30.08.2000 OHR Mostar

Agreement on Accommodation of the Primary School “Scipe” in Prozor-Rama Signed

The Agreement on partial accommodation of the “Scipe” Primary School within the “Marko Marulic” Primary School building in Prozor-Rama was signed today by the C7 Minister and Deputy Minister of Education, the Prozor-Rama Mayor, the Chair and the Vice-chair of the Prozor-Rama Municipal Council, the two school directors and the Special Envoy of the High Representative for the municipalities of Bugojno and Prozor-Rama.

Before this agreement Bosniac children from Pozor-Rama who had to travel to the “Scipe” Primary School, can now be accommodated within the “Marka Marulica” Primary School. The main body of the “Scipe” Primary School will continue to have the seat in the local community of Scipe but will now also have a branch school in the town itself. Students in both schools will continue to use the curriculum of their parents choice.

The schooling premises and equipment will be accessible to the students of both schools and the two directors will constantly monitor functioning of the two schools in order to ensure that the teaching process is conducted normally. This solution will also facilitate possible increase in number of students for the “Scipe” Primary School.

The Agreement will provide better conditions for the education of the children and better working conditions for teaching staff. Pupils and staff will be able to mix and socialise under one roof. When compared to certain other municipalities this Agreement was brokered in record time due to the exemplary cooperation of the Prozor-Rama Mayor.

This specific agreement will serve as an interim solution until the May 10th Education Agreement, signed by the Federation Minister of Education, his deputy and the RS Minister of Education is fully implemented. The introduction of a modern joint core curriculum, which will encourage return and allow for full freedom of movement, is a requirement of the Peace Implementation Council from their meeting in Brussels in May this year, and for entry of BiH into the Council of Europe. Curriculum reform will also bring European standards in education to BiH classrooms.

The OHR is very pleased to be in position to assist the Bosniac students in Prozor-Rama immediately after the recent signing of the Bugojno Agreement which enabled accommodation of the First (Croat) Primary School within the Third Primary School building. While encouraging the refugees and DP’s to return, this Agreement will also significantly facilitate acceleration of the reconciliation process in Prozor-Rama.