07.05.2014 OHR

Invitation to proposal for award of cleaning and building maintenance services contract

Emerika Bluma 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

For award of cleaning and building maintenance services contract

The tender information is given in the following order:

  1. Subject of Tender
  2. Basic Office Description
  3. Site Visit
  4. Working hours and Employees
  5. Insurance Requirements
  6. Proposal Submission
  7. Selection and Award
  8. Subcontracts or Assignments
  9. Security and Removal of Individuals
  10. Annex 1 – Terms of Reference – Cleaning Services
  11. Annex 2 – Terms of Reference – Building Maintenance Services


1.1 Office of the High Representative invites proposals for award of Cleaning and Building Maintenance service contract for the OHR office in Sarajevo, for period 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2015.

1.2 The company will be entrusted with the cleaning and general technical supervision and maintenance of premises, as well as ad-hoc tasks pertaining to those services.


2.1 OHR office located at Emerika Bluma 1, Sarajevo
The office complex is about 3,115 square meters in size consisting of basement (90 m2), ground floor (830 m2), first floor (655 m2) plus five floors (each 295 m2) and cafeteria (65 m2). Beside the office space, there are 16 toilettes, dining area and cafeteria, 1 large and 2 small conference rooms, and 600 square meters of parking and grounds.

2.2 The Office accommodates 100 full time staff. An estimated 1,000 guests visit the Sarajevo Office yearly.


3.1 OHR will organize a mandatory site visit for all interested companies. Companies who wish to submit proposal must participate in the site visit. To confirm participation on scheduled visits you should send a fax to Logistics office at 033/283-501 or email at tender@ohr.int latest by Thursday, 15 May 2014 at 17:00 hours, stating names of maximum two Company’s representatives.

3.2 Schedule of Site visit:
Friday, 16 May 2014 at 14:30 hours


4.1 OHR Standard working hours are 08:00–18:00 Monday to Thursday, 08:00-14:00 on Fridays, weekends and OHR holidays (1 January, 1 May, 25 November) are non-working days.

4.2 On exceptional occasions, OHR may request Company to provide services at other times or during weekends at no charge. Compensation for the extra hours worked will be by reduced number of working hours on working days or as otherwise agreed with the OHR.

4.3 OHR will provide limited accommodation space within OHR premises for Company’s employees at no cost.

4.4 All personnel assigned by the Company to perform the work shall be physically able to do their respective work and shall be free from any communicable disease. Personnel shall be capable and experienced in the type of work to be performed and clean and tidy in appearance and habits whilst at the Office.

4.5 The Company shall provide its personnel, whilst they attend the Office, with clean and tidy uniforms bearing the Company’s company name, and other suitable protective clothing, including that required to meet the specific health and safety measures and regulations in BiH.


5.1 The Company shall at his own cost, take necessary professional liability insurance coverage in respect of third party injuries or damages to property which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work herein by the Company, its agents, representatives, sub-contractors and employees with a limit of not less than 5,000.00 KM each accident.

5.2 The Company shall comply with all relevant labor laws as may be applicable or modified from time to time by the concerned authorities and in no case the OHR would compensate for the losses and damages of material/men power.


6.1 Consortium proposals are welcome. Consortium contract or sub-contractor contracts should be provided as a part of Tender documentation (see 8.3).


7.1 The Company shall have to well in advance submit requests for OHR special access cards, supported by court certification verifying that they have not been prosecuted and copy of passport or national ID, for each and every employee required entering the Office. Issuing of special access cards remains at the sole discretion of OHR and Company’s employees may be subject to prior security clearance investigations. Due to long approval procedure, frequent changes in staff are not acceptable. Any changes in staff shall require OHR’s express written consent prior to that employee commencing work on the OHR contract.

7.2 OHR may order the immediate removal from the Office of any person employed therein by the Company or any Sub-contractor for just cause including, but not limited to, incompetence and carelessness, disorderly behavior, intoxication, violation of a law or rule, and any other reason.


8.1 By taking part in this Tender, the Company confirm that they are registered to perform the business which is subject of this Tender.

8.2 The proposal should be in English or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, and include one original and one copy.

8.3 Proposals must include the following:

  • i) Name and address of company, contact person and phone number
  • ii) Copy of company registration documents
  • iii) Current number of employees with listing from PIO/MIO with occupation, and proof on paid social contributions
  • iv) Balance sheet for the last accounting period
  • v) Detailed description of work organization – Cleaning Services
  • vi) Proposed number and organization of staff – Cleaning Services
  • vii) Complete list of proposed cleaning supplies with product specifications. OHR may request samples of proposed supplies.
  • viii) Detailed description of work organization – Building Maintenance Services
  • ix) Proposed number and organization of staff – Building Maintenance Services
  • x) Detailed CVs of key team members:
    • management, supervisors and skilled staff involved in the performance of all aspects of the contract.
    • provide proof of qualifications of staff for operation of heating and cooling systems.
  • xi) Offered price – Detailed breakdown of costs and terms of payment
    • Separate prices should be quoted for cleaning services and building maintenance services per month, excluding VAT.
    • Quoted prices should show calculation made to build up monthly price
    • Company should offer unit prices for ad-hoc tasks:
      • for KV (skilled qualified worker) per hour/person
      • for NKV (non-qualified worker) per hour/person
    • Price for cleaning services should include all costs of supplies and equipment
    • Price for building maintenance services should include costs of regular service and Emergency Call Out service. Cost of material used for maintenance service should be invoiced at the end of the month against actual purchasing prices.
  • xii) List of equipment to be supplied by the Company for this contract
  • xiii) Copy of all company’s and employees obtained certificates for specialized services,
  • xiv) Company reference list – Description of at least three previous contracts similar to this Tender
  • xv) Any other relevant information

8.4 Incomplete Proposals will be disqualified without consideration.

8.5 Prices must be in KM (Convertible Marks). OHR shall make payments on a monthly basis upon completion of service. OHR standard payment terms are bank transfer within 30 days from submission of invoice.

8.6 OHR will pay VAT in accordance with the Law on VAT.

8.7 Company accepts responsibility for all taxes and other fees related to the operations under this contract including, but not limited to, payment of social, pension and health care contributions for all its employees.

8.7 Contract concluded with OHR will include prices and other terms stated in your proposal. Pricing submitted by Company shall remain firm for the contract period. Your proposal will be attached to the contract and considered legally binding for the duration of the contract.

8.8 OHR reserves the right to end the Tender without awarding the contract. OHR will not bear any costs of the Company in process of preparation of proposals.


9.1 OHR will evaluate the proposals against the stated description of work organization, proposed number of staff, equipment to be provided for the offices, price, professional experience of key team members, previous work and any other relevant elements. The OHR may wish to interview the Company.

9.2 Contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous proposal in terms of:

  • Price – Weighting: 40 %.
  • Description of work organization, number of staff – Weighting: 40 %.
  • CV of key team members, skills and competences of maintenance workers – Weighting 5%
  • Previous experience, work, company’s certificates – Weighting: 10 %.
  • Equipment and Cleaning Supplies – Weighting: 5 %.


Technical and financial proposals shall be sent in two copies, placed in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked Technical offer and Financial offer. Both envelopes shall be placed together in the sealed envelope, clearly marked “TENDER FOR CLEANING AND BUILDING MAINTENANCE”. Proposals should be delivered by post, currier service or by hand NO LATER than

9 June 2014 by 12:00 hours

to the following address:
Head of Logistics
Emerika Bluma 1
71000 Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina


We believe you have all the information necessary to prepare your proposal, but any questions or requirements for clarification, should be in writing only to the Head of Logistics on e-mail: tender@ohr.int and not to other officers of OHR. It is in all Companies’ interest to register their intention to proposal so that everyone may receive answers to any questions put by other company. Please address this registration to e-mail: tender@ohr.int by 15th May 2014 at 17:00 h.

Questions or requests for clarifications received after 30th May 2014 will not be processed.



Staffing levels, the level of daily activity, and the active public role played by the OHR office requires an effective program in order to maintain clean working space for staff, and present the best professional image.

OHR Standard working hours are 08:00-18:00 Monday to Thursday, 08:00-14:00 on Fridays, weekends and OHR holidays (1 January, 1 May, 25 November) are non-working days. Cleaning can be done outside these times if the Company finds it appropriate. During working hours Company shall deploy a sufficient number of staff to maintain cleanness throughout the day and to be able to respond immediately to customers’ requests. One should be main contact during working hours.

The proposal sent by the Company must include a comprehensive working plan foreseen for the organization of the different posts (supervisor, cleaner). The plan should also include the system of rotation of the staff, the system proposed for the replacement/organization of the staff in case of holidays, sickness or unexpected absence; the organization for the provision of supplies, consumables and material; the use of special machinery used for occasional tasks; the health and safety measures envisaged for the protection of the cleaning staff.

It is part of the quality evaluation of the proposals to analyze what kind of proposal and organization is best for guaranteeing both a quality service and a minimum disruption of activities of the OHR staff.


The Company will be responsible for purchase and supply of all cleaning material in order to maintain hygienic standards in all premises of such quality, type and substance best suited to the purpose for which they are required. This includes, but is not limited to, supply of toilet hygienic supplies such as soap, toilet paper and paper towels including dispensers, air fresheners, mops, etc.

All cleaning materials used must be of a type that will not have an immediate or extended detrimental effect on any of the surfaces being cleaned. All cleaning materials must be a recognized brand and good quality.

OHR will provide storage space for cleaning materials within OHR premises at no cost.


The Company will be required to perform tasks as detailed hereto – click here for attachment.

ANNEX 2 – TERMS OF REFERENCE – Building Maintenance Services

1. Description of Building Maintenance Services

The Company shall provide general technical supervision and maintenance of installations and technical equipment of the office premises of the OHR and ensure their perfect functioning.

The Company may also be requested to perform ad-hoc tasks. Those tasks will be contracted separately in accordance with OHR Rules and Procedures. OHR reserves the right to undergo bidding procedure and award those works at its sole discretion.

The Company shall provide sufficient site and/or mobile personnel to inspect regularly any systems installed in the OHR. Those systems include, but are not limited to: heating and cooling systems (heaters, pumps, fan-coils), boilers and burners, gas installations, ventilation system, electricity, water supply, water storage tanks, elevators, fire alarm system, UPS, generator, video surveillance system, AC units.

Periodic maintenance, repair and servicing of: heating boilers and chiller machine, elevators, fire alarm system, UPS, generator, video surveillance system, AC units can only be performed by specialist and authorized companies contracted by landlord or OHR. The Company should provide supervision of service of those companies.

The Company shall advise the OHR of solutions in the event that technical failures have occurred or deficiencies have been detected and ensure that necessary repair works are carried out to the highest standards.

OHR Standard working hours are 08:00–18:00 Monday to Thursday, 08:00-14:00 on Fridays, weekends and OHR holidays (1 January, 1 May, 25 November) are non-working days. Heating or cooling system should be started at least 30 minutes before working hours. The Company will provide site personnel to respond to daily tasks and repairs to ensure normal functioning of the office premises.

The proposal sent by the Company must include a comprehensive working plan foreseen for the organization of the personnel (supervisor, skilled workers, additional man-power). The plan should also include the system proposed for the organization of the staff in case of Emergency Call Outs, replacement for sickness or unexpected absence; the organization for the provision of materials; the use of special machinery used for occasional tasks; the health and safety measures envisaged for the protection of the staff.

It is a part of the quality evaluation of the proposals to analyze what kind of proposal and organization is best for guaranteeing both a quality service and efficiency.

2. Description of General Maintenance Tasks

The following description of tasks is not limited to these and may evolve over time requiring new responsibilities as per the OHR’s needs in view of the good functioning of the OHR’s technical installations and the overall condition of its premises.

2.1 Plumbing, Sanitary Fixtures & Fittings, Heating and Cooling Systems

The Company shall be responsible for, including but not limited to:
a. regular inspection, maintenance and repair of all WC’s cisterns, urinals, taps, pipes
b. regular inspection and maintenance of all water services pipe work & fittings, soil pipe rainwater pipes and HVAC ductwork within premises. To include ensuring pipes and fittings are kept free of any blockages.
c. Determine routing of pipe and location of such plumbing fixtures, accessories and sewer, gas and air connections by following and adhering to trade practice specifications, blueprints, sketches and codes.
d. Install and maintain washers, institutional kitchen equipment, mixing valves, and other equipment.
e. operating of boiler room and heating/cooling system daily, regular inspection of systems, repair of minor failures and replacement of spare parts on heating/cooling units.

2.2 Electricity and Lighting

The Company shall be responsible for, including but not limited to:
f. maintenance and repair of all internal and external lighting, and cleaning of light fittings
g. supply and fitting of all replacement lamps, associated control equipment, switches, sockets, wiring.
h. carrying out all emergency lighting, planned maintenance and repairs, with no disruption to the OHR Business.
i. installation, modification, and repair of electrical wiring and equipment, and tracking wiring and equipment diagrams related to electrical equipment.
j. repair OHR equipment as requested.

2.3 Other Maintenance service:

As a part of regular maintenance, the Company shall perform the following services:
a. Painting of walls on an “as required” basis during preparations for office moves, for removal of dirt and marks on walls, repair of mechanical and leakage damages on walls
b. Installation and repair of different types of locks, door closures mechanisms, minor repairs of doors, windows, floors, lockers, etc.
c. Welding on “as required” basis,
d. Within the OHR premises supervise and escort outside specialist Companies for maintenance jobs such us repair of copy machines, servicing of fire-alarm system, elevators, etc.
e. On request of OHR, provide advice for improvements for efficient and effective maintenance, advice specialist works, and estimates on quantities of works,
f. Other maintenance services for daily normal functioning of the site.

2.4 Office / Desk Moves

The Company shall provide labour for moving, pick up and delivery of furniture, materials, supplies and equipment, support for setting up of conference room for different events, furniture assembly and small repairs, loading and unloading of goods, distribution of material, copy paper, water and other supplies within OHR.

2.5 Parking and Garden Maintenance

(i) The Company is responsible to maintain the OHR garden and exterior surface as a safe, functional and pleasing environment.

(ii) The Company is obliged to do the following works and purchase materials in order to maintain the garden in its present quality. OHR will determine the amount and type of material and flowers to be purchased and will pay for upon presentation of invoices.

  • – purchasing and planting of season flowers
  • – purchasing of manure, special material for protection of plants, material for propping of plants, woodchips, etc.
  • – spring cleaning of the garden, lopping, hoeing and nutrition
  • – hoeing and weeding of flower beds, removal of past blooming flowers
  • – regular grass cutting with lawn mower and manually
  • – binding and propping of plants
  • – collection of leaves and waste and removal.

(iii) In addition to the normal grounds and landscape maintenance activities, the Company is responsible for:

  • – litter pick-up on site,
  • – snow removal and salting during winter. (Snow removal should be done before the start of working hours and, if required due to heavy show falls, additional men power should be provided in which case this will be considered as ad-hoc task.)
  • – street and parking lot cleaning
  • – manual support on special occasions.

3. Emergency Call Outs

The Company shall provide sufficient resource for 24 hrs, 365 days emergency call-out cover, for any works during normal or outside of normal occupancy periods, to satisfy the response requirements.

Immediate response will be provided during normal operating hours when staff are on site or within maximum of 2 hours outside of normal operating hours for the following:

  • Failure of UPS, Generator, elevators, gates
  • Power failure
  • Main Air Conditioning failure
  • Chiller Failure
  • Floods, water leakage
  • Water sanitation failure
  • Failure of any safety systems and/or equipment
  • Life threatening occurrence

4. Maintenance Staff

The Company shall:
a) provide sufficient numbers of experienced personnel and supervisor to complete the works; minimum of 2 (two) workers must be allocated during working hours for maintenance and manipulation services.
b) on ad-hoc basis provide additional personnel to respond to scope of work and provide efficient service (e.g. office moves, snow removal, etc.)
c) provide equipment on site and materials which are suitable in every respect for performance of the work.
d) ensure that all personnel employed in the OHR have received suitable training or instruction in the use of all plant equipment and materials to be utilized in the performance of the work and are fully experienced in the performance of the works. All and any training records should be provided.

5. Reporting

The Company shall demonstrate disciplined and professional approach by keeping records of daily tasks, materials used and planned activities

The Company will provide monthly and periodical maintenance program, to include Proposals for possible upgrades and renovation works.

The Company shall provide a written emergency call-out procedure at commencement of contract, to include contact names and contact numbers.

6. Equipment and Supplies

The Company shall provide all equipment and tools necessary for performance of maintenance works.

The Company shall charge the OHR the sums for building maintenance consumables used in performing services. The Company is obliged to present on each monthly invoice quantities of materials per item used during one month. Price charged will be Company’s purchasing price. Company will not gain any profit from the OHR on the materials installed. The price of the necessary purchases shall be reimbursed against actual invoices.

The Company will ensure a minimum reserve of spare parts and small items to be available such as light bulbs, lubricants, duck tape, screws, nails and similar.

All costs of the Company associated with Emergency Call Outs, except for materials and consumables used, should be included in their fixed price.

OHR shall not be responsible for equipment and tools necessary for performance of contract nor for repairs and spare parts of those.