OHR RTRS News Summary, 18 Novembe 2000

RT RS News Headlines:

  • Official OSCE election results with 98% of ballots counted: in race for RS president and vice president, SDS candidates have 50.4%, SNSD 25.5% and PDP 8.7%;
  • In race for RS National Assembly, SDS has 36.6%, SNSD 13.2% and PDP 12.4%;
  • In race for BiH House of Representatives (from RS) SDS has 40.2%, PDP 15.6% and SNSD/DSP 10.8%;
  • In race for Srebrenica municipality, SDA has 40.8%, SDS 20.8%, Party for BiH 15.6% and SNSD 6.2%;
  • In race for BiH Federation Parliament, SDA has 26.8%, SDP 26.1%, HDZ 17.5% and Party for BiH 14.8% and, finally, in race for BiH House of Representatives (from BiH Federation) SDP has 27.2%, SDA 27%, HDZ 19.4% and Party for BiH 15.6% (03:00)
  • National political parties did not win this election; compared to previous elections in 1996 and 1998, there has been a visible fall in support for such parties (00:44)
  • “No logical explanation of election results; voters overwhelmed by euphoria created by SDS; possible ‘Alliance for Change’ announced by SNSD, PDP, SDP and Party for BiH not based on political reality” – SNSD President Dodik, in interview with daily Nezavisne Novine (01:56)
  • RS Vice President and SDS presidential candidate Mirko Sarovic offers “no comment” to RTRS in reaction to Dodik’s statement (00:11)
  • OSCE, in written statement, clarifies that EASC took away two HDZ BiH mandates due to violations of Article 750 (election silence period)

in addition to removing HDZ candidates Mate Franicevic, Marko Topic and Dragan Covic, but that the sanction of these candidates (for campaign finance violations) did not result in a loss of additional HDZ mandates (00:31)

  • HDZ BiH President Ante Jelavic sends letter to EASC Chief Justice Charles Adman requesting immediate explanation of sudden drop in HDZ vote totals [during counting process] in race for BiH House of Representatives (from BiH Federation) (00:38)
  • Croatian Foreign Ministry worried about removal of 13 HDZ candidates from list (00:20)
  • Discussions on new phase in implementation of Dayton Peace Accord as well as future of Kosovo and Montenegro top agenda of Dayton conference; Richard Holbrooke, mainly responsible for pushing Dayton through to end, states agreement will remain unrealised while three armies exist in BiH, refugees there cannot return to their homes, uncontrolled corruption reigns, freedom of media is imperilled and the free movement and employment of war criminals is permitted (00:39)
  • Petritsch unsatisfied with Dayton Agreement implementation but acknowledges major effort is underway in this regard; says BiH officials should face their problems and resolve them in spirit of compromise


  • Dayton should be completely implemented – Croatian President Stipe Mesic (00:18)
  • BiH Federation Prime Minister Edhem Bicakcic appeals for more energy in Dayton implementation (00:12)
  • In response to RTRS request for their opinion on [imposition of] Law on BiH Court, RS Justice Minister Cedo Vrzina says RS Government did not acquiesce in law’s adoption while OHR spokesperson Alexandra Stiglmayer says it was necessary action
  • World news
  • Unknown persons blew up house of Banja Luka policeman Slobodan Ostojic with explosives Saturday morning
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  • RT RS Late Night News Headlines:
  • Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljic supports fair revision of Dayton Agreement (00:12)
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