OBN News Review, 22 November 2000


  • Diplomatic relations between B&H and Yugoslavia will be established in 10-15 days
  • The B&H Council of Ministers adopted the proposed platform for presentation of B&H delegation in the EU Summit in Zagreb
  • The RS Government adopted a budget for 2001
  • Three policemen were killed in clashes between the Serbian police and Albanians
  • The situation in the Middle East is getting worse


The B&H and Yugoslav foreign ministers met in Sarajevo today. A basis was created for establishment of diplomatic relations between B&H and Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav Foreign minister, Goran Svilanovic said that Milosevic would not be extradited to the ICTY for now. Other significant agreements should be made soon as well, such as a trade agreement and an agreement on double citizenship. Reported by Zeljka Lekic.


The B&H Council of ministers organised a regular session today. They adopted the proposed platform for presentation of B&H delegation in the EU Summit in Zagreb, which will take place on 24th November, Anes Alic reported.


The police in Capljina confiscated a quantity of drugs in a market in Capljina, cutting another chain of drug smuggling in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. Dario Valter and Enver Bolic were arrested. “Police did a good job lately, and the UN congratulates them for this”, the UN Spokesman, Stefo Lehmann said. Reported by Ivan Pavkovic.

Banja Luka

On Monday, OBN broadcast the report on allegations against IPTF officers of involvement in organised prostitution in Prijedor. IPTF organised a press conference in Banja Luka today. IPTF Spokesman, Alun Roberts said that night bar owners wanted to distract public attention in this way. According to Mr. Roberts, investigation is underway, with participation of the RS police. Tatjana Lajsic produced the report.


One person died and three were injured in a bomb attack in Pristina on the house of Belgrade representative of the UN Administration in Kosovo, Stanimir Vukicevic. Investigation is underway.

Clashes in the Middle East continue. 4 Palestinians died and several were injured in Gaza.

The Former Spanish Minister of Health was killed last night. “Eta” organisation was suspected of the assassination.

The Florida Supreme Court decided that results of the hand recount would be included in general US election results. Counting of ballots should be completed by Sunday. Gordana Frimel produced the report.


According to preliminary election results, no party won absolute majority in the B&H Parliament, the Federation Parliament and the RS People’s Assembly. Reported by Sevko Bajic.


SDP organised a press conference today. “Our party supports full implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords”, the Chairman of the SDP Canton Sarajevo Board, Miro Lazovic said. Svjetlana Celic produced the report.

The US Ambassador, Thomas Miller stated that the US Administration was not ready to co-operate with the RS Government, if SDS representatives were to be included in it. According to Mr. Miller, the US Government granted $80 million of aid for B&H in 2001.

Banja Luka

The RS Government adopted the draft budget for 2001 in today’s session. Reported by Suzana Vukcevic.

Banja Luka

The RS Education Syndicate announced a new strike, it the RS Government does not fulfil their requests by 20th December, Sanela Zivkovic reported.

Banja Luka

The RS Privatisation Agency announced the final list of 818 companies for voucher offers. Deadline for investment of vouchers in Privatisation-Investment Funds is 22nd December. Milorad Milojevic produced the report.


The Croatian Chamber of Commerce organised a press conference in Mostar. Representatives of the Chamber talked about economic relations between Croatia and B&H. Reported by Anja Grujic.


Reports on international football and basketball were presented.