OBN News Review, 24 November 2000


  • A Declaration for regional trust and co-operation between countries of the Balkans was adopted in the Zagreb Summit
  • Protests of RS pensioners continue
  • Final B&H election results will be announced on Monday
  • OSCE removed two HDZ candidates and one SDA candidate from election lists


The Summit for countries of the Balkans started in Zagreb today. A declaration was adopted, opening a path for co-operation between countries of the Balkans. The Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic announced a referendum for independence of Montenegro next year. The IC High Representative in B&H, Wolfgang Petritsch also addressed participants of the Summit, emphasising that election results in B&H were not impressive. Yugoslavia became a member of the Adriatic-Ionic initiative. Reported by Zeljka Lekic.

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair arrived in Banja Luka for a private visit today.

Banja Luka

RS pensioners continued protests, blocking the road between Banja Luka and Gradiska, because the Government has not fulfilled any of their requests so far. Suzana Vukcevic produced the report.


The Co-ordination Board of pensioners organised a session in Vitez. They sent a letter to the High Representative, demanding cancellation of the recently imposed Law on Pension-Invalid Insurance, Olivera Dimac reported.

Banja Luka

At today’s press conference, IPTF Spokesman Alun Roberts did not wish to comment on recent statements of night bar owners in Prijedor about involvement of some IPTF officers in organised prostitution. Mr. Roberts said that the investigation was underway. Reported by Tatjana Lajsic.


The Federal Government accepted the decision of the High Representative on suspension of the decision on appointment of new Chief Inspector of the financial police and his Deputy. Vanja Elezovic produced the report.


KFOR blocked the village of Dobrosin, in order to prevent further attacks on Serbian security force.

One Israeli was killed in the West Bank.

The Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat visited Moscow.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak and the Palestinian Leader, Yasser Arafat agreed on re-opening of liaison offices in Palestinian territory.

The Florida Supreme Court rejected the request of the election team of the Democrat presidential candidate, Al Gore for hand recount of ballots in Miami.

Rescue teams have not found 25 people, missing in a snow avalanche in North Russia yet. Gordana Frimel reported on current events in the world.


The SDA Chairman, Alija Izetbegovic said that SDA was satisfied with election results, adding that the international community carried out an anti-SDA policy during the pre-election campaign. “There will be no replacements of staff in the party”, Mr. Izetbegovic said. Anes Alic produced the report.


According to media, about 9000 illegal facilities have been constructed in the Sarajevo Canton. According to “Diss” association, situation is similar in the whole of B&H. Reported by Sevko Bajic.

Buturovic polje

The newly constructed road between Parsovici ans Kospina Luka, in Hercegovina-Neretva Canton has been opened today. In this way, this area will be better connected with other cantons, Enes Ratkusic reported.


The first edition of book “Who is Who among Bosniacs?” has been promoted today in Sarajevo. Exhibition of painter Kemal Hromic was opened last night in the “Collegium Artisticum” gallery. The exhibition will be opened until 4th December, Meliha Hasanbegovic reported.


Reports on international football and basketball were presented.