Joining Your Local Police Force

Leaflet Design – Joining Your Local Police Force


  • Do you want to join the police?
  • Did you apply earlier but failed the test and now wish to try again?
  • Are you former police officer and now want to apply again?
  • Are you currently working for the police but wish to be re-deployed to another canton or entity?
  • If the answer is ‘YES’ to any of the above then read on …


International Agreements with authorities in Republika Srpska and the Federation have called for a police force of 8,500 and 11,500 respectively in both entities. Both entities are committed to make their police forces more multi-ethnic and to encourage the recruitment of women. The International Community, and more specifically the IPTF, is closely involved in every aspect of recruitment, training, selection and deployment of the police force, and is also coordinating international donor assistance in making available specialised training and in providing equipment and vehicles.

The United Nations International Police Task Force (IPTF) is providing internationally supervised training to help the local police achieve the highest standards of democratic policing.

The Ministries of the Interior of BiH are currently looking for suitable applicants for service in the multi-ethnic BiH Police Forces. In conjunction with the UN IPTF Commissioner, the Ministries wish to encourage applications from displaced officers and recruits, including women.


A police officer is looked upon as a respected member of society fulfilling a highly demanding responsibility.

Police work comes in many forms and a police officer’s basic tasks are keeping public order and protecting lives and property to reduce crime, disorder and fear.

A police officer must be alert for any number of threats, human or otherwise.

The job provides for a secure future for you and your family. Depending on where you choose to work the basic salaries can range between DM300 to 700 per month plus other allowances.

Once selected for the force, many officers specialise in a particular aspect of law enforcement or investigation.



  • must be at least 18 years old and although there is no official age limit, preference will be given to applicants aged 27 and under if they have no prior police experience, and aged 35 and under if they do have prior experience;
  • must have completed secondary school education;
  • must be a citizen of BiH;
  • must be without criminal record (excluding minor traffic violations);
  • for the RS police, name must appear on the 1991 Census as resident in the territory of the RS;
  • for the RS police, non-Serb applicants will be given preference;
  • for the Federation’s cantonal police forces, Serbs will be given preference.

Applicants with sufficient police experience wanting to rejoin can enroll in a six week refresher course.

Applicants who previously failed the test and now wish to try again must reapply.


An application form must be completed and application forms can be picked up at any UN IPTF station. Every IPTF station has an officer assigned to assist you.

With the application form you should submit:

  • 2 passport sized photos
  • Copy of ID card or Birth Certificate or Driving License
  • Copy of secondary school diploma or affidavit of diploma
  • Copy of photo page of passport (if available)

Applicants who wish to join the police force must indicate on the application form where they wish to work – the RS or specific Canton in the Federation.

Completed forms must be submitted to your local UN IPTF Station.


Applications will be accepted throughout the year for both Academies.


The work of a police officer is interesting and challenging and offers many opportunities to diversify your skills.

Your job isn’t just a job – it can be a career.

The return of displaced police is a priority and selected police candidates may be eligible to benefit from aid to reconstruct and return to live in their pre-war homes.


Applicants will be contacted by the Ministry or IPTF if selected.

Testing is only for new recruits.

Eligible candidates will be convoked for testing over a two day period.

Candidates should bring with them an overnight bag and sports clothing including sports footwear, their ID or passport and the original documents of the Secondary/High school diploma. Candidates who have had surgery or medical treatment before shall bring a medical report proving their current health condition. All candidates will be provided with overnight accommodation and food.

The Tests

Candidates with no prior police experience will have:

  • an interview on general knowledge (topics could include BiH history & basic policing);
  • a psychological fitness personal interview with a Doctor to asses your personal stability, health etc;
  • a physical fitness test which includes a timed run, press ups, sit

ups, pull ups, agility and co-

ordination tests etc. Candidates are

advised to wear shorts for this test;

  • a health status test which includes a blood & urine test, x-ray, cardiology test etc. Candidates will be expected to be in good physical and medical shape.

Candidates who pass these tests will be called to enroll for the next available Police Academy cadet training.


How long does cadet training last?

Selected cadets who wish to work in the Federation will attend the basic six month training at the Academy of the FBiH in Sarajevo. Selected cadets who wish to work in the Republika Srpska will attend the basic six month training at the Academy in Banja Luka.

The Ministries pay for all accommodation and food during this time. This is then followed by six months field training.

Candidates will receive training on:

  • public peace and order;
  • obeying the law;
  • human rights protection;
  • administrative procedure;
  • press and printing;
  • criminal acts against human life & body, freedom & citizens rights;
  • security measures
  • interpol;
  • traffic and many other topics.

Depending on availability, successful cadets will sign contracts during training and be hired once training is complete.

If you are already working as police officer and wish to transfer to another canton or entity you can make a request, complete an application form and the IPTF will assist with this move if satisfied with all conditions.

If you have more questions…

Call the IPTF Selection Office on tel: Sarajevo 496 577.