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  Bernard Fassier
  Senior Deputy High Representative
August 2002 - December 2004                               
  Curriculum Vitae

Senior Deputy High Representative and Head of the Rule of Law unit Ambassador Bernard Fassier joined the OHR in August 2002. Ambassador Fassierís most recent appointment was as the French Ambassador to Belarus (1997-2002). Since joining the French Foreign Service in 1987 he has held the position of Vice Director for the USSR (1987-1990), and has worked for the French Embassies in Switzerland (1990-1993) and Georgia (1993-1997). Ambassador Fassier is a graduate of the Saint-Cyr Military Academy and Senior War College. He has degrees in Russian language and in International Relations. Before concluding his career in the military, in 1986, he was Head of Operations in the French Military Government in West Berlin. Ambassador Fassier is responsible for co-coordinating the restructuring of the BiH judicial system and coordinating the various agencies tasked with judicial reform, such as the Independent Judicial Commission, and the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils, including legislative reform of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code

Office of the High Representative