OHR Bulletin 16 – August 27, 1996

No. 16, issued August 27, 1996 Table of Contents Elections The Provisional Election Commission (PEC) decides that it would not be feasible to hold municipal elections at the same time as cantonal and higher level governing body elections on 14 September. Joint Bodies JCC (South) Meets Economic Assistance European Union includes BH among countries [...]

OHR Bulletin 15 – August 20, 1996

No. 15, issued August 20, 1996 Table of Contents Geneva Agreement on dismantling of Herceg-Bosna Federation Additional measures agreed concerning dismantling Herceg-Bosna Economic Reconstruction Sarjevo Airport officially opened Elections OSCE rules on breaches of election regulations Joint Bodies JCC (West) meets Refugee & Humanitarian Affair [...]

OHR Bulletin 14 – August 13, 1996

No. 14, issued August 13, 1996 Table of Contents Republica Srpska RS Army finally agrees on inspection military site Brussels Post Election framework discussed Brcko Arbitration Federation & RS agree on binding arbitration in IEBL dispute Elections Rules for political parties and candidates Economic Assistance Goods delivered through several a [...]

OHR Bulletin 13 – August 6, 1996

No. 13, issued August 6, 1996 Table of Contents Mostar Agreement on joint town administration Federation 4th Federation Forum discusses Federation Institutions Elections Complaints investigated by EASC Human Rights Detention Issues Subcommittee meets.

OHR Bulletin 12 – July 29, 1996

No. 12, issued July 29, 1996 Table of Contents Mostar The Croatian Democratic Union party (HDZ) refuses to co-operate in elected City Council. EU Representatives urge HDZ to comply before 4 August. Elections The Refugee Elections Steering Group (RESG) receives commitments from Governments to participate in the electoral services programme. Human R [...]

OHR Bulletin 11 – July 22, 1996

No. 11, issued July 22, 1996 Table of Contents Republika Srpska Karadzic signs agreement brokered by Special Envoy Holbrooke to relinquish office of President of Republica Srpska. Elections PEC forbids indicted War criminals to stand candidate in elections. HR Report High Representative submits second Report to UN Security Council. Refugee and Hum [...]

OHR Bulletin Nr. 10 – July 16, 1996

No. 10, issued July 16, 1996 Table of Contents Mostar Mostar Election Results officially public Elections Official start of the election campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina postponed until 19 July Federation New Defence Law foresees complete integration of the Bosnian Army and the HVO within three years. Contact Group Officials from the Contact Gro [...]

OHR Bulletin 9 – July 5, 1996

No. 9, issued July 5, 1996 Table of Contents Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic replaced by Mrs Plavsic Mostar First post-war elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina held in Mostar on 30 June Elections Order of political parties and independent candidates on the ballots for the September elections determined. Joint Bodies Third meeting of the (JCC) NE [...]

OHR Bulletin 8 – June 23, 1996

No. 8, issued June 23, 1996 Table of Contents Elections Elections to take place on 14 September Joint Bodies JCC meets while delegation of RS fails to attend JIC Federation Herceg-Bosna "Government" reanimated Human Rights Measures agreed to alleviate suffering of families of unaccounted for persons Economic Reconstruction International Financial [...]

OHR Bulletin 7 – June 17, 1996

No. 7, issued June 17, 1996 Table of Contents Florence PIC holds mid-term review of Peace Agreement. Agreement on sub-regional arms control. Human Rights High Representative presents Human Rights report in Florence Economic Reconstruction UNHCR signs supplementary agreement with UMCOR Mine Clearance Mine Clearance Policy Group meets Refugee & [...]