Office of the High Representative Press Office

OHR | 10/9/2008


Agreement On Konjevic Polje Church Must Be Implemented


The OHR condemns the incident that took place on Fata Orlovic’s property in Konjevic Polje this morning.

Last year the Government of Republika Srpska decided to provide funding for the relocation of the illegally constructed church from the private property of Fata Orlovic in Konjevic-Polje.

OHR welcomed the agreement as a sign that Fata Orlovic’s right to private property would be respected.

On 30 August of last year, the Bratunac Security Forum, chaired by Bratunac Mayor Nedeljko Mladjenovic, and attended by all the relevant actors, announced that the annual church feast of 11 September would be held for the last time in the existing church in Konjevic Polje on 11 September 2007.

OHR maintains that last year's agreement must be respected.

The Office of the High Representative calls for all those involved to stick to previously agreed positions, to show restraint and to refrain from any action that might enflame the situation.


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