OHR RTRS News Summary, 19 Novembe 2000

RT RS News Headlines:

  • OSCE publishes preliminary election results of 99% of ballots counted; in RS presidential race, SDS candidates have won 50.3% of the vote, SNSD 25.9% and PDP 8.7%;
  • In race for RS National Assembly, SDS has 36.5% of the vote, SNSD 13.2% and PDP 12.4%;
  • In race for BiH House of Representatives (from RS), SDS has 40.9% of the vote, PDP 15.5% and SNSD/DSP Coalition 10.8%;
  • In race for Srebrenica municipal assembly, SDA has 40.9%, SDS 20.7%, Party for BiH 8.9% and SNSD 6.2%;
  • In race for BiH House of Representatives (from BiH Federation), SDP BiH has 27.2% of the vote, SDA 27.1%, 19.4% and Party for BiH 15.6%;
  • In race for BiH Federation Parliament, SDA has 26.8% of the vote, SDP 26.1%, HDZ 17.5% and Party for BiH 14.8% (02:38)
  • EASC rejects HDZ complaint on counting process for cantons 3, 4, 6 and 7 (00:38)
  • Sarovic states that former leader Radovan Karadzic does not have any influence over SDS or SDS officials any longer – Sarovic interview for Split daily Slobodna Dalmacija (01:20)
  • Dayton Conference ends on Saturday and following conclusions agreed upon by participants: BiH common institutions must be strengthened, conditions established for refugee return, all war criminals must be extradited (especially Milosevic, Mladic and Karadzic); general elections must be held in Kosovo; Montenegrins must decide on their own future; NATO should remain in BiH and Kosovo but force strengths should be reduced


  • SDP BiH President Zlatko Lagumdzija, during participation in Dayton anniversary conference, BiH needs ‘alliance for change’ following general elections to neutralise nationalist parties (00:25)
  • Sociology Professor Nenad Kecmanovic comments on number of citizens who participated in recent BiH general election; number of participants is 10% down in comparison with previous general elections in 1998
  • Kostunica says he accepts nomination to be first candidate on DOS election list for Serbian parliamentary elections, however all DOS officials should sign they support Montenegrin and Serbian people deciding about new organisational structure of Yugoslavia
  • Milosevic to remain president of SPS – former SPS official and President of Serb Social-Democratic Party (SSDP) Zoran Lilic
  • Four senior SPS officials leave SPS
  • Process of SPS disintegration is continuing – DOS official Vladan Batic
  • Serbian provisional government appoints new tripartite RTS administration to head this state media
  • World news
  • RS Government prepares draft law on excise and trade tax, which is identical to one in BiH Federation
  • 55,000 RS citizens currently using mobile phones
  • Archive of RS has problems in work (financial situation)
  • 6th International Fair of Food and Beverages ends in Banja Luka on Sunday
  • 4th Fair of Hunting and Fishing ends in Banja Luka on Sunday
  • Sports
  • Weather