OBN News Review, 25 November 2000


  • The B&H National Day was celebrated today
  • The Dutch Prime Minister visited Sarajevo
  • The US Supreme Court sustained George Bush’s appeal
  • Bosniac refugees visited Foca for the first time
  • Guest in TV INFO: the B&H Metropolitan Top Model, Amra Silajdzic, proclaimed by media as “the most beautiful face” of the competition in Beijing


The Zagreb Summit for countries of the Balkans ended yesterday. A trade agreement was not signed between B&H and Croatia. “The B&H and Croat delegations met again last night, and we pointed out that agreed standpoints should be respected”, the Chairman of the B&H Presidency, Zivko Radisic said. The planned establishment of diplomatic relations between B&H and Yugoslavia was postponed, due to uncompleted protocol preparations.

The Dutch Prime Minister, Wim Kok met B&H Presidency members in Sarajevo. “Strengthening of multi national relations is very important within B&H, and it is the basis for any further development”, Mr. Kok said. Zeljka Lekic produced the report.

Banja Luka

According to the statement of the Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica after the Zagreb Summit, Yugoslavia is closer to the EU membership than its neighbouring countries.

There were several reactions of RS parties after the Zagreb Summit. SNSD feels that the B&H suit against Yugoslavia should be immediately dealt with. According to SDS, the Zagreb Summit will have positive reflection in development of democracy. Reported by Nedeljka Breberina.


The National Day in B&H was celebrated in many parts of the Federation of B&H today, Svjetlana Celic reported.

Banja Luka

The National Day was hardly mentioned in RS media. Communists were the only party who celebrated the holiday, Biljana Arsic reported.


Budapest: the Summit of member countries of the Middle-European Initiative took place. The Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic was the special guest at the Summit. Yugoslavia was represented by the Prime Minister, Goran Svilanovic. A final document was adopted, accepting Yugoslavia as the new Initiative member.

The former Serbian President, Slobodan Milosevic announced return to Yugoslav political scene, describing the new Yugoslav Government as traitors.

Belgrade: the EC Chairman, Romano Prodi and the Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica signed a framework agreement on stabilisation and joining.

Situation in the West Bank is still tense.

The Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat asked for support from Jordan in ending violence in Palestine.

Final US election results will be announced on Friday. According to unofficial results, the Republican, George Bush is leading. Reported by Gordana Frimel.


About 200 refugees returned to Foca. According to the plan, 100 more families should return by the New Year, Sevko Bajic reported.


13 refugee families currently live in the village of Visca in a very difficult conditions. Reported by Dragana Krstanovic.


According to the Red Cross, 323 people died in mine explosions by November. The programme “Awareness of Mine Existence” has been organised in order to educate children in this field. The programme is implemented in Zenica-Doboj Canton and Middle Bosnia Canton, Ana Drmac reported.

Guest in TV INFO was Amra Silajdzic, who just returned from the World Metropolitan Top Model in Beijing. The media proclaimed Miss Silajdzic as “the most beautiful face” of the competition. She received offers from “Cosmopolitan”and “Le Figaro”.


Reports on international tennis and football, and the World Rally Championship in Great Britain were presented.