Decision by the BiH Constitutional Court

Sarajevo, 04 July 2000 The Office of the High Representative has learnt that the Constitutional Court of BiH has announced a decision interpreting the BiH Constitution in relation to the Constitutions of the Entities. This decision has not yet been issued in writing. The Constitution of BiH states that "the Constitutional Court shall have exclusive [...]

Statement of Ambassador Gary L. Matthews Deputy High Representative and International Supervisor of Brcko on June 21, 2000 Addendum on Brcko District Finances

Brcko, 30 June 2000 In consultation with the High Representative, I determined that the April 13 Supervisory Order on the Brcko District Financial System should be amended in order to give the Entities a greater role, together with the District, in planning and implementing a number of key aspects of the District Government's program and services.

OHR welcomes Mostar School Agreement

Sarajevo, 29 June 2000 The Office of the High Representative warmly welcomes the agreement on the future joint use of school buildings in Mostar, which was signed yesterday by Cantonal, City and municipal authorities in Mostar. The Senior Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Dr.

Senior Deputy High Representative presents Education for Peace Program

Sarajevo, 28 June 2000 The Senior Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Dr. Matei Hoffmann, today presented a new Education for Peace (EFP) project. Present were the Federation Education Minister, Mr Fahrudin Rizvanbegovic, the Federation's Deputy Education Minister, Mr Ivo Miro Jovic, Ambassador Ronald Mayer representing the Foreign Ministry of L [...]

Launch of Multi Ethnic Police Recruitment campaign

Sarajevo, 27 June 2000 UNMiBH Deputy SRSG, Julian Harston, and Deputy High Representative for Reconstruction and Return, Andy Bearpark, are today launching a multi-ethnic police recruitment campaign. Through this campaign, UNMIBH, supported by OHR, are working with the FBiH and RS Ministries of Interior: to attract and encourage unemployed experie [...]

High Representative and Steering Board Ambassadors warn against intimidation of the press

Sarajevo, 23 June 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, and the PIC Steering Board Ambassadors strongly condemn what appears to be an attempt by Federation Government authorities to use state instruments to intimidate a free press. They worry that a current Government tax inspection of the Dnevni Avaz newspaper -- now critical of the Go [...]

Addendum to the Order on the Financial System of the Brcko District

Brcko, 22 June 2000 The Supervisor of Brcko, Gary Matthews, issued yesterday an addendum to the Supervisory Order on the Financial System of the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina dated 13 April 2000. Under the addendum, the Entities will retain the revenues originating from electricity charges and contributions to the entity pension and heal [...]

OHR(S) Condemns Vandalism of Property

Mostar, 21 June 2000 As it is known, on a number of occasions OHR pointed out to its outrage by reports of looting of apartments and houses, especially those which are vacated by previous temporary occupants in order to be returned to its rightful owners.

Higher Education Coordination Board Established

Sarajevo, 16 June 2000 The Senior Deputy High Representative, Ambassador Dr. Matei Hoffmann, welcomes the establishment of the national Higher Education Coordination Board by the Entity Ministers of Education and members of the academic community of Bosnia and Herzegovina yesterday. For more than two years, the Council of Europe and UNESCO in coope [...]