Human Rights Report October 1999

SUMMARY Assassination attempt against Editor-in-Chief of Nezavisne Novine Assault on Doboj journalist Bosniak councillor injured in Srebrenica Security incidents in Zvornik town centre Property amendments harmonize Entity property laws to facilitate return Right to Return/Freedom of Movement [This section focuses on return-related information whi [...]

Addendum to the Orders of November 3, 1998 – 10 September 1999

Brcko Arbitration Addendum to the Orders of November 3, 1998 10 September 1999 Whereas, new Republika Srpska legislation regulating property and housing issues entered into force after November 3, 1998; Whereas, certain cases covered by the November 3, 1998, Supervisory Orders have been resolved; Whereas, certain employees of the multiethnic govern [...]

Guidelines to the Field #3 September 1, 1999

Guidelines to the Field #3 Overview of Educational Problems in BiH and Guidelines for Intervention September 1, 1999, Sarajevo Table of Contents Introduction Rights Norms vis-r-vis Education The Right to Education Principal of Non-Discrimination Minority Rights Constitutional Framework in BiH Federation Republika Srpska Education Policy in [...]