OHR BiH TV News Summary, 25 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • BiH Presidency members meet with Dutch Premier Wim Kok in Sarajevo on Saturday; they discuss mutual co-operation; Radisic, on behalf of BiH, thanks Holland for all it did to help BiH people
  • Radisic assesses that Zagreb EU-Balkans Summit fulfilled expectations of BiH, as well as sending strong message to all Balkan countries of permanent peace, tolerance and co-operation
  • Kostunica’s speech during Zagreb EU Summit was disappointing to European officials in some ways because generalisations in such speeches are not enough, only concrete steps count – TV BiH correspondent
  • Senior BiH officials on BiH Independence Day make visit to graves of persons-victims of National War of Liberation (NOR) in Sarajevo
  • Tuzla and Mostar Confederation of Associations of WWII National War of Liberation Veterans (SUBNOR) representatives visit NOR cemeteries to denote BiH Independence Day
  • TV BiH report on main ceremony for BiH Independence Day that took place in Sarajevo on Saturday
  • TV BiH report and poll on celebrations denoting BiH Independence Day throughout BiH; TV BiH polls citizens whether they see this day as their national holiday: majority says it does
  • SDP Main Board denotes BiH Independence Day by holding special session in Sarajevo on Saturday
  • Confederation of Associations of WWII National War of Liberation Veterans (SUBNOR) delegation lays flowers in front of ZAVNOBiH building in Mrkonjic Grad following celebration marking BiH Independence Day in that town
  • 25 November is historical reminder of day when BiH regained its status as independent country in 1943; BiH first tasted independence in 13th century
  • TV BiH reports live from BiH Presidency building where reception for BiH Independence Day is ongoing
  • In interview for TV BiH on BiH Independence Day on 25 November, High Representative Petritsch says certain people in BiH do not have feeling of ‘togetherness,’ which is most important thing for future of this or any country
  • 33 bodies recently exhumed from site in Grabska, near Doboj, re-buried during funeral in Grabska on Saturday
  • 50 Bosniaks have returned to Foca (Srbinje) so far and will have interim accommodation in five newly-reconstructed houses until their pre-war homes are reconstructed
  • BiH organisation Centre for Protection of Minority Rights holds seminar in Banja Luka on Saturday to discuss issue of constitutional position of Roma (Gypsies) in BiH
  • Conversation on “Catholicism and Orthodoxy” takes place in Catholic Theological Seminary in Sarajevo on Saturday
  • Traditional Ramadan holiday concert to take place in Sarajevo National Theatre to mark beginning of holy month of Ramadan