Human Rights Report July 1998

SUMMARY Month of July marked by series of return-related incidents including violations of the right to life, property and physical integrity and the right to return, particularly in Travnik, Kakanj, Stolac and Drvar (Fed) and Brcko, Klanac, Zvornik, Banja Luka and Bosanska Gradiska (RS) Disciplinary proceedings initiated against Teslic police off [...]

Supervisory Order

Brcko Arbitration Supervisory Order 13 July 1998 In accordance with powers invested in me by the Interim Arbitral Award of February 14, 1997; the Supplemental Award of March 15, 1998; and the Dayton Peace Accords (Annex 3) to insure, in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the conduct of free and fair gen [...]

Human Rights Report June 1998

SUMMARY Deterioration of Security Situation in Travnik area Graveyard Visit to Srebrenica Improvement in Freedom of Movement with New Common License Plates Bosnian Serb Indictee Apprehended in Foca Addressing Obstacles to Implementation of Federation Property Legislation Draft Law on Associations and Foundations Distributed for Public Discussion H [...]

Memorandum of Understanding on the Restructuring of RTV BiH, 10 June 1998

Memorandum of Understanding on the Restructuring of RTV BiH Sarajevo, 10 June 1998 We, the undersigned, pledge to undertake the reorganisation of Radio Television Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTV BiH) as set out by the High Representative and in accordance with the letter and spirit of the General Framework Agreement for Peace (GFAP).

Human Rights Special Report, 8 June 1998 – Bosnian language version

8 June 1998 Human rights coordination centre A cooperative effort within the Office of the High Representative LEA/LINK Nacrt zakona o udruzenjima i fondacijama (juni 1998.god.) 8.juna radna verzija novog Nacrta zakona o udruzenjima i fondacijama ce se uveliko distribuirati u svrhu javne diskusije.

Human Rights Report May 1998

SUMMARY New Common License Plates Improve Freedom of Movement in all but Croat-Majority Areas Bosnian Serb Indictee Apprehended Obstacles to Implementation of Federation Property Legislation Agreement on Textbook Review for the Removal of Offensive Material Inter-Entity Judicial Cooperation Memorandum Signed Annexes: Instruction on the applicati [...]

Sarajevo Declaration Quarterly Implementation Review

Sarajevo, 6 May 1998 Compiled by the Reconstruction and Return Task Force Executive Summary Housing/Property Legislation, including Multiple Occupancy The Deadlines for the adoption of the Legislation have been missed. The Laws have been finally adopted in a form acceptable to the High Representative.