OBN News Review, 23 November 2000


  • OSCE announced final election results: the new RS President will be Mirko Sarovic, and Vice-President will be Dragan Cavic from SDS
  • The EU Summit starts tomorrow in Zagreb
  • Trial of five Croats, indicted war criminals started in Mostar
  • The US election drama continues
  • Protests of RS pensioners continue; blocked roads in Banja Luka were blocked


Several delegations already arrived in Zagreb, in order to attend the EU Summit for countries of the Balkans. The new Yugoslav delegation, led by the Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica and the Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic will also go to Zagreb. It is still uncertain whether a B&H delegation will attend the Summit. Reported by Zeljka Lekic.


Talking about the forthcoming EU Summit in Zagreb, the Deputy Mayor of Mostar, Neven Tomic said: “I think that the Summit will define directions for further development of the region. Certainly, each country will have its different path to the EU”. Damir Bliznac produced the report.


According to OSCE election results, SDP and SDA won the largest number of seats for the State Parliament. As SDS won majority of votes in the RS, its members Mirko Sarovic and Dragan Cavic will be the new RS President and Vice-President, Svjetlana Celic reported.


Three indicted war criminals, Zeljko Dzidic, Erhard Poznic and Zoran Soldo recently surrendered to the police in Mostar. Trial of Mato Anicic and Ivan Skutor will be carried out in absence, because they have not been arrested yet. The three indicted war criminals announced that they would defend by silence. Reported by Mirsad Behram.


The Association of Citizens of Srebrenica organised a round table in Sarajevo. The topic was construction of the memorial centre in Potocari for victims of Srebrenica. The Association of Mothers of Srebrenica emphasised that Karl Bildt could not be a member of the Memorial Centre Council. Sevko Bajic produced the report.


The Federal Commission for Missing Persons searched for bodies of 11 Croats, from a group of 21 citizens of Bugojno, who have been missing for seven years. No bodies were found today, but the exhumation will continue. ICTY experts attended today’s exhumation, Ana Drmac reported.


Adviser to the Albanian leader in Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova was killed yesterday. Investigation is underway.

KFOR announced that they had arrested 10 members of Albanian guerrilla, suspected of terrorism in Serbia.

The UN Security Council condemned attacks of Kosovo Albanians on the Serbian police.

Clashes in the Middle East continued, despite of diplomatic efforts in calming the situation.

Disputes on results of the US Presidential Election continue. Reported by Gordana Frimel.

Banja Luka

RS pensioners announced that they would continue blocking roads, until their requests are fulfilled. They also demanded that the High Representative cancels the imposed Law on Pension-Invalid Insurance. Suzana Vukcevic produced the report.

Banja Luka

Illegal work at black market is widespread in the RS, because it is the only way for many to provide means for survival, Dijana Gajic reported.


The Belgium Government approved a EURO 2,5 million loan for B&H. The loan shall be paid back in 20 annual instalments. Reported by Anes Alic.


A filter station for water supply system was opened in Banovici. Citizens in this area will have clear water in their houses from now on. In this way, Swedish donation for water supply system was fully implemented. Reported by Amir Hadziahmetovic.


The Federal Banking Agency prolonged work of the Interim Management at the Commercial Bank in Tuzla, so that they could solve all problems in the bank. According to announcements, all depositors of the bank will be paid out by the end of the year. Elma Nakicevic produced the report.


The theatre “Pozoriste mladih” in Sarajevo celebrated 50th Anniversary of its existence today, Meliha Hasanbegovic reported.


Reports on international handball, tennis and football, and NBA league were presented.