Arbitraza za oblast Brcko ARBITRAZNI TRIBUNAL ZA SPOR OKO MEDJU-ENTITETSKE GRANICE U OBLASTI BRCKO ANEKS KONACNE ODLUKE 18. kolovoza 1999. Arbitraza za oblast Brcko Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine protiv Republike Srpske Zastupnici: Za Federaciju Bosne i Hercegovine Frank McCloskey Edward O.

Human Rights Report August 1999

SUMMARY Obstruction in Education intensifies as school year commences Shooting incident in Kozarac Complete blockage of property law implementation in Stolac and Capljina Violations of Religious Property in Republika Srpska Brcko Annex issued; potential model for multi-ethnic co-existence REFUGEES, DISPLACED PERSONS, and the RIGHT TO RETURN [This [...]

Human Rights Report July 1999

SUMMARY Stability Pact promises regional approach to issues including human rights Difficulties continue for Serb returnees to Drvar Livno Bus Case sets precedent for employment discrimination cases in BiH Military authorities in the RS intervene in evictions process Education authorities in BiH blocking important reforms REFUGEES, DISPLACED PERS [...]

Law on the Cessation of the Application of the Law on Abandoned Apartments

The Law on Abandoned Apartments ("Official Gazette of RBH" no. 6/92, 8/92, 16/92, 13/94, 36/94, 9/95 and 33/95), Decree on Use of Abandoned Apartments (Official Gazette HZHB 13/93) and the regulations passed thereunder, as well as other regulations regulating the issue of abandoned apartments passed between 30 April 1991 and the entry into force of [...]

Supervisory Order

Brcko Arbitration Supplementary Supervisory Order on Privatization 26 June 1999 Pursuant to the authority vested in me and in furtherance of my Supervisory Order of December 4, 1997, I hereby declare that the prohibition against privatization activity in the Brcko area of supervision is now also applicable to the Federation part of the Brcko pre-wa [...]

Human Rights Report June 1999

SUMMARY Local authorities threaten to expel returnees from Drvar High Representative issues comprehensive package of property-related decisions Human Rights Chamber finds RS discriminated on basis of religion by preventing rebuilding of mosques in Banja Luka Judges and Prosecutors sign identical Codes of Ethics in RS and Federation REFUGEES, DISP [...]

Human Rights Report May 1999

SUMMARY Muted response to Milosevic indictment Bosniak return to Kotor Varos blocked Deadline for claiming socially owned apartments in RS extended to 19 December 1999 High Representative suspends powers of municipal authorities to reallocate or dispose of socially owned land RS Supreme Court orders retrial of Zvornik 3; 3 remaining prisoners rele [...]

Press Code

Press Code 29 April 1999 Preamble This Code, drawn from existing European standards of journalistic practice, is intended as the foundation of system of self-regulation that shall be considered morally binding on reporters, editors and the owners and publishers of newspapers and periodicals.