OHR BiH TV News Summary, 21 November 2000

TV BiH News Headlines:

  • According to final, preliminary and unofficial BiH general election results announced on Tuesday by OSCE Mission to BiH, SDP won elections for BiH House of Representatives from BiH Federation, and SDS won in same electoral race for RS delegates
  • SDA, followed by SDP and Party for BiH, won most votes in electoral race for BiH Federation House of Representatives; SDS, followed by SNSD and PDP, won electoral race for RS National Assembly
  • OSCE spokesman Luke Zahner denies certain media reports there will be second round of RS presidential elections since, it seems, not single candidate won 50%-majority according to final preliminary results
  • SDA Vice President Sulejman Tihic tells press conference in Sarajevo that, overall, SDA won 11,000 votes more than SDP in 11 November general elections
  • Dayton Agreement only partially implemented during past five years – TV BiH feature story on occasion of fifth anniversary of Dayton peace agreement’s signing
  • Chairman of BiH Presidency Zivko Radisic tells press conference in Banja Luka there will be not be any revision of Dayton agreement given it represents good foundations for establishment of stable and democratic BiH
  • BiH Constitutional Court President Kasim Begic, who participated in drafting of Dayton peace agreement, tells TV BiH he is not satisfied with results achieved in Dayton agreement’s implementation during past five years
  • Parliament of BiH Children Embassy’s holds session in Srebrenica “Dayton in Srebrenica” on occasion of Dayton Agreement‘s fifth anniversary; it is first time representatives of children expelled from this town during BiH war have gathered
  • Sarajevo University Institute for Constitutional and International Law organises roundtable on “BiH – Five Years after Dayton Agreement‘s Initialling”
  • OHR spokesperson Alexandra Stiglmayer tells press conference in Sarajevo that High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch expects leaders in BiH to make radical economic reforms, ensure return of refugees and implementation of property laws, and establish strong state institutions, particularly those at BiH state level
  • Chairman of BiH Presidency Zivko Radisic tells press conference in Banja Luka he will send letter to Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica and propose establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries as soon as possible
  • Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Political Committee holds closed-door session to discuss current political situation in BiH following general elections and updates list of conditions for BiH’s admission to Council of Europe
  • World news: Egypt recalls its ambassador to Israel due to escalation of Israeli violence in Middle East
  • Brcko District Assembly to hold session on Wednesday and discuss re-opening of Brcko District high schools
  • BiH Federation TV to start broadcasting on 15 January of next year – John Shearer, High Representative’s Property Transfer Agent for RTV System
  • International freight transport to re-start on Una rail line by end of this year – TV BiH feature story
  • Heads of nine Sarajevo municipalities meet on Tuesday to discuss issue of illegal construction of houses in Sarajevo Canton
  • UN Mission to BiH and OHR condemn Sunday’s bomb attack on UN vehicle in Brcko
  • Top BiH Federation Army officers meet with Malaysian Army representatives on Tuesday in Sarajevo to discuss Equip-and-Train program’s implementation
  • Zenica iron mill to continue severance payments to workers who voluntarily decided not to continue professional engagement in this company
  • Tuzla’s Days of Theatre Festival, a three-week cultural manifestation, opens late on Tuesday
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