OHR Bulletin 26 – November 22, 1996

No. 26, issued November 22, 1996 Table of Contents Dayton Anniversary Press Conference by Mr. Carl Bildt in view of anniversary signing of Dayton Agreement NATO NAC meets to discuss future of NATO Forces in BH Republica Srpska Destruction of military hardware started. Federation US freighter carrying arms shipment for BH Federation military should [...]

OHR Bulletin 25 – November 15, 1996

No. 25, issued November 15, 1996 Table of Contents Peace Implementation Council The Peace Implementation Council (PIC) held a Steering Board Meeting at the Ministerial level in Paris on 14 November. Presidency Meetings The Presidency of BH held its sixth session in Sarajevo on 8 November. Right to Return On 11 November several hundred Bosniaks cro [...]

OHR Bulletin 24 – November 8, 1996

No. 24, issued November 8, 1996 Table of Contents Presidency Meeting The fourth session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) met at the National Museum in Sarajevo on 1 November. Federation Assembly Both Houses of the Federation Assembly met separately in Sarajevo on 6 November for their respective constituent sessions. Steering Board [...]

OHR Bulletin 23 – October 31, 1996

No. 23, issued October 31, 1996 Table of Contents Presidency Meeting Further measures concerning the setting up of common institutions of BH were discussed at the Presidency meeting Federation Forum The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina received added impetus following the Federation Special Group meetings held on the 23 and 25 October in Saraj [...]

OHR Bulletin 22 – October 24, 1996

No. 22, issued October 24, 1996 Table of Contents Presidency Meeting The members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, Mr. Kresimir Zubak and Mr. Momcilo Krajisnik met on 22 October in Sarajevo Elections The PEC has unanimously decided that the municipal elections should be postponed. North Atlantic Council On 23 [...]

OHR Bulletin 21 – October 17, 1996

No. 21, issued October 17, 1996 Table of Contents Bildt Interview RS TV Live interview given on 15 October. Mostar Police monitoring responsibilities re-assigned. Right to Return New procedures and principles for refugees and DPs wishing to return to their homes in the ZOS. Contact Group Contact Group condemns obstructionism. Elections Ambassador [...]

OHR Bulletin 20 – October 09, 1996

No. 20, issued October 09, 1996 Table of Contents Inauguration Ceremony BH Presidency Meeting Paris United Nations Elections Human Rights Freedom of Movement Humanitarian Affairs Economic Issues Open Broadcast Network Media Issues Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Inauguration Ceremony The Inauguration Ceremony o [...]

OHR Bulletin 19 – September 29, 1996

No. 19, issued September 29, 1996 Table of Contents Elections Election results certified by OSCE Legal Issues Presidency to replace Constituent Assembly of BH. United Nations High Representative briefs UN Security Council Human Rights UN Human Rights Representative pleased over peaceful character elections Freedom of Movement Weapons confiscated H [...]

OHR Bulletin 18 – September 11, 1996

No. 18, issued September 11, 1996 Table of Contents Elections Open Broadcasting Network Steering Board Contact Group Joint Bodies Human Rights Humanitarian Affairs Economic Assistance Mine Issues Please consult our Bulletin Category List for related information Elections At a press conference held on 9 September at the Holiday Inn in Sarajevo, t [...]

OHR Bulletin 17 – September 3, 1996

No. 17, issued September 3, 1996 Table of Contents Elections Elections to take place on schedule Media Development Open Broadcast Network (OBN) to start on 7 September Constitution Venice Commission exchanges views with RS representatives Federation Dissolution of "Herceg-Bosna" still problematic Joint Bodies JCC Meets Human Rights HRCC looks into [...]