BiH Media Round-up, 11/6/2002

In an interview with the FTV and the RTRS, the High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, called upon all responsible and criminally charged officials involved the AM-SPED affair to resign. “I cannot imagine any democratic country in which the Minister of Finance would not resign in the wake of such a large financial scandal,” said Ashdown. Hi [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 10/6/2002

Commenting for Dnevni Avaz (p. 5 and f.p. “Ashdown asked me to persuade Grabovac to resign”), the president of the NHI, Kresimir Zubak, said that he will not ask the Federation Finance Minister, Nikola Grabovac, to resign due to charges of negligence pressed against him in this case.

BiH Media Round-up, 7/6/2002

“The High Representative welcomes the statement made on Wednesday by a member of the SDP Presidency Dzevad Haznadar, who said that any members of his own party implicated in the AM-SPED affair will be asked to resign. The party - and the Alliance – does not want to be associated in any way with corruption. This should, of course, appl [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 6/6/2002

High Representative Paddy Ashdown told journalists after the meeting with Croatian Deputy Foreign Minister Vesna Cvjetkovic-Kurelec that the crucial cooperation is the cross-border cooperation, because in BiH there is no a single economic market but only a single market for criminal activities. “A job that has already been finished to get the [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 5/6/2002

The BiH Social Democratic Party (SDP) has requested the Director of the BiH Federation Customs Administration, Slavko Sikiric, to resign due to his eventual responsibility for the AM Sped case, Oslobodjenje learns from the sources close to the party (front-page story continued on the page 6). According to the newspaper, the BiH Federation Prime Min [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 4/6/2002

Sarajevo dailies, Nezavisne Novine, Dnevni List, Vecernji List and Slobodna Dalmacija report that the High Representative for BiH, Paddy Ashdown, met in Sarajevo on Monday with the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Asian Affairs, Beth Jones and the representatives of the BiH Council of Ministers. After the meeting Ashdown said he and [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 3/6/2002

The newly-appointed High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, held his first press conference in Sarajevo on Friday emphasizing he would insist that OHR is not anymore doing things, which should be done by the local people and institutions.

BiH Media Round-up, 31/5/2002

The High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, held on Thursday the first meeting with the so-called Cabinet of representatives of international organizations in BiH in order to discuss a number of the ongoing issues in the country. “The meeting was very productive as number of ideas and information were exchanged. Ashdown informed the other members [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 30/5/2002

The Federation Financial Police filed criminal charges against the Federation Finance Minister, Nikola Grabovac, and eight other responsible officials in the Federation Finance Ministry, Customs Administration, Univerzal Banka and the Orasje company Am-Sped. Media in the Federation report that charges pertain to the irregularities and illegalities [...]

BiH Media Round-up, 29/5/2002

The new High Representative, Paddy Ashdown, arrived on Monday in his first official visit to Mostar. At a press conference of international organizations, Ashdown said that he will not allow the adoption of laws which are detrimental to identity of any constituent people in BiH. “I will never allow constitutional amendments which could fundam [...]