High Representative pushes BiH reforms during U.N. General Assembly in New York

Sarajevo, 15 September 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, held a series of high level meetings during the United Nations General Assembly in New York to push his three priority issues of refugee returns, economic reform and institution building in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov gave the High Representati [...]

Again No Progress on the Single National Passport

Sarajevo, 15 September 2000 The Office of the High Representative is stunned by the inability of the BiH Parliament to make any progress on the basic issue of travel documents. Certain members of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH have failed to rise above narrow party political interests by preventing discussion on t [...]

International Community condemns Car Bomb Attack Against OMI

Sarajevo, 14 September 2000 The Office of the High Representative, the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Nations Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees strongly condemn the car bomb attack on the vehicle of the Head of the OMI Banja Luka (Municipal Section of the RS Ministry of Refugee [...]

High Representative calls on RS institutions to act responsibly

Sarajevo, 12 September 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, regards the latest attempts by the RS National Assembly to obstruct the work of the current RS Entity Government as highly irresponsible. The High Representative also has serious doubts on whether the attempts of the Assembly to limit the Government's authority are in keeping [...]

High Representative, IMF and World Bank warn failure to adopt amendments to pension law will see BiH lose more than $150 million in international funding

Sarajevo, 08 September 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, the head of the IMF mission in BiH, Bruno de Schaetzen, and the World Bank's representative in BiH, Joseph Ingram, today held an emergency meeting with senior Federation officials in which they were warned that any failure to adopt a package of amendments to the Entity's pensi [...]

Fifteen Public Officials Removed for Obstructing Property Law Implementation

Sarajevo, 08 September 2000 Fifteen public officials have been informed in writing by the High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, and the OSCE Head of Mission, Robert Barry, that they have been removed from office for obstruction of the implementation of the property laws and Annex 7 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP) as well as t [...]

High Representative works to put Bosnia and Herzegovina on international investment map

Sarajevo, 07 September 2000 The High Representative, Wolfgang Petritsch, today rounded off a two-day series of meetings with top international business leaders to drum up badly needed investment for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, the High Representative delivered the keynote address to the 27th International Forfeiting Conference, hosted by Austria [...]