Reporter comments that the Commission received 98 requests for audit so far out of which 45 of them were evaluated as justified. Commission also decided to start an audit of 3 companies, Kozaraputevi, Injzinjering AD Zvornik and Destilacija Teslic. PINK- We will also start certain investigations against certain persons who used cash during privatization process”, says Bijelic. Glas Srpske pg 4 ‘Contract behind the rules’ by Srna, Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘Kozaraputeviand Destilacija sold irregularly’ by D.Risojevic– Inset ‘Getting into audit of banks’ privatization’- reported.

SDA and SBiH: no sale of FBiH telecoms before elections

Nezavisne Novine pg 8 ‘No sale before elections’ by R.Cengic– According to SDA and SBiH parties, which make majority in FBiH Parliament, FBiH Telecoms i.e. BH Telecom and HT Mostar, will not be sold before elections. “First of all detailed public discussion needs to be opened, then hear the experts’ stances and chack what are the experiences of toehr countries in transition”, said SBiH’s Ismet Briga. SDA General Secretary Amir Zukic said that it is not possible to sell telecoms before elections, due to amount of work. HSS’ Anto Colak deems that there should be no sale before implementing of Annex 9 of Dayton Agreement, which foresees establishment of public companies for electricity, transport and communications. SDP and HDZ still haven’t discussed the issue. OHR, which monitors the implementation of DPA, Spokepserson Oleg Milisic said that Commission for establishment of state corporation in telecommunication area, was never established. “Why this Commission wasn’t established, that it is matter for entity authorities,” said Milisic. NN reminded that at its last session, FBiH Government has decided not to take stance on privatization model for telecoms, before the FBiH parliament gives its stance.