BiH Citizen Identity Card


As an integral part of the Citizens Identification Protection System (CIPS), BiH authorities introduced in January 2003 the new BiH Identity Card. For the first time since the war, all BiH citizens will have a single, uniform ID card, which meets highest international and EU standards in terms of quality, security and appearance. Moreover, this new card is backed up by a central database of all citizens and one of the most powerful computer systems in the Balkans.

Document security is an essential aspect of the CIPS project whose aim is to, among other things, rectify the dubious reputation BiH documents have abroad.

The CIPS system uses live digital data capture (photo, digital signature and finger prints), which requires a person to be present at the time of ID issuance.  This greatly reduces – virtually eliminates – the possibility of a person having more than one identity document or multiple residencies, which were major contributors under the previous system to organized crime, illegal migration and international terrorism in BiH.

The CIPS system uses modern laser engraving technology for personalising BIH identity cards, which is the most secure technology currently available.  Many other European countries have also decided to invest in this highly secure technology, which produces only a black & white photo image (e.g., Germany, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia). The technique of laser engraving and the card made from the special polycarbonate material offers the highest level security currently available for identity documents.

Apart from introducing order in a chaotic administrative system in BiH through the new, more transparent civil registration, the CIPS central database of all citizens and a single personalization center for BiH identity documents, provides a major instrument in the fight against the organized crime, illegal migration, international terrorism. 

Moreover, the establishment of the BiH Data Protection Commission in November 2002 represents an important step in the process of ensuring higher level of protection of individual rights and privacy with respect of governmental use of personal data of citizens.

In addition, the BiH Council of Ministers will also issue new BiH Driving License, which meets the highest international standards.