Outgoing PDHR/Brčko Supervisor Scanlan and his successor Jonathan Mennuti meet Brčko Mayor Esed Kadrić, Deputy Mayor Anto Domić, District Assembly Speaker Siniša Milić, and Deputy Speaker Ivo Filipović
06/13/2022 OHR

The Supervisor is changing but the reform agenda for Brčko remains unchanged

Outgoing Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan and his successor Jonathan Mennuti visited Brčko on Monday and met with the Brčko Mayor, Deputy Mayor, District Assembly Speaker, and Deputy Speaker. Supervisor Scanlan introduced his successor, and together they outlined the seamless continuity of the Supervisor’s engagement with the Brčko authorities and international donors to advance the reforms needed to meet the requirements of the Final Award.

In that context, incoming Supervisor Jonathan Mennuti and OHR experts will continue to support those who advance Brčko as a multimodal transportation hub, promote the growth of the private sector and new jobs, ensure a mine-free District by 2024, and strengthen good governance, including by implementing a policy of zero tolerance of corruption and conflict of interest.

It is crucial that this year the Brčko authorities engage with a sense of urgency to ensure the public administration, institutions, and companies of the District are rightsized, digitalized, and service-oriented. Central to that will be the adoption of a new Law on Civil Service and the legal provisions to the budget to ensure the earmarking of funds for the digitalization of public services, capital projects, and infrastructure development.

“Citizens of Brčko, you have seen in the past few years that progress is achievable. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, and this will require the continuous and active engagement of your elected representatives, public servants, and public employees. But it is also your responsibility, together with civil society and the media, to participate in these changes and to remind all who serve the public – including on the Election Day – of their duties and obligations to the community.

Only together can this wonderful community on the banks of the Sava River move towards the bright future we all know it can have, not only as an example in BiH of peaceful coexistence, but of shared security and prosperity,” said the Supervisor Scanlan.