09.05.2014 OHR

Request for proposals for award of contract for media monitoring services

Emerika Bluma 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel: 387 33 283500 Fax: 387 33 283501


Office of the High Representative invites companies to submit proposals for award of one year contract for media monitoring services to cover BiH, regional and international media.

The tender information is given in the following order:

  1. Background
  2. Proposal Submission Conditions
  3. Selection and Award
  4. Proposal Submission and Deadline
  5. Statement of Work


I – Background

The OHR requires concise and accurate media monitoring to strict deadlines on a daily basis. The products provided must cover key daily print and broadcast media, political magazine programs and publications in BiH, the region and influential international media.

The contractor will have to be able to demonstrate long-standing engagement in this field with the ability to access/produce additional historical reports on demand.
All reports will be produced in English and/or official languages of BiH in a manner that is clear, accurate, and linguistically and grammatically correct.

The OHR is an open organisation but any contractor will have to demonstrate they can maintain client confidentiality.

II – Proposal Submission Conditions

The proposal must be in English and include one original and one copy.
Proposals shall contain the following:

  1. Name and address of the company, contact phone number, e-mail and name of the contact person and VAT registration number.
  2. A list of media to be monitored for each product together with reasoning setting out why these media have been chosen
  3. Detailed CVs of team members (management and media monitors).
  4. List of current and previous references with contact details.
  5. A description of the historical information sources the company have available for the production of specific ad hoc reports.
  6. Detailed break down of costs and terms of payment in KM, excluding VAT. The price shall include all costs related to the work such as fees and out-of-pocket expenses (travel, accommodation, subsistence and other costs).
  7. Sample reports layouts. All companies applying to this Tender will be required to produce and submit to the OHR one “Morning report”, one “Afternoon report” and two ad hoc reports free of charge as examples of their work. Those reports will be used only as part of evaluation of bids. Companies will be contacted on 12th June 2014 with instruction how to submit those sample reports.
  8. The proposal must be valid for acceptance for 60 days, and the price fixed for the duration of the contract.
  9. OHR will pay VAT in accordance with the Law on VAT.
  10. The winning company will be able to use one office in OHR building with internet access and telephone lines free of charge.


III – Selection and Award

The proposals will be considered by the OHR against the stated professional experience of key team members, cost, list of current and previous experiences, sample report layouts and any other relevant elements. The OHR may wish to interview bidders.

Contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous proposal in terms of:

  • Cost. Weighting: 40%.
  • CV of key team members. Weighting: 10%.
  • Sample reports. Weighting: 40%.
  • References. Weighting: 10%.

OHR reserves the right to enter into negotiations with any bidder or to end the Tender without awarding the contract. OHR will not bear any costs of bidders related to preparation of proposal.

IV – Proposal Submission and Deadline:

The proposal should be in sealed envelope, clearly marked “MEDIA MONITORING TENDER” and delivered NO LATER than 12th June 2014 by 12:00 hours to the following address:

Head of Logistics
Emerika Bluma 1
71000 Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina


We believe you have all the information necessary to prepare your proposal, but any questions or requirements for clarification, should be in writing only to the Head of Logistics on e-mail: tender@ohr.int, and not to other officers of OHR.  It is in all bidders interest to register their intention to bid so that everyone may receive answers to any questions put by other bidders. Please address this registration to e-mail: tender@ohr.int.

V – Statement of Work

General requirements
As a rule reports will be produced in English language. If tasked the contractor will produce reports in the official languages of BiH.

In order to produce these products the contractor will monitor at least nine daily papers and six weekly magazines. The contractor will also monitor six prime time evening news broadcasts from across BiH.

Reports will include headlines of articles covered, and translations of key quotations from politicians and others features in the reports that are of OHR interest. The reports will indicate in which each news item is published/broadcast.  In the case of the print media the briefs will give the page reference and the author, in the case of the broadcast media they will provide the journalist, sequence and length of the report.

Morning and Afternoon reports (see below) will be structured in a way to reflect the following points (given in order): headline news stories, key political developments; the apportionment of property including defence property; the Brcko Final Award; Fiscal Sustainability; the Rule of Law; ICTY cooperation, relations with the region and economic development.

The contractor will make their raw monitoring data available if so requested.

The contractor will hold recordings of electronic political magazine programmes for a period of no less than fifteen days after their broadcast and will be able to provide these recordings in electronic format within 24 hours of a demand from the OHR.

The contractor will maintain a media archive containing quotes/media coverage and will be available to the OHR to collate information form the archive. Such collations will be free for the duration of the contract and provided within 24 hours of such a request being made. We estimate that there will be 1-2 requests for collation of information per day. However, bidders must accept that the estimated number of requests is as accurate as possible, but is estimate only, and no guarantee is given for actual number of requests. All material provided to OHR will remain the property of OHR to become part of our media monitoring archive.

The contractor will monitor electronic and agency reporting of specific events when requested by the OHR and provide real-time reporting of events.
The contractor will nominate direct OHR account managers who will be available to respond to OHR requests 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Specific requirements

1. Morning report

On a daily basis the contractor will be required to produce a morning report to be distributed by 09:00, and will provide an overview of the news items of interest to the OHR carried in the daily newspapers that are read in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the previous evening news broadcasts. The brief will set out key events as covered by the daily BiH electronic and print media.

2. Afternoon report

On a daily basis the contractor will be required to produce a afternoon report to be distributed by 14:00 each day. It will focus on the news items of interest to the OHR as covered by the electronic media and wire services by 13:00 that same day.

NB — on Saturdays, Sundays, and OHR official holidays only one report will be produced by 11:00.

3. Regional clippings

A clippings service each working day by 13.00 relating to issues of Banja Luka, Mostar and Brcko region.

4. International Media Coverage

Reporting relating to issues of interest to OHR, BiH and the region will be gathered and made available to OHR on a real time basis. Where the language is other than English a short synopsis will be provided.

 5. Morning Media conference

The Contractor will organize a morning conference call for the OHR in order to provide analysis on the day’s media and present the key media stories at 08.30 each day (Monday to Friday).

6. Electronic Political Magazine Programming Reports

The contractor will monitor the political magazine programmes broadcast in BiH and will provide a report of the main items and the items of interest to the OHR. The report will be available by 08.30 the following morning.