OHR launches 2nd Phase of Anti-Corruption Campaign

Sarajevo, 07 September 2000 This week, the Office of the High Representative launches the second phase of a two-phase public anti-corruption awareness campaign. We hope that this campaign will help draw attention and spark debate about this issue, which is so important to the future development of BiH.

The High Representative meets the Inter-Religious Council

Sarajevo, 05 September 2000 Today the High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, met with leaders of the four religious communities of BiH; Cardinal Vinko Puljic, President of the Inter-Religious Council, the Reisu-l-ulema, Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Mitropolit Dabrobosanski, Nikolaj Mrdja and President of Jewish Community BiH, Jakob Finci to discuss restitu [...]

The High Representative Annuls RS Restitution Laws

Sarajevo, 31 August 2000 The High Representative, Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch, yesterday issued a Decision annulling the RS Law on Return of Confiscated Property and Compensation, the RS Law on Return of Seized Real Property, and the RS Law on the Return of Seized Land. Under the annulled laws the Republika Srpska assumed financial responsibility [...]

Opposition to the Single National Passport Evade Duty

Sarajevo, 30 August 2000 The Office of the High Representative is stunned by the utter irresponsibility displayed by some of the members of the BiH House of Representatives at yesterdays session where the Law on a single passport was tabled for discussion. After 32 days of summer recess, only 24 out 42 parliamentarians found time to attend yesterda [...]

Agreement on Accommodation of the Primary School “Scipe” in Prozor-Rama Signed

Mostar, 30 August 2000 The Agreement on partial accommodation of the "Scipe" Primary School within the "Marko Marulic" Primary School building in Prozor-Rama was signed today by the C7 Minister and Deputy Minister of Education, the Prozor-Rama Mayor, the Chair and the Vice-chair of the Prozor-Rama Municipal Council, the two school directors and the [...]

Ambassadors’ Tour of Return Areas

Sarajevo, 29 August 2000 The High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch, COMSFOR Lt. Gen. Ronald E. Adams and UNHCR Chief of Mission Werner Blatter have invited Ambassadors of countries represented in Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit by helicopter key areas of return across the country on Thursday, August 31, 2000. The aim of the tour is to view progres [...]

Appointment of Magistrate in the Brcko District

17 August 2000 The Supervisor of Brcko, Gary Matthews, issued today an Order appointing Mrs. Jasna Cejvanovic as Magistrate, to serve in the Magistrate Court located in Ravne, in the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mrs. Cejvanovic, as the rest of the current judges, prosecutors and magistrates serving in the Brcko area, will perform her [...]

High Representative explains his decision to amend law on presidential succession

Sarajevo, 07 August 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, regrets that he has had to amend the Law on Filling a Vacant Position of a Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina which was adopted by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly on July 31. The High Representative has decided to impose amendments which ensure the election of a Pr [...]