OHR BiH TV News Summary, 20 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • EU foreign ministers officially adopt Cart program to replace current Phare reconstruction scheme; 4.6 billion Euro to be made available for entire Balkan region through 2006; allocation formula still not agreed upon
  • Canadian SFOR and IPTF seal off telecommunications centre in Livno Monday and search for illegal observing and eavesdropping devices; none found; results of operation to be announced at later date
  • Unknown attackers destroy UN/IPTF vehicle with explosive device in Brcko settlement of Grcica; SFOR, IPTF and local police bomb squads begin investigation
  • Osman Dautovic killed in downtown Sarajevo by his father-in-law, Becir Djankovic; family dispute probable cause; Sarajevo police arrest perpetrator immediately after shooting incident
  • OSCE to announce final, preliminary and unofficial results of general elections Tuesday at press conference in Counting Centre
  • BiH towns still plastered with campaign posters; political rhetoric and marketing still based on promotion of religious and national exclusivity; interview with Prof. Besim Spahic, communications specialist, to be broadcast at 21:00 Monday
  • TV BiH interview with Lagumdzija on recent Dayton Conference
  • SDA entirely supports conclusions reached at Dayton conference but opposes linking future status of Kosovo, Montenegro and BiH together
  • At Dayton conference, Petritsch supported strengthening of common BiH institutions as first, necessary step on way toward more successful implementation of peace agreement
  • Rape has always occurred in war but these actions, which took place in modern times, are war-crimes – Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Peggy Coo, concluding case against Kunarac, Kovac and Vukovic, indicted for raping and imprisoning Bosniak women in Foca region in 1992
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  • Yugoslavia rare example of a country with which BiH Federation has positive trade balance; recent democratic changes there represent opportunity for improved business co-operation, especially with Tuzla Canton
  • Report on work of Banja Luka-based ‘Voucher Investment Business Fund’ (VIB Fund), goal of which is to buy as many company shares as possible in privatisation process and to employ returnees in these companies to accelerate return process
  • BiH Federation Social Welfare Minister Sulejman Garib meets European representative of International Labour Organisation requesting assistance for BiH employment schemes
  • BiH Independent Trade Union warns BiH Federation Government that 200,000 workers will be out of work if BiH Federation Payment Bureau is eliminated at the end of 2000
  • Zeljezara Zenica to continue severance pay for laid off workers, 798 of whom has received payments thus far
  • Malaysian Army delegation visits BiH Federation Defence Ministry and will also travel to factories producing military hardware in Novi Travnik, Vogosca, Konjic and Banja Luka
  • Book entitled ZAVNOBIH – Declaration on Rights of BiH Citizens promoted in Camera Theatre 55 in Sarajevo
  • Additional flu vaccines delivered to cantonal hospitals; flu shots to start Tuesday in clinics across country – BiH Federation Health Ministry
  • Merkator shopping centre to open 1 December in Sarajevo; Slovenia’s Tensor Co. installs electronic surveillance system in mall
  • Despite meagre financial situation, Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica organises two premieres and music night to mark 50th anniversary
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TV BiH News Summary:

TV BiH interview with Lagumdzija on recent Dayton Conference (03:37)

SDP BiH President Zlatko Lagumdzija, commenting on the Dayton Agreement‘s 5th anniversary conference, said that for most of us this event should invoke a kind of collective sobering. “We must finally realise that BiH is not only not the centre of the world, but not the centre of the region any more either. In fact, BiH has become a side issue. In addition to removing the focus from BiH, the conference demonstrated that if we are not capable of moving forward independently, we would lose any chance for progress. We must act for ourselves because members of the international community will not help us improve the way we live. Their only reason for being here is to prevent us from fighting and dividing the country. They will not allow any one people to be dominated and they will not allow walls between us” said Lagumdzija. The SDP president continued by stating that OHR will have to use its authority in the near future because we Bosnians are currently unable to produce results ourselves; it is thus expected that OHR will act according to its mandate. Lagumdzija added that this situation is caused by weak political parties which continually fail to reach consensus.