29.07.2002 PLIP

Guidelines on the Lump-sum Payments for Alternative Accommodation

1. Lump-sum alternative accommodation should, in principle, only be used in localities where it has been demonstrated that there are no more cost-effective sources of AA.

2. There must be an advance determination by the competent authority of standard minimum monthly rent per housing unit in the municipality, which forms the basis of calculating the lump sum in individual cases.  This may be lower than the income threshold for AA, which includes the consumer basket as well as money for rent.  When providing AA, the housing authorities are only responsible for rent, not food costs.  The amount should be set at the lowest reasonable rent level for the locality in order to ensure that the housing authorities meet their responsibility to provide AA to all entitled to it.

3. Lump-sum AA should under no circumstances be offered to temporary occupants who were deemed entitled to AA before December 29, 2001 and whose entitlement was not reviewed according to the criteria in the amended property laws.

4. Provision of AA by these means should be based on a written contract between the competent authority and the beneficiary setting out the below:

5. Periodic payments, preferably of 3 months duration, with the possibility of extension upon expiry of each period under the below conditions.

6. If the beneficiary does not return within a certain date of the expiry of the current period (i.e. one week), a decision is automatically issued canceling their right to AA on the basis that they are deemed to have found other accommodation.

7. Each time the beneficiary seeks an extension (further payment) at the expiry of the current period, they must once again demonstrate their entitlement to AA.  This can involve use of the burden-shifting form previously distributed.

8. If the facts of the case change such that the beneficiary loses their legal entitlement to AA during one of the periods, they are obliged to inform the housing office and pay the pro-rated remainder of the money back.

9. There is no automatic end-date on the periodic lump-sum payments. They only stop when the beneficiary loses their right to AA.  However, if necessary, a different form of AA could be substituted for further lump-sum payments in the future.