OHR BiH Media Round-up, 17/4/2006

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BH Radio 1 (12,00 hrs)

Celebration of Easter

Posters in BL and Bijeljina

BiH CoM on const. amends. today

Fire in Bijeljjina

Croat parties mtg on const. changes

World News

TV news broadcast on 16 April


TV PINK (18,00 hrs)

BHT 1 (19,00 hrs)

Catholics celebrated Easter

World news

Easter celebrations inSarajevo

Pope on Easter

Easter in Sarajevo

Easter celebrations in Banjaluka

Puljic on Easter

Easter in Banja Luka

Easter celebrations in Mostar

Easter marked in Mostar

Easter customs

Easter celebrations in the rest of BiH


NTV Hayat (19,00 hrs)

FTV (19,30 hrs)

RTRS (19,30 hrs)

Pope on Easter

Easter celebrations in Sarajevo

Organised crime investigation in RS

Easter marked in BIH

Easter celebrations in BiH

Jasenovac commemoration

Issue of restitution

Feature story on Easter customs

Report on Jasenovac survivor

OHR and EC on const. charges

Pope Benedict XVI led Easter Mass

2 killed in traffic accident



Finally the negotiations between BiH and Croatia on Southern point of Corridor Vc

Dnevni Avaz

Entrance to the EU still depends on will of entities [Haris Silajdzic]

Dnevni List

Not published due to Easter

Vecernji List

Not published due to Easter

Slobodna Dalmacija

Not published due to Easter

Nezavisne Novine

A commemoration service for Jasenovac victims was served in Donja Gradina

Glas Srpske

Forgetfulness is a new crime [Commemoration in Donja Gradina]


More than 1000 RS citizens suffered damage [Investigation on illegal trades in shares at Banja Luka stock market continues]

Vecernje novosti

Features Serbian related titles



Posters in BL, Bijeljina against const. changes



BH Radio 1 – Serb National Movement ‘Izbor je nas’ [Choice Is Ours] put up posters around Banja Luka and Bijeljina showing, as they announced, the way in which “Bosniaks want to changed Dayton’s Constitution of BiH.”  Posters read: “We don’t want such changes of the constitution”. Leader of the Movement, Dane Cankovic, said that DPA has granted sovereignty to both the RS and the FBiH, transferring only part of authorities to the BiH level.

CoM in session discussing const. changes

RHB – The BiH Council of Ministers’ session takes place today with only one item at the agenda – giving of the opinion on proposal of the amendments to the BiH Constitution.


Constitutional changes and other political issues

HR Schwarz-Schilling: parliamentarians should have opportunity to discuss const. changes








RHB – Commenting the forthcoming meeting of the Constitutional-Legal Commission within the BiH House of Representatives on Tuesday to discuss the amendments to the BiH Constitution, the High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling stated such an important issue that the House of Representatives should have an opportunity to hold an open and sincere debate. Given the time schedule and election deadline, this must be enabled immediately and without further delays, Schwarz-Schilling, said on Sunday. He added that elected MPs deserve a chance to discuss the proposed amendments to the constitutional changes that could mark the start of BIH’s development as independent, sovereign country, prepared for the EU integrations. BHT1CSS stated that this would be a ‘key phase’ of the parliamentary process dealing with the constitutional amendments. HR also announced “after the October elections, I decided to actively participate in the second phase of constitutional reforms”. PINK, FTV, RTRS, Hayat, Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘This is the first step in a longer process’, Oslobodjenje pg 3, mentioned on cover ‘Key phase of Parliamentary process on Tuesday’, Vecernje Novosti pg 4 ‘Bosnia will be independent’ by Tanjug, EuroBlic pg RS2 ‘Constitutional amendments are an opportunity for a stronger BiH’ by T. V., Glas Srpske pg 2 ‘Work does not allow any postponement’ by Z. D., Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘Invitation for the adoption of changes to BiH Constitution’ by M. Cubro – also covered.

Head of EC Delegation Humphries: constitutional changes to ensure more efficient BIH


RHB – The Head of the EC delegation to BiH, Michael Humphreys, welcomes the proposed amendments to the Constitution and the beginning of the parliamentary procedure on this issue with a session of the Constitutional-Legal Commission on Tuesday. Humphreys noted that strengthening of the “state institutions in the process of European integration is crucial”, noting that the State is the main partner of the EU and must have an ability to efficiently meet all the commitments in the process of European integration. He stressed the “the current drafts of constitutional reforms represent a good basis” to continue with further constitutional reforms, concluding “without this phase it will be very difficult to launch the next one.” Dnevni Avaz pg 4, mentioned on cover ‘The key is to strengthen state institutions’ –Humphries added: “As EU Commissioner Olli Rehn often stated, BiH needs constitutional evolution, not revolution. And for this is the key issue for all the country, I think BiH Parliament should be given chance to discuss and decide on the agreement of political parties.” Hayat – Commenting the statements on the constitutional changes, Hayat ironically notes although no instructions were given by either OHR or EC, even issuing “statements two days prior to the session show the which outcome of the session is expected.BHT1, FTV, Oslobodjenje pg 4 ‘State is main partner of EU’, Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘Invitation for the adoption of changes to BiH Constitution’ by M. Cubro– also covered.

Stances on const. changes still divided: SBiH gives support under its terms; SDU, delegate Kunic and ex HDZ’s Andric, Raguz not to support it; SDS to support changes affirmative for RS


Nezavisne Novine pg 4 ‘The Commission might reject amendments’ by M. Cubro and V. Popovic – The Chairman of Constitutional – Legal Commission of BiH HoR, Mirsad Ceman, has stated the Commission members might reject the agreed constitutional changes at the session that will be held tomorrow, judging by public statements of some of Commission members and stances their parties. Party for BiH’s Beriz Belkic stated the party would not support draft amendments unless the Commission accepts the party’s amendment by which they demanded for abolishment of entity voting at BiH Parliament. SDU’s Nijaz Durakovic, independent delegate Petar Kunic, Commission members (former HDZ members) Filip Andric and Martin Raguz too announced they would not support the amendments, while SPRS’s Tihomir Gligoric stated the party would not give a blind support to the amendments, since SPRS too had submitted some of these. SDS’s Momcilo Novakovic said SDS would support those amendments for which they believe to be affirmative for RS.

Croat parties, excluding HDZ/ HNZ, to discuss const. changes at joint mtg in Sarajevo ; Croat Caucus in parliament to support changes only if their amendments are included


Dnevni Avaz pg 4 ‘Support only with changes to way of voting in House of Representatives’ by F.Vele – Daily learns that leaders of NHI, HKDU, HSP, HSS and the Croat Block would take part in the meeting of the Croat parties in Sarajevo on Monday to discuss the constitutional amendments. The meeting organized by HDZ 1990 leader Bozo Ljubic would be attended by the Croat Block Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives Vinko Zoric, Martin Raguz, Filip Andric, Ruza Sopta and Ivo Lozancic, while HDZ BiH and HNZ leaders would not take the part. Unnamed source told DA: “In the meeting, we will discuss and decide on the amendments to the BiH Constitution… that would members of Croat Block Caucus submit to the BiH Parliament. There would probable be three amendments. These are referring to way of voting in BiH HoR,.. and most probably an amendment on the BiH Constitutional Court .” DA’s collocutor added that the current constitutional amendments would most probably be rejected by the Croat Caucus and that they would support it only if their amendments are included.

SBiH founder Silajdzic: according to these amendments, BiH entrance to EU depends on will of entities


Dnevni Avaz cover splash ‘Entrance to EU still depends on will of entities’ and pg 4 ‘Entrance to EU still depends on entities’ by E.Sarac– Commenting and criticizing, as he refers to them, ‘so called’’ constitutional changes SBiH founder Haris Silajdzic stated that one bad solution in the current Constitution is being changed with options that are opening space for even larger blockades and vagueness. Commenting on the amendments to the BiH Constitution, when it comes to authorities for European integrations, Silajdzic said that proposed amendments are only précising that BiH is ‘responsible’ for fulfilling of necessary conditions for European integration and that it ‘secures’ all necessities on that way. “However, in none of its parts these amendments give authorities over these issues to BiH and its institutions. On the contrary. Proposed amendments are précising that BiH must demand consent of entities for each competence necessary for the European path, which was not distinctively given to it by the Constitution. So, BiH continues, in the same manner, to depend on will of entities in fulfilling of all EU conditions,” said Silajdzic. 

SDU’ Tokic: SDU to support const. changes under five terms: abolishment of entity vote, change of RS name, etc


Dnevni Avaz pg 5 ‘We will support constitutional changes under five conditions’ by M.Kukan– In an interview for DA, SDU leader Sejfudin Tokic said that SDU would support constitutional amendments under 5 conditions. They demand abolishment of entity model of voting, changing the RS’ name, abolishment of the regulation which re-defines special relations between entities and neighboring states, direct election of the President and that the second phase of negotiations refers to rationalization and territorial establishment of the state.

SDP’s Lagumdzija: those opposing const. changes are trying to cement division of BiH


Oslobodjenje pg 5 ‘Constitutional changes are opening the cocoon of Dayton’ by V.Jahic – At the public debate on the constitutional reform held by SDP in Zivinice, party’s leader Zlatko Lagumdzija said BiH was divided in Dayton by only group of six. He added those obstructing the reform have been trying to cement existing status of divided BiH. Inset ‘Majority for amendments’- Lagumdzija stressed majority now accepts 13 amendments. “In regard to that, opponents of changes are reversing thesis, and keep saying we are with the SDA. That is not true, constitutional changes are our proposal, which is now accepted by others” said Lagumdzija.  

RSNA Speaker Radojicic: abolishing RS symbols is int. precedent, changes to BiH Constitution will be adopted at the end of this month or beginning of next


Vecernje Novosti pg 4 ‘We are becoming our own bosses’ by Sl. Pesevic – In a short interview to VN, RS NA Chairman Igor Radojicic commented on the decision of BiH Constitutional Court on RS symbols and stated that the abolishing of RS symbols represents an international precedent. Asked whether he believes amendments to BiH Constitution would be adopted at the end of the month before BiH Parliament, Radojicic said he believed these would be adopted and added: ‘Having in mind the international community is very much interested to see these constitutional amendments be adopted, I think the necessary parliamentary majority would be ensured latest by the end of this month or beginning of the next’. At the end, Radojicic concluded all levels of authority in BiH will have to take the state’s destiny in their own hands as of October elections, whether they like it or not.

CoM Chair Terzic: I still had not receive Cavic’s official demand for removal of SDS personnel from BiH CoM


Nezavisne Novine pg 3 ‘Terzic still had not receive Cavic’s demand’ by V. Popovic – CoM Chairman Adnan Terzic on Sunday stated he still had not receive a demand for dismissal of SDS personnel at BiH CoM from SDS President Dragan Cavic and added he would not remove SDS Ministers and deputies at BiH CoM until he receives an official request from SDS and until RS NA offers their replacements. Deputy BiH Minister of Civil Affairs Zoran Tesanovic says Cavic had deceived public when he said two deputies at CoM, Dragan Mektic and Slobodan Ecimovic, had submitted their resignations to Terzic. Ecimovic said he placed his resignation at disposal of SDS, not Terzic.

Osl: Destiny of BiH CoM Chairman Terzic and BiH CoM in hands of SDP Caucus


Oslobodjenje pg 8 ‘Solution in hands of SDPby A. Terzic – President of the Croat Caucus in the BiH Parliament Vinko Zoric believes that the move of BiH Council of Minister Chairman Adnan Terzic by which he offers his and mandate of the BiH CoM members to the BiH Parliament is continuation of Terzic’s arrogant behavior. Zoric added that exactly because of such Terzic’s behavior he would support vote of non-confidence to the BiH CoM. Osl. says that the most interesting issue in the whole story is that Terzic especially stressed that offering of his and BiH CoM’s mandate does not mean his resignation. Also, Terzic proposed that voting on non-confidence be prolonged for the next week when all MPs would be present at the session. Osl. says that the SDS Caucus would support ‘pulling down of the Terzic’s BiH CoM’ and the article concludes that the SDP Caucus would play a crucial role when the survival of the BiH CoM is in question.

Chairman of Steering Board of PRD Lisak: this looks like political reform of police


Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘Sead Lisak: everything looks like political police reform’ by M. C. – Chairman of the Steering Board of Police Reform Directorate Sead Lisak has stated he had received a letter from Brcko District Mayor Mirsad Djapo in which he said future police regions must not cross boundaries of the District. ‘He stated in the letter that the District representatives have not participated in the talks on police reform, as well as that this part of BiH has a special status, which must not be endangered’, Lisak said and added that this demand, following similar demands from RS, resembles to a political reform of the police.

Source: OSA to get police authorisations through changes to Law; CoM Chair Terzic: Draft Law doesn’t give OSA police authorisations

Nezavisne Novine pg 6 ‘OSA to get police authorisations’ by M. Cubro – A source close to OSA confirmed for Nezavisne Novine BiH CoM would soon introduce changes to the Law on OSA in order to give to this Agency authorisations for military-intelligence activities as well as certain police authorisations. CoM Chairman Adnan Terzic says changes to the Law on OSA fully respect demands of BiH Parliament and added: ‘OSA forwarded the Draft law. I have not read it, but I was informed this version does not contain provisions giving police authorisations to OSA’.

Democratic Council of Bosniaks from Bijeljina demanded from OHR to remove Bijeljina Mayor Mico Micic

Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘They request removal of Micic over misuses’ by Z. K. – The Chairman of Democratic Council of Bosniaks from Bijeljina, Enver Sutkovic, has sent a letter to OHR in which he requested from High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling to remove Bijeljina Mayor Mico Micic over abuse of office dating from time when Micic was carrying out duties of RS Minister for Refugees. The letter reads Micic was responsible for stealing funds earmarked for expenses of alternative accommodations and for purchasing of construction materials. OHR Spokesperson Oleg Milisic neither confirmed nor denied OHR received the letter.


Security and crimes

Explosive device activated under EUPM employee’s vehicle in Bijeljina region; 7th explosion in BiH in last seven days






RTRS by Drazen Glisic – Explosive device was activated under a car of EUPM employee in Milic, near Bijeljina. RTRS unofficially found out that the employee in question is Snezana Cvetkovic working in Sarajevo and only visiting Milici for the weekend. Spokesman of Public Security Center Bijeljina, Dragomir Peric, stated certain clues were found at the crime scene which would help police investigation. EUPM officials who visited the site did not want to comment. The reason for the explosion is still unknown. BHT1 by Sanita Lisica-Biberovic – This is the seventh explosion in BiH in the last seven days; explosions took place in Trebinje two days in a row, and in both cases the target was a person that fights crime for a living. Since the beginning of this year, 32 explosions took place in the RS. “RS Police [solved] more than 50% of explosion [cases] in 2006”, commented spokesperson of the RS Ministry of Interior Radovan Pejic. RS Police also deems the main aim is probably only to warn or to frighten, as nobody has yet been injured in these incidents. Analysts believe that the percent of solved explosions would have been significantly higher, if the police forces in both BiH entities are united. FTV, Oslobodjenje pg 44 ‘Skoda Fabia mined’ by Fena Dnevni Avaz pg 53 ‘Skoda Fabia exploded’, EuroBlic pg RS8 ‘A bomb under Skoda’ by Lj. Lj., Nezavisne Novine pg 2, announced on cover ‘A car of EUPM employee was mined’ by Z. Kusmuk and S. Karic also covered.

Seven persons arrested, one held in detention following recent detonations in Trebinje

EuroBlic pg RS3 ‘Seven arrested, one in detention’ by T. V. – Trebinje Public Security Centre stated in total seven persons have been arrested under suspicion of having been involved in the recent planting of explosive devices under cars of police inspector Slavko Drapic and son of judge Ljiljana Simovic. One of the arrested persons was ordered to stay in detention in duration of one month.

DSS President Kovacevic: BiH Prosecutor’s Office demands RS institutions to launch investigation against 6 persons linked with organised crime

Nezavisne Novine pg 5 ‘BIH Prosecutor’s Office asks for an investigation to be carried out against six persons from RS’ by V. Popovic – President of RS DSS Predrag Kovacevic on Sunday stated he possesses a document by which BiH Prosecutor’s Office demands from RS authority institutions to launch investigations against six persons suspected of having committed acts of organised crime in RS. He emphasised these persons ‘are coalition partners of SNSD at RS Government’ and are all members of a single political party. Kovacevic announced he would publish names of these persons on Monday (today) after a meeting with RS PM Milorad Dodik.

Commemoration for WWII victims was held in Donja Gradina; GS: from IC, only Head of OHR in BL attended


Glas Srpske cover pg splash and pg 2 ‘Forgetfulness is a new crime’ by D. M. – Commemoration gathering in remembrance of WWII victims killed in concentration camp Jasenovac was held in Donja Gradina near Kozarska Dubica on Sunday. BiH Presidency member Borislav Paravac, BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Mladen Ivanic, RS President Dragan Cavic, RS NA Speaker Igor Radojicic and RS PM Milorad Dodik attended the commemoration. Glas Srpske Inset ‘Schwarz-Schilling’ – reads that, from among international officials, only Head of Banja Luka OHR Graham Day attended the commemoration. The inset reads HR Christian Schwarz-Schilling, like Paddy Ashdown did last year, excluded the visit to Donja Gradina from his schedule because of “obligations that were agreed upon in advance”, as OHR Banja Luka Spokesperson Ljiljana Radetic explained. PINK, BHT1, FTV, RTRS. Dnevni Avaz pg ‘Requiem for Jasenovac victims’ by M.Z., Nezavisne Novine cover pg splash and pg 3 ‘A commemoration service for Jasenovac victims was served in Donja Gradina’ by A. Sekulic – also reported of commemoration.

RS President Cavic criticises IC in general for not attending Jasenovac ceremony


Oslobodjenje pg 7 ‘Evil is still being spread today by those unreasonable’, mentioned on cover, by B. Kahrimanovic – At the commemoration gathering for the WWII victims killed in Jasenovac concentration camp, the RS President Dragan Cavic stated that the crimes committed are still being treated in secrecy: “By keeping silent and ignoring every commemoration in Gradina, the International Community and both BiH and international officials who did not show up send a message that the crime… is less and less important more time it passes.”  EuroBlic pg RS7 ‘To serve as lesson and to be remembered’, mentioned on cover, by Srna – also carries Cavic.

BiH Presidency Chair Tihic says Chief ICTY Prosecutor Del Ponte doubts Karadzic is not in BiH


RHB– Media carry the statement by the Chair of the BiH Presidency, Sulejman Tihic, given to Sarajevo based Dnevni Avaz on Sunday in which Tihic commented his meeting with the ICTY Chief Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte. [For more details, see BiH Media Round April 16]. In this interview, Tihic said Del Ponte expressed suspicious in validity of BiH authorities’ claims that Radovan Karadzic is not in BiH, and demanded concrete results of the BiH authorities. Tihic stated that ICTY doesn’t consider political promises that indictees will be arrested as evidence for the cooperation but instead ICTY demands the concrete actions.  PINK, RTRS – also reported.

Association of Families of Missing Persons to send another request to BiH CC demanding a commission for missing persons of East Sarajevo to be established


Glas Srpske pg 3 ‘Hadzipasic continues to be silent’ by Z. Domazet – Following the failure of F BiH PM Ahmet Hadzipasic to fulfil the promise with regard to establishment of a commission for missing persons of East Sarajevo and following the protest families of missing persons held in Sarajevo on April 10, Chairperson of the Association of Families of Missing Persons Mirjana Simanic has announced the association would sent a new request to BiH Constitutional Court and demand from it to order F BiH Government to establish the commission. She added the Association demands from F BiH to do nothing more than RS had already done by conducting an investigation on sufferings of Bosniaks in Srebrenica.


Economic issues

Head of BiH expert group for Vc corridor’s contact points Sego announces Croatia , BiH to bring decision on location of a merge of Cro/BiH parts






Oslobodjenje cover splash and pgs 4-5 ‘Finally negotiations between BiH and Croatia on southern point of Corridor Vc’ by Az.Kalamujic – After 10 months of halt in negotiations on the southern Vc corridor’s contact point, the BiH and Croatian expert groups should reach an agreement on the exact location in which the parts of the Corridor merge at the inter-state border near Medjugorje by the end of this month.  The Head of the BiH group for determining contact points with Croatia, Nikola Sego, also denied that Croatia intentionally has been postponing the discussion on the issue. BiH in June last year submitted the request, but Croatia has not answered the demand. Some speculations within the BiH Communications and Transport Ministry say that Croatia is postponing this issue, because it still has not cleared up whether the bridge Peljesac would be built, since this also influences Croatian solutions on the highway from Ploce toward southern Adriatic. BiH Communications and Transport Minister Branko Dokic said these negotiations have not even started, since BiH has not established the route of the Corridor. He rejected any speculations about the political background of the issue, stressing that the route was confirmed by the Herzegovina-Neretva Cantonal Government, but not by the FBiH Government.

SEE Stability Pact’s Busek: BiH to become largest problem in region due to bad economic situation


Dnevni Avaz pg 2 “Because of economy BiH could become the largest problem of the region’, mentioned on cover‘Economy in BiH is of secondary importance’ by T.Lazovic– Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact Erhard Busek told in a statement to DA that BiH could become the largest problem for the region of the South East Europe because of its ill economic situation. Busek sad that if SCG solves the issue of Kosovo and Montenegro it would become stronger, while BiH, due to such complicated decision-making process, could become a problem. “If we look at the rate of economic growth, quantity and quality of direct foreign investments, the situation with export and import in BiH, there is lot to be concerned about” said Busek. He emphasized that Stability Pact is trying to transfer attention from political to economic issues and initiate progress in that area, stressing that reform of the Constitution would not be so fast, which would reflect on economic and social situation. He believes that the IC also bears responsibility for this issue. “If we always talk about political issues, such as arresting war criminals, economic issues remain in the background …First activities of the new HR Christian Schwarz-Schilling are encouraging and they indicate he would more turn to economic priorities” said Busek.

FBiH HoR Chair Ibrahimovic: FERK members can be replaced by the Parliament


Dnevni Avaz pg 10 ‘Ibrahimovic: Parliament can replace members of FERK’, mentioned on cover by A.Hadziarapovic– Since FBiH House of Representatives would discuss a decision of Federal Electricity regulatory Commission [FERK] to increase electricity prices on Tuesday’s session [FBiH House of Peoples on Wednesday], Chair of FBiH HoR Muhamed Ibrahimovic told DA that session is scheduled upon initiative of the SDA caucus and it has been carefully prepared. Ibrahimovic said that members of FERK would get a chance to explain their decision, stressing that he wouldn’t like to comment on course of the discussion. However, Ibrahimovic stressed that there would be nothing disputable in possible replacement of FERK members, since they were appointed by the Parliament.

Hayat: religious communities would have to be compensated for land under restitution


Hayat by Snjezana Mulic – Commenting the issue of the restitution of the land owned by the religious communities in BiH, Head of the BiH Restitution Commission, Mustafa Begic, stated that the recent agreement signed between BiH and Vatican is an international agreement obliging BiH to compensate for the property of the Catholic Community. “But this will lead to compensation to all religious communities in BIH” added Begic. Hayat reporter poses question as to who BIH authorities would solve this issue being that the law on restitution should be adopted by the end of 2006 regulating the beginning of the compensation payments as of beginning of 2007, while BiH has no means needed. Begic proposed giving religious communities land on some other locations instead of receiving money.